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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beaches and flip flops

My parents are back from their vacation; my time alone in Toronto has passed by rather quickly. My Brother's girlfriend is also here for the week, they have also gone on a short vacation of their own.

My time will come.

Being able to drive to work and have the car at my own leisure makes me feel giddy, even though i seldom use it. Though I don't have a lot of places to go, nor have many people to see, it hasn't been an entirely wasted week. Had dinner with Shirley and Victoria, because they said they were worried about me. They ended up coming over and somehow the two of them ended up staying the night. It turned into a sleep over; we painted our nails, watched TV, and ate junk food at the wee hours of the morning. We got Victoria to stay up past 2am before she really passed out and we all slept together in the master bedroom. It felt nice. I was having terrible thoughts and I loathe myself for feeing things i shouldn't be feeling, so much that I didn't even go to work the next day. Any person would want the whole house to themselves, but this time for me, I wanted none of that. It made me scared and alone. And I hated it. Especially when I’m not trashing the house with parties like I know I could. It really sucks to feel like you're not wanted, especially with a certain person's family, among other people.

Jacky and I went to Asbridge Bay's Woodbine beach the past week. It was forecasted to rain, but we still went regardless of weather conditions. It was a hot day and the weather was behaving when we got there. I brought a picnic blanket and we sat in front of the waters. We went in the water but it was too cold to completely submerge ourselves into it. So we just lied there soaking up vitamin D, and snacking on animal crackers. I've brought a bucket and shovel to make sand castles, but the texture of the sand was not even due to heavy rainfall the night before. There were still a lot of people there though, a lot of them playing volleyball. We stayed there for about 3 hours before it started to rain cats and dogs, and that was perfect time for us to leave.

Went back to my place to shower away all that sand and then i proceeded to cook dinner. We watched Couples Retreat in HD while eating; it turned out to be a relaxing night.

I also went to another summerlicious called Quince, they served French cuisine. We went with Jacky's engineering friends to celebrate 3 people's birthdays. The restaurant itself was very pretty but the food wasn't too good in my standards. It was "ma ma day laaa". I ended up having to switch entries with Jacky again because my knife refused to cut into the meat. Oh well, I’m happy I got to dress up.

I've been doing so much online shopping once again, spending so much money once again...and its USD money too! Firstly, I finally got myself an external hard drive from Dell, it will probably last me my entire life since it’s 1.5TB. That's more than enough for me. I like it though; it's small, sleek and shiny. But it's heavy :( I can't do heavy...I’m too weak-sauce for heavy...

It goes perfectly with the O!Play HD Media player that Jacky got me. It's a match made in heaven. What's Minnie without Mickey? What's Spongebob without Patrick? I say what's an external hard drive without O!Play????! Yeah that was lame, but you catch my drift. The point is, they belong together. Now I can watch AWESOMENESS HD-goodness on TV, whatever I want, however I want. No longer do I have to burn anything on DVD's or CD's. Just plug and go.

Just yesterday i nearly spent 200 USD on online shopping for clothes at :( I need to stop itttt. I hope they come looking as good as the picture. I don't want disappointment.

Finally got a chance to watch Despicable me. It is the cutest movie ever next to Toy Story 3, now I really really need to see Inception, everyone's talking about it, I gotta see it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

12 hours at Wonderland

Finally went to summerlicious, yay. We went to Coppi Ristorante, it's an Italian restaurant. The restaurant itself was not very appealing on the outside, it looked like just a big giant blue Lego piece, but inside was really nice and fancy. We both ordered Grilled calamari for appetizer; it was a good dish, except I didn't like the red peppers. I ordered their sirloin steak for the main and Jacky ordered the lamb shank. We ended up swapping our dishes because my steak was bleeding a little too much for my liking...*shivers*. Both were very good though. As for desert, he got tiramisu and I got panna cotta. Mmm I love panna cotta.

