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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Long weekend birthdays

It was the Mister's birthday recently. May 21st to be exact, this special guy not only got to celebrate once, but twice!I met up with him after work downtown to have dinner with him and his engineering friends. These brainiacs are super cool because they are super smart. The stuff that comes out of their mouths are incomprehensible to me. It's like people are talking and my head is under water, can't understand a word they say. It's cool.
We went to downtown's Asian Legend for dinner. Ordered an insane amount of food in my opinion; ideal for feeding an army. Or in this case, an army of engineering master's students.
It was also closed to Gerry's birthday, so it was partly a celebration for him as well. I guess we can say it could also be a celebration for Wallas. The boy got into Med school at UofT.
Congratulations! Also...umm for Annie's return from her business trip to Shanghai i suppose. She got to see the world Expo. That's pretty cool.

I liked the little corner they gave us in the restaurant. We sat in the basement, where it's more private. We were loud, so it was perfect. Hu gave Jacky a set of what seems to be really nice pens. I got him an Emporio Armani watch to remind him that time is running out and he should start taking me on vacation soon. I also got him a Wii so he can do some exercises at home. We all know how lazy men can be. Yes, everything is to my advantage, I'm an evil evil person.

The day after, was another birthday celebration for him. Dinner was at A Taste of Japan, teppanyaki style. The chefs were quiet and cool at first, but once you start eating and things starts to heat up, they start making you do embarrassing things. It was fun though. So many people were celebrating their birthdays there that day, it was nice. Lot's of pyro freaks playing with fire that night, it was great. After dinner we went to Destiny's for bubble tea. I didn't like my drink, it was too sweet, made me not feel like drinking anymore. Jaymie is going to Egypt with Phoebe and Lorinda is going away too, at least they are making the most out of this summer. I hope i will be able to do something this summer. It was a fun night overall, despite the fact that i figured out that people indeed have two faces. But i do feel better about everything now, i realized that there's no use crying over things like the lost of friendship or things like betrayal, because it doesn't matter how bad i feel, they will never know, I'll only be hurting myself by dwelling on everything. I will move on from where i am.

Long weekend, didn't do anything quite exciting since i still had to work on the Saturday. However, Jacky and i went to Ontario Place on Sunday. We went too early, the water slides (which we were prepared and packed for) wasn't even opened yet even though the weather was scorching hot that day. The customer service at Ontario Place was terrible, a threw a big fit with the people at guest services. Jacky bought tickets online and he printed our e-tickets, but the fast lane girl said the scanner couldn't read the barcode and made us walk all the way back to the parking lot where guest services were just to ask them about it. It was a huge lineup because everyone were lining up to get their pictures taken for their season pass. We lined up an hour just to get bar code numbers, and when we went back to fast lane, the girl just looked at it and stamped our hands. I was infuriated! I think i went easy on them already.

Wasn't much to do at Ontario place that day, we walked around, went on that water log ride twice and went to the weather museum, and the dinosaur motion theater again. I feel like we're getting old, we got tired so easily, we had to go back to the car and rest for a bit. Jeez, that means i won't be able to keep up with my energetic kids when the time comes. It's so sad, i should start working out (I've been saying that for so long).

We had dinner at the restaurant at Ontario Place called Marina's Grille. it was yummy. We also watched fireworks there, which was at a perfect view from where we sat in the restaurant. It was a good night, i like looking at the night scenery when driving home at night. So beautiful.

On a down note, AUDITORS ARE HERE! The long awaited dreadful week is finally here! They came yesterday, right after Victoria's day. Everyone's feeling the stress, the tension. I'm glad i got off early today, they didn't get a chance to pull me into the office and start asking me questions. They already pulled 3 in today within 3 hours, it's so terrifying! I can't wait until the end of Friday when they finally LEAVE! Hope they don't come back for another 3 years.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The clothing show

We went to The Clothing Show at the exhibition place (Better living center) the past weekend. I believe the last day was Sunday. They have another one coming up on September as well. It was quite awesome, saw a lot of goodies. A lot of it were very vintage stuff and a lot of them is very noticeable that they had designed themselves and sewed themselves. Very interesting stuff. They had shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes and they even had a mini section of sample sales from mexx, the Canada goose...etc other than that, they were most brands from what I've never heard of, a bunch of talented designers who were lucky enough to have their own store opened. Reminds me of Seneca College actually, all those days of designing and sewing and then studying about merchandising and entrepreneurship.

They gave us an Eco bag designed by one of those stores, filled with some random things. It looks pretty awesome and the size is very good too. The place isn't very big, but there were more little shops than i thought. We went 3 hours before closing so it wasn't that crowded, and bonus was we made it just in time for the fashion show. Because there wasn't a lot of people left, we got to choose bubble seats in the front row. The show wasn't very long, just introducing a few stores and a few of their top outfits. Some were cute but some were a good way though. There were a lot of photographers there, and we took a few picture for ourselves as well. Before the show started, we saw a lot of photographers taking millions of pictures of this one girl with a big pink dress. I managed to catch a few myself too, i wish i took more pictures of the show, and i would have, had my camera not died...

And as for what i bought? I scored two pairs of boots.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's finally here!

My package has finally arrived after 3 weeks of impatience!

I ordered 3 items from I didn't know the box was going to be as big as it was. The only bad thing about this time ordering online is that i got taxed when it went through the border. Sad how they all of a sudden reaped $50 off my wallet even when this package cost me so much already. The lesson is: Do not order so much in one go! This does not stop me from ordering more online, in fact, i am still impatiently waiting for my big package from to arrive. I also have a shopping cart full of stuff i want to check out at This is a disease! Somebody save me! Cece from work has also convinced me to buy brush guards online after watching Michelle Phan's product review on Youtube. We are so bad! But i really need to start saving...I've already spent a lot of money in May, and i think it's time to rejuvenate my wallet; my bank account is not very happy with me at the moment...I'm sorry!

I bought a hair curler from hot tools. I figured I'd invest in one since the one i got at home takes hours to heat up and it eats my hair instead of curling it. I haven't tried this out yet but hopefully it does what it claims to do. This curling iron is made of titanium, it's 3/4" barrel size and heats up to 450 Fahrenheit. The only thing (from what i see) i don't like so far is the iron itself is too short, that means if you have long hair, you have to curl in sections. Which i might have to do since my hair is growing to be a little too long. Hope this will last me for a while.

I also (finally) invested in a epilator. I bought the Soft Caress purple epilator by Emjoi. I was inspired to get it after watching the review by on youtube. No longer do i have to worry about shaving or those painful visits to the salon for a wax. The epilator tweezes hairs out from the root, and it removes hair as short as 0.5mm, that's pretty amazing. It contains 36 patented tweezers discs made up of 24 karat gold to remove hair quickly and (hopefully) painlessly. From what I've heard, it's supposed to feel like needle pricks very quickly. It may be of some discomfort on first couple of tries but it gets better once you get used to the feeling. I'm nervous about trying but i will defiantly tells you if the pain is too much to handle. One thing i love about this so far is that it is cordless, and comes with a charger. I've seen so many from braun, but they weren't cordless, so this is very handy for vacations and other short getaways. This also comes with a cute travel pouch and a loofah for softening, and exfoliating the skin before the use of the epilator to prevent ingrown hairs.

Doesn't all those tweezers look scary?

Finally, i got the skin care system, the Clarisonic Plus. They didn't have it in pink on the site so i bought the white one. The Clarisonic Plus has 3 speeds, and comes with a spot therapy kit. The kit comes with the Clarisonic, a sensative brush head, an international charger for worldwide use, a spot therapy brush head for other parts of the body and a skin polish for the body. This was told to be one of the best sellers for facial cleaning products, It is said that the clarisonic removes up to 6 times more the makeup and dirt/oil from your face than doing it the manual way.

Clarisonic benefits (from the box):

- clears pores and reduces the appearance of pore size
- cleanse so effectively that skin care products absorb better
- reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- helps reduce oily areas, dry patches and blemishes
- Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types, even with sensitive conditions such as rosacea and acne.

My cousin was the one who recommended this product to me, stating that she's used it for a year and it has done exactly as it had claimed it'll do. I like the sound of that. It also comes with three trial size facial cleansers. I'm excited to try this out, maybe now no one will ever make fun of my face again! (you know who you are!)

