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Friday, July 25, 2014

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry Concert

Hi Loves!

This month has been busy!!! Lady Gaga and Katy Perry were both in Toronto this month and their concerts were one week apart from each other.

The first one i went to was the Lady Gaga concert #artrave (with k-pop band Crayon Pop opening for her), being a fellow monster, i was super excited! Until i found out my seat sucked. I was pretty much at the edge of being behind the stage, so i couldn't really see anything unless i watched the giant screens or if she walked out onto the extended stage, but even then, she was tiny.

Regardless, the concert was AWESOME, her fans are really out of this world, so many people dressed up, wrote her letters and threw her hand made items. She being such a sweetheart, read one of her fan letters out loud, which was very sad by the way, and she invited her up to the stage to sing "Born this way" with her.

First things first, gotta have an early dinner at #bigfatburrito mmm…so yums
K-pop band "Crayon Pop" opened for her

The very next week was KATY PERRRRRRYYYYYYYYY! 
This was part of her #prismaticworldtour and she was in Toronto for 3 days! I was definitely more excited for this one, maybe because i knew i had better seats. But she was super awesome! Really kept the crowd going, my bum was out of the chair throughout the full two hours.

Ferras and Capital Cities opened for her, they were both very exciting as well.

Blurry picture of Ferras
Capital Cities performing
DO I LOOK EXCITED!??! Yes i realize my facial expressions are the same for every picture

Dark Horse

Blurry pic of acrobats


That's her flying across the crowd

And of course she ended the concert with real fireworks, singing her song "fireworks" =D

I'd love to see them again, concerts are so much fun. it it wasn't a weekday, i would have wore a wig and dressed up like all the other kiddies too =D

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