After dinner we went to Fairview to watch Toy Story 3 finally. I loved it! So good! Buzz has a Spanish mode that was pleasingly funny. I always thought Jessie will end up with Woodie, but she ended up with buzz, which is so cute. The ending was bitter sweet, but I still liked it. I want to watch 1 and 2 all over again; unfortunately I only have them in VHS. Jeez imagine how old Toy Story is.

I went to wonderland with the co workers on Sunday, a lot of them brought their other half too, mine didn't come but that’s okay, I’ll go with him another time in the summer since I got two tickets. We were a hugeeeeee group of 22 people, it was awesomeeee! CC Wong came too and brought her 3 sons. Farion was so "bat yeem" but such a cutie pie. He kept running off and we did a lot of babysitting =)

I got to go on the behemoth twice! So happy, and we would have gone a third me at night but we were so tired and walking all the way back did not seem too appealing at that moment.

Bumper cars was one of the highlights of the day, since we had such a big group, we pretty much had the place all to ourselves, and bumper cars was violent with us ahaha; people going backwards and chasing each other and bumping each other, it was fun but of course, it was too short.

We all went to White Water Canyon, and all of us took up four boats. It was fun because we could still sort of see each other and hear Derek's loud voice. Marian and I got the hit on the waterfalls, but the poor girl got the worst of it. That was fine though, we dried up in no time. Afterwards we all grabbed lunch and half of them went to drink beer. It was funny because they were all gathered around the table to "chai woy" and play other drinking games, and the gwai lo's around us were staring at them, not knowing what they were doing, but that was fun, everyone got worked up and went on more rides. All I had was a 9 dollar poutine all day, and by the end of the night we were supposed to go all star wings, but we left so late and everyone was so tired we didn't have energy to eat anymore so we went home to sleep.

We even went to the kid’s area, into snoopy land to play boo blasters; it was fun, in a childish way. You ride an extremely slow car and you shoot monsters in the "not so" haunted house. Robin kicked my butt at Boo Blasters because my gun wasn’t working properly, but I’m glad Henry got his butt kicked by cece Haahaaa. My brother and some went to the splash works, I didn't get to go but I’ll defiantly go next time around, didn't go on timber wolf falls either because it started to rain a little bit and it was a bit windy. The games are really hard, they have a giant Domo, I really wanted it but Derek was unable to win me one.

Funnel cake was yummy too. What is wonderland without funnel cake? Honestly? A lot of people got the foot long hot dog, I will get that next time, since it looks so WHOA!

It was a really fun day, I was surprised all of us managed to stay together for the most part, and then there's karaoke the next week! No customer days are awesome <3

Can’t wait to go Wonderland again!

Niagara Falls- New York- Buffalo

Always hard coming back from a trip and continuing on your life as you would everyday. It was a short trip, but it was fun. It all seemed like a dream, didn't last long enough. I really should have posted this long ago; it all seems so ancient now.

Day 1:

Jacky rented a car for the trip, so he doesn't have to take the one at home. We were fortunate enough to get a brand new car; it was a very nice Mazda 3 in Silver.

First stop took about 2 hours. We went to Niagara on the Lake, and walked around the small little town. It was very nice and a feeling of comfort surrounded me. All around us were flowers and greens and many many shops. We saw more than 10 ice cream shops on that one street, I guess people there really like their ice cream. We had lunch at a nice cozy place which was located in a basement of some sort. Homey there and the food was good. We also saw the infamous vintage hotel that i swear i will one day stay a night there. We also spotted a nice park but we didn't want to be behind on schedule so we skipped out for this time.

We drove through a wine street/road that had a lot of wineries and a lot of merchants selling fresh fruits and berries. We also stopped by that infamous clock at Niagara on the lake that has a new design every year. It was crowed, a lot of tour buses were there and a lot of tourists were taking pictures. We also spotted this tower thing, so we stopped and took a look. Don’t really know what it was but we weren’t able to go check it out because there were no visible parking spots around.

We finally arrived at Niagara Falls half an hour later and checked in at Victoria Motor Inn. It’s actually quite nice and waste terribly small, it was clean so that was nice, a lot better that what I thought it would be like. We lived on Clifton Hills, literally a 3 minute walk from where all the nightlife and excitement are, which was great since we planned on being out all night and not getting a lot of sleep.

After getting settled in we walked around the falls for a bit and got tickets to ride on the maid of the mist where the ferry takes you right beside the falls. Unfortunately we stood on the wrong side of the ship and we didn’t get as soaked as I wanted, it was still a good view though.

We went to the nice garden beside the falls, I usually see people taking their wedding pictures there but none were there this week. A lot of couples were there, some were hiding near the pond making out, it was cute. I’m getting so old; I get tired so fast from walking. I feel sorry for my future kids. The garden was really nice, like I remembered; the grass was so green it could almost be fake. There weren’t a lot of people, so enjoying the scenery was so much better; I just wish I had a better camera to capture all the beauty.

Went across the street to the Hershey store, and starbucks for a bit to leech off some air conditioning before heading back to Clifton Hills. We got an attraction package that let us go to 3 different places. Firstly, we went to the fun house, it was cool, not too big though, but it was fun playing with everyone, especially the ginormous bouncy balls. Then there was the croaked room, I always liked that room, it was hard to stand still. Too bad all these attractions are so small, it would be a lot more fun if they made them bigger. Or maybe I’m just too old for them and I don’t find much excitement from them…such a sad thought. Next we went to The Guinness book of records museum, it was small as usual, I’ve been there so many times so I wasn’t too whoaaa about everything. Compared to the Ripley’s believe it or not museum, the Guinness museum is a big thumbs down. They need to update everything. Lastly we went to the Haunted house. This one we went to, they said there are no live people inside, it’s mainly just sensors that activate everything and all we do is walk but it was still pretty eerie. It was really dark and silent, but it was pretty fun. Things were popping out all around us at random places. We cheated by finding the sensors first and activating them before entering that particular room so that they won’t scare the bejesus out of us.

It was dark when we finally finished the attractions; we decided to take one more stroll through Niagara Falls before grabbing dinner. We ended up walking too far, all the way to the end of the falls and then back, which took an hour. We had a really late dinner…well midnight snack I should say…at Kelsey’s. We had a lovely balcony seat that overlooked the Frankenstein and the people. I found a candy store that closes really late and I bought 2 pounds worth of candy! Yummy Yummy! Finally we headed back to the Inn and watched Soccer world cup on TV.

Day 2:

Woke up late today with the site of Jacky beside me wide awake playing bubble breaker on my cell phone. I don’t understand how he can get up so early when we slept so late. Had a croissant and lemon tea for breakfast. Croissants from T&T are so tasteless. We walked over to skyline Inn to go to their Indoor Waterpark. It’s my first time there and I loved it! It was huge! There were 4 water tubes, our favorite one was the purple one because that was with the “toilet bowl” we go around and around and then we go down another tube when we reach the hole. On two occasions our directions went out of whacked and we ended up going down backwards, that was scary. We also went on the wave pool; we were sitting in a donut for 10 minutes in the water just waiting for the waves to come. It wasn’t very strong waves like the ones I remember in Disney world, but it did manage to push us back slowly. We played in the kid’s area, which was a very very wet area since there were water coming out of almost everything and everywhere! It was fun; I wish I knew how to swim. Yes, I still haven’t learned, I’ve been procrastinating learning and Jacky’s been procrastinating teaching. Defiantly sometime this summer though…defiantly…

Finally we went into the Jacuzzi, stayed in there for about 15 minutes. Was so dizzy when I got out, had to walk really really slowly. That was the end for us; our skin was getting pruney and wrinkly. We played for 3 hours; I want to go back again!

We walked back to our hotel and changed, getting ready to cross the border to do some shopping. There wasn’t at lot of people lining up at the border at the time we went to we were lucky. The border guy was nice, we went through without complications. So now it was just us and a map plus a GPS to lead us the way to the Fashion Outlet. It was about half an hour drive, we made it without getting lost. YEAH!

We shopped for quite a while. Didn't get much there for the fear of being over limit and then getting taxed at the border. I did manage to get a sick pair of shoes though. Ummm what else, I got a skirt from Charlotte Russe, and a bag of chocolate from Lindt =D There was a Coach outlet there, but didn't get anything because I dumbly brought my purse along which meant I would go wayyyyyy over the daily limit if I were to purchase something. They even had a Juicy store and the prices were amazinggggggg but again I didn't manage to get anything from there either. At the end of the day, we had Applebee’s for dinner, which was just beside the Outlet mall. The portions were ginormous, compared to that of Canada's.

We hurried back to Rainbow Bridge because there were fireworks that night at Niagara Falls. We watched it at 10:00pm at that nice spot on top of the tower. There were so many people; it was a good thing we didn't need to drive. Afterwards, we went to the Great Canadian Midway and played a few childish games, as well as the Ghoster Buster mini (haunted house) ride where you see a bunch of neon lit kiddy ghosts and you and your partner shoot the targets to see who gets the most points. It was fun for a kiddy game, and I beat Jacky so HAHHHHH!

Day 3:

Jacky surprised me with Breakfast in bed this morning, he had snuck out in the morning and brought back breakfast from Denny's that was down the street. That was sweet. We were supposed to go Marineland this day but it was raining, so we had a change of plans. We crossed the border again, and it was an hour drive to Buffalo. We went to Walden Galleria, an outlet mall. I would say it is about the size of yorkdale. I didn't buy a lot; there weren’t a lot of deals going on. There was a Juicy store, and their bags were very reasonably priced. I got a pink romper from Abercrombie and Fitch, a few things from the ginormous Forever21 and a few other things. I really wanted these pair of sandals from Urban Outfitters, but I didn't get them, thinking I can also find them in downtown Toronto...but the urban outfitters here didn't have my size or color. I wish I had gotten it, I regret it now :( Next time I should just go for it, or else I’ll be thinking of it for a long time and end up regretting not buying it.

We had dinner at the cheesecake factory. It was such a nice place. We had crab cakes for appetizers, steak for main, and we ordered a tiramisu cheesecake for desert. It was yummy, very filling too.

There was a Target right around the corner of Walden Galleria, so we stopped by there and walked around for a bit. I always wanted to go to a target, I guess you can say it's like an american Walmart, but better. Got a few random things and then we were on our way home, it was getting dark and harder to read the signs.

We got back late at night, took a stroll along the falls and went to the great Canadian midway again. Played a few games and we went around ticket machines to look for abandoned tickets to make our ticket count even lol. We are such leeches. Eventually we got 3 mini colorful back scratchers, and a toy house fly (which Jacky left the house keeper to scare her).

Day 4:

Today was the last day, we checked out of our inn at 11am. We walked around the falls for the last time, and then we went to Fallsview casino. I took out a 20 to play slots, and I actually had some beginners luck and kept winning $6 in every other spin and I could have left it there but I kept going and going until I reached zero. Blah. We went back to Clifton hills to have lunch at Ruby Tuesday; afterwards he had a couple rounds again at the arcade. Stayed there for about an hour and won 3 giant dices and a miniature fairy wand. Then it was time to go home :( It was a long ride, Jacky was getting sleepy so we stopped at a tourist information place and had dairy queen ice cream.

It was a fun 4 days, always too short though. It was a really good small getaway; I really felt much better coming back. Vacations are healthy.

My family is going on Vacation next week, and my dad told me so last minute that I wasn’t able to book a week off so suddenly. That made me very sad, and my manager tried her best to help me too, but still it can’t be helped. Also my brother’s girlfriend is coming over next week, and they are also going on a short vacation so I’ll be home alone for the most part. I really want to go PEI, I have 15 days of vacation I have to take before January or else I’ll waste it. No one has time :(

Monday, July 12, 2010

food and movie

Night It Up! this year was so crowded this year, and it seemed to me a little smaller? We didn't have too much, the lineups were too long. we has smelly tofu (i still don't like it), we had "gai been cherng fun"-that was really good. We had "siu mai"- it was TERRIBLE, it tasted cold and uncooked! We also had "gai been" shark fin soup. It wasn't really shark fin soup of course, but it wasn't that good either. we also had this cold noodle salad thingie that wasn't that good either. We did enjoy a nice drink called "herbal jelly papa". i like that place, we drank from that place last year as well. All the stuff that i wanted to try had huge lineups so i didn't get to try them this year. i guess i'll wait until Hong Kong where i can try the real "gai been" stuff. Will probably give me a tummy ache though.

Watched "The last Air bender" with Fion and Orlando over the weekend, it didn't completely suck as others say it does, but my biggest complaint is that it dragged on for too long. Orlando even fell asleep during the movie...
There will obviously be a part 2 or even a part 3, and i will watch them since I've already started it.

Next i need to see Despicable me and toy story 3. After those, then i'll watch knight and day.

We had dinner at spring rolls at Fairview mall. They had the couples deal, which was pretty awesome. We ordered that, it was more than enough for 3 people.

i'm feeling lonely. I think my hormones are making sad.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Busy July

Happy Belated Canada's day. A little sad that this year didn't go as planned but Jacky drove me all the way to Barrie that day since downtown Barrie was having a festival called Promenade Days. Everyone were so into it, they had their face painted, wearing flags and had flags sticking out of their head. Which i did they same to mine as well after they gave me a few flags. That part of town was really stunning, there was a really nice park with a really nice lake where i could see people boating and sailing and a lot of people at the sides fishing. There were performances and midway rides, it wasn't very big though. There was also a hooters there, we stayed there for dinner, it was fun. It was a pity we wouldn't stay there for the fireworks, we went back to Miliken park for fireworks with Jacky's older sister. Fireworks this year seemed smaller, not a lot of big booms if you know what i mean. Still pretty though. Haven't had any BBQ's yet this summer, i wonder if i would get to go to one this summer? I should get my dad to get our BBQ stove out and cook something up one day, haven't used it for so long.

Watched Cirque Du Soleil- Allegria yesterday at the Air Canada Centre. It was really good, even with all those clowns running around on the stage. I'd say it was probably a good thing our seats weren't that close to the stage or else i'd have to stare into their scary faces. But our seats were pretty good, it was close enough to see what they were doing and what their costumes look like, and their costumes were pretty brilliant! It was about 2 hours long, and i love the music they had throughout the entire thing.

Also went to the CHIN Radio picnic today at the exhibition centre, it was actually quite fun. On the inside, they had a few shops selling random things and on the outside was where the stage was, people performing and singing and talking. It was where all the food were as well, many midway rides as well as pony rides and animal petting (sheep, lambs, lama's, ducks, rabbit). There was also an exotic animal show outside where they show you endangered species such as the Siberian Tiger, lizards, wolves and other such creatures. They were very nice.

Inside, we watched the dog show, a semi magic/circus show and a lady performing her awesomeness on an air bound hoola hoop and ribbon. i wish my computer was fixed so i can show you pictures I've took but unfortunately i can't so that until i get a new power supply. We had hot dog and pizza and slushie for dinner, after that we went back to Scarborough town to watch Eclipse from the Twilight series. it was very good, much better than New Moon. I wish i read the book first like i always do, i'm so behind on details.

One more event for the week is watching the gay pride parade tomorrow. Haven't seen it in years.

My 5 days away from work is almost up, i wish i got to go on another vacation this week, but i guess i can't always be greedy all the time. i'll spend the rest of the days thinking i guess, i think i need some thinking days.