The package also came with a body lotion. they actually shipped me the wrong item, they were supposed to give me a eye makeup remover but instead they gave me this lotion. It's such a hassle informing them about wrongly delivered online items, but this was free so I'll just leave it as it is.

So this is all that I've ordered, i will let you know how these products went for me. I hope they work for me as good as how well it did for the people who claimed they are "the bomb". My package from should be arriving soon, i will make a review on that as well, I've ordered a lot, i will let you know exactly what they are. Most of my online shopping are all splurges, i no longer need to go to a shopping mall as often as i did before, now i can shop in the comfort of my own home, they only downfall is i can't buy much clothes, those i need to try out, but other things such as these are a size that fits all! I'm very happy with my purchases even though i have not personally tried them out yet, but i know they will do it's job. I used to be a guilty buyer, i would want something so much until i finally get it but then after i get it i feel guilty, wither because it was so expensive or because i know deep down it's of no use to me, i only wanted it just because. Who else is like that?

I'm looking forward to a buffalo trip this summer, i can't believe i still haven't went there when it seems EVERYONE has. Why is it I'm the last for everything? It's a little sad actually. i need to start saving! I need to save save save! The $1000 i gave my mom for mother's day, she already spent it all in one the dentist for 3 damaged tooth.

I said "i can't believe you spent my hard earned money on teeth...of all things..."

She replied "Don't worry, i will think of you every time i eat."

She's so jokes.

Til next time!


Monday, May 10, 2010


Yes, i did it, i finally got my G! The stress from all of this is finally gone! I've been having bad sleep and stressful days just because the thought of it has been lingering in my head. I'm glad it's finally over. I was really nervous since i only had 5 lessons, but i guess it really paid off. Tony Ho is a really good instructor.

Birthdays are coming up, busy busy busy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dedicated to my dear Mother

Happy mother's Day!

My mom is the greatest

She supports me in everything i do in life and although we aren't motherly-daughterly close in the sense that we hug or show affection for each other, but it shows in other aspects, and it's something that can just be felt. I miss having my hand in her hands, i use to feel so safe, just like when i was little. We barley hold hands at all now. She makes sure i never go hungry, always have food in the fridge for me ready to heat up even when i say i don't want any. She never leaves me cold; she will come in, in the middle of the night to my room to put a blanket on me when she feels mine isn't warm enough. She'll call me on my days off at home just to check up on me, and sometimes i wish i didn't get so annoyed with her. my mom is the hardest worker i know, she's been working ever since she was little, and never stopped, not even now. I want to someday see that she doesn't have to work anymore and relax, while i take care of her. She insist on packing my luggage for me when i go on vacation, worried that i might have forgotten something important. Whenever I'm driving, she'll call me non stop afterwards just to see that I'm okay. She'll wake up super early just to make me breakfast or take me to work despite the fact that she never gets enough sleep. She sacrifices a lot for this family, every single day. She is simply the best mom in the world. I know I'm not the best daughter in the world, but i will work hard in being one. She most definatly is the most naggiest person i know, and despite how annoyed i get from it, i love her entirley for being that way.

My mom doesn't like gifts as much as normal females would, instead she likes things more useful and tangible. Like money.
For her present today, i wrote her a cheque for $1000, folded it in half, put it in the bottom of a nice watch box and filled it with candy. Her expression when she opened it was priceless. She asked for a hug and i was more than happy to give her one.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Phoenix Concert Theater: Faber Drive

Shopping downtown alone was quite an adventure, i had an awesome time, except when the shopping bags got a bit too heavy and walking got a little bit difficult. I went downtown Eaton center-younge & bloor-Queen west area for shopping Thursday afternoon. Eaton center does not get me excited, i don't think it ever did. I browsed at Urban Outfitters for a while, got some pretty cool stuff. They are also selling uber-old.but.kinda.pretty.darn.awesome cameras; such as weird looking Polaroids and funny faces cameras, whereas you look through the lens and there is already a picture there, so when you print the pictures out, they will have some sort of pic on the background, like a heart, or a mustache. It's pretty neat-o. Not something that can be used on an everyday basis, but i think many of them will be fun to have around.
I loved their book section, i can spend hours reading them because they are of the most random topics with fun pictures to look at. Yup, i like picture books =) Their random accessories section used to be bigger, it's turned into a tiny little corner now, which was a little disappointing. Goes to say how long i haven't actually shopped at downtown. I wish i lived there.

