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Monday, June 21, 2010

Head up, shoulder's back

The power supply on my computer fried, so i'm using my brothers Mac Book, it's pretty confusing to use i would say, but it does look a lot nicer. I want a Mac Book Pro, so i better visit Apple stores more often to get used to all these apple things. I also very much want an iPad, i seem to be very in to it as of late. I;m typing so slow right now and so many typos because i'm not used to this extreamly slow and spaced out keyboard. I don't like the keyboard.

Watched the MMVA's (Much Music Video Awards 2010) yesterday on TV. It was amazing, as expected. Miley Cyrus was the host of the night, and her outfit looked nice but increadably skanky for a 16 year old girl. I fear she may become the next britney spears, which is possibly what's going to happen based on her "Can't be tamed" music video.

The roof top performance by Mariana's Trench "celebrity status" was amazing. Josh, the lead singer pulled a Lady GaGa by wearing her cone bra which shot out sparklers.

Not surprising that Justin Bieber won 3 awards, afterall, he's the new hit among teenage girls. He is cocky for a 16 year old boy but i have to admit, this guy has talent, he can really sing. His performance at the MMVA's was pretty good too.

My all time favorite has to be Katy Perry's performance "California girls", that song was my current obsession and was on repeat on my playlist and did anyone watch her music video? it was awesome, just like her performance, she is so hot!

Adam Lambert's performance was really good too, not very dramatic though, but he has a very good voice and i think he is one of the best dressed males in the music industry. This guy can do eye makeup better than most girls, and that sounds really wrong, but i can't imagine him without all his make up, he won't be Adam Lambert if he didn't wear makeup and have that nice hair do.

Then there was Drake's performance. I don't understand what the big deal is over Drake. I don't think his songs (raps) are particularly appealing, i don't think they have much of a rhythm, but everyone is going gaga over him. Well girls because they think he's hot, but other than that, is he really all that good?

Hedley's performance was really good too. I thought they were going to be one of those good bands that start off big and starts fading out like the rest of the them, but no, they are still here this year performing, which was great. Funny as always.

I was really dissapointed that Lady GaGa didn't receive any rewards or made an appearance on the MMVA's, i was hoping to see her or even catch a glimpse of her outfit for that night. She's cool.

Went to Taste of Little Italy with Jacky. We had mini ice cream cones that melted on our hands, and made a very irritable sