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Monday, September 30, 2013

Edward and Christy's wedding

I'm alive!!!!!

Sorry for disappearing for months, i really have no excuses. I felt like life had gotten quite busy before my brother's wedding back in May, where everyone was running around. Then after that, i meant to post pictures but things have gotten in the way...

...mixed in with procrastination and laziness...

I'm guilty, i know. I have tons to update you guys on, but first i'm going to start off with my brother's wedding back in May. I'm so happy, and seeing them so happy makes me feel very emotional. Of course i cried like a baby that day haha. I'm such a sap. i ALWAYS cry at weddings.

I must warn you, this post will be long with LOADS of pictures.

 Groom and groomsmen getting ready to pick up the bride

Door games: Roll the orange to the finish line with a dangling banana

Door games: drink a shot of vinegar mixed with soy sauce mixed with sprite *gross*

Door games: with only the mouth, slide a noodle across the can tab and build a pyramid 


The beautiful bride is patiently waiting

Door games: extremely awkward bromance game where you do push ups on top of your partner while feeding him a chip with your mouth and they have to bite it off and spit it out on the tissue next to their head. Most spit out ship wins. This game was extremely hilarious to watch.

Enough torture, the groom finally gets to see his bride

Tea ceremony: mom and dad

putting on the bling bling

Even i have to pour tea and get a red pocket :)

My family just got bigger :)

The bridal party

At the church

Getting nervous

Pouring the sand

Now husband and wife *tears*

The wedding cake with its own waterfall at the bottom

Look how groovy my parents are, my dad still has his disco moves hahaha

This is our dance to start the party. We danced to Psy's "gentlemen". I wish i had the video to show you guys, it was epic. Of course the girls just sat there because of our poor feet while the guys showed off their moves.

The newlywed's first dance *tears*

It was freeeeeeezing in the tent, everyone was huddling around the heater

going around every table to toast

My brother decided to surprise all his guests with a lion dance

The lions even kissed

This is me deathly afraid of public speaking, making a speech for my brother.

At least i managed to make him cry. So it was worth it.

A very emotional group hug

The groomsmen with red lipstick

The game is to guess which one who kissed you is your wife?

Brother "no way, seriously man?" Don't worry, he got the kissed he waited for at the end though.

Throwing the bouquet. Look at all the girls afraid to catch it haha

Congratulations Edward and Christy! Muahzzzzz!