Went to forever21, i really despise the forever21 downtown, maybe it's because i love the one at Vaughn Mills....the downtown one is just too crowded and too messy. Change rooms always have a huge line up and it feels like they never have the sizes that I'm looking for. I still like shopping online more, it's become a new trend of mine. Currently waiting for 6 packages to arrive and land into my awaiting arms.
Also went to American Apparel, i love that store! I finally bought that infamous dress that I've been wanting to buy ever since i saw it on youtube. It's a dress that can be worn in 15 different ways, I'm taking my time, trying to figure it all out.

Starbucks has a Frappachino happy hour for a limited time. Get your half price frappes now. I tried the Soy strawberry and creme frappachino. I don't hate it, but I'm not crazy for it either. My favorite is still my beloved green tea frappachino.

Jacky surprised me with Faber Drive Concert tickets that same day. They were performing at the phoenix concert theater that same night. Awesome! I didn't expect to go to a concert that night, rather, i didn't even know they were in Toronto. Splendid surprise but alas, my ears have recovered from the damage of Thursday night. We were so close to them i can almost touch them, the only complaint i have about that night was that the screaming girls in front of me were jumping to the music and stepped on my poor bare toes...TWICE! Oh the agony!

Prior to Faber Drive, A surprise performance by Jesse Labelle. He performed for about 30 minutes, very surprising. We were also so close we can touch him. I wish i was a bit taller though, some heads were in the way. I like his songs, makes me want to go on a downloading spree. After Jesse Labelle, Faber Drive still did not come out and show themselves yet, i guess their limo were late, either that or they were being held back at MuchMusic.

The New Cities then performed for half an hour, this was unexpected as well, here i thought all i'm going to see is Faber Drive but then out pops some more bands. Pretty awesome i have to say. They are a rock band, i actually quite like their music. Except the lead singer is a little scary, his eyes are really big and sometimes makes these expressions that makes him seem a little insane. All in all they were good though. My guess is they are pretty new since they only have one album out.

After that, FINALLY Faber Drive decides to show themselves. Geez took them long enough, but it was an amazing performance! I like the fact that i was able to sing along with them. It's unfortunate that i was unable to catch anything that they threw at us, but what was funny was that some girl threw her bra up the stage and it was just hanging on the guitarist's guitar.
Good show, it felt like the night ended too early though.

I slept over at Jacky's place since it was too late at night to go home, exhausted from all the shopping at walking. I woke up late the next day, Jacky had already left for the office. He left me his keys so i wandered out the door, and walked for about 35 minutes. I was looking for Queens but somehow i passed Spadina and ended up in Dundas Sq. What's worst was that it started raining really hard, and i had no umbrella, so i got soaked to the bone. Dissapointed and upset, i settled at Eaton Centre and had food court food for lunch.

On a side note, it was snowing after work today, who saw that? It was frightening! snowing in May? Who would have guessed? Tomorrow is Mother's Day, What are you going to do for the most important woman in your life?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Midway games and weddings

This is a little bit of a late update for some parts.

My beyond the rack package finally came in. I saw FedEx out the window and i ran out! I ordered a plain quilted white bag, just because my other ones were too small. This is just for when i have to carry a little more than i usually do, or when my arms are too tired for always carrying my purse in my hands instead of my shoulders. I think it's cute. In a really plain way. Useful, that's what it is.

The past week, work was extremely busy. Especially on Friday, since it was the last day for taxes, i don't think I've ever felt so exhausted, and I've never gotten home so late from work before. I've also finally got my income tax filed. My family are so last minute in doing so, my dad likes to call his accountant so late. I'm extremely dissapointed that i only get $55 back for my income tax, that is very disappointing. I was hoping i get at least $600-ish like last year to help me with my various online orders and to pay for my driving. Now I'll need to work harder.

The past Saturday after work, we went to Dave and busters. I haven't been there for the longest time. They have a new machine at the arcade side called "The gene machine". It takes a picture of you and your partner and it combines our faces and shows you a picture of what your future child might look like. You can choose either a girl or a boy. We did both, and these are the results:

Look at how deformed and un-cute my "daughter" is. On the other hand, my "son" looks good. He looks like a "ying jai ladies man". Yup, that's my baby.

We mostly played the ticket games such as pushing coins down or that rainbow spin game. Jacky won me 1000 tickets on the rainbow spin. Congratulations! I am finally a gold member! Haha that's how much i played i get discounted games haha. Got a fair amount of tickets in the end, i think i got a total of about 14,000ish, unfortunately there was nothing i wanted in the prize store. The telescope i was saving for isn't there anymore so I'm going to keep waiting for something good.

We also had dinner at the Dave and Buster restaurant, we waited more than half an hour for a table...and when we finally did get a table, we waited more than 15 minutes for someone to actually come greet us. Actually, we had to wave them down. When we finally did order, we waited i think 40 minutes for our food to come. Fortunately, we had an awesome waiter who could see our frustration and he was probably frustrated for us as well, because i saw him take one look at us and saw that our food still wasn't there and he went to the manager to get him to personally go hurry the kitchen staff. Shortly after that, our food had finally arrived for our grumbling tummies to devour.

The manager gave us a unconvincing apology and gave us two free tickets to their late night Saturday show. It's a Hypnotic show with Dave Curran. Prior to meeting Dave Curran and seeing his show, we got to meet the infamous James Biss the mentalist. He was pretty amazing, and we were sitting in the front row seats, so i was really afraid of being picked on. Fortunately, James Biss only picked on the Hot girls with the big boobs. I was safe!

The "XXX adult" word caught me off guard, i thought it was going to be some weird hypnosis porno show since they said they ID-ed people under 30. But it wasn't, it was just a precaution since people under hypnosis may go wild, like take off their clothes and start making love to blow up dolls...just like what they did at that show. It lasted for about 3 hours, my opinion is it was so funny. I'm not quite sure i believe everyone was under hypnosis during that show, i think some were just faking it and going with the flow, however it was quite obvious that a few were really under hypnosis since the way they acted seemed so off and so real. I believe in it to an extent, and if i volunteered to go up there, it might even work on me since i tend to day dream a lot and i can go off in my own world quite easily actually. It's a scary thought to have someone controlling me, so no thanks. After the show we all got free tickets to go back. They have this show every Saturday nights, so i will defiantly go back and watch it again.

Our original plan was to go watch "The back-up Plan" after work, but i guess that have to wait until the following week. Excited to watch that movie.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a busy day as well. I went to Highland Memorial Cemetery again, this time for my dearest grandfather. This is the first time in so long that it didn't rain when we went, so i was very happy about that. I burned myself twice, once from the red wax dripping on my hand and the second was when the ashes from my incense fell on my feet. Those things hurt! Those sets that we (ghetto Asians) burn for the deceased, i find so amusing. Someone got a set that contained a gold watch, a jade necklace, a gold necklace, a gold ring and a cell phone! Of all things, they make a cellphone! Seriously! Of course these are all look-a likes/toys, but seeing a cellphone was quite humorous. What are they going to come up with next, an ipod? It felt nice to be there though. It felt nice.

At night, our family had to go to a wedding dinner. My cousin Wilson (my eldest cousin, 35) was finally getting married. We don't talk much, because of the age difference and the cool factor. He and his brother were never as close to us like i am with my other cousins, they always kept to themselves. They are the epitome of pure CBC (can't speak proper Chinese regardless of dialect). At the wedding, almost everyone were brown, black, white, or if Asian, they were pure CBC. Not that there's anything wrong with that, actually i thought it was a nice change to the typical wedding dinners i usually go to. It was a nice mix up between people, however, it wasn't very Asian/elder friendly with all the loud screaming and the hooting. I would love to show you some pictures, but my darn camera didn't take any good pictures with good lighting and of course, can't really expect much shutter speed from a digital camera...Regardless....Congratulations Wilson!

I'll try to update more regularly, it's harder than it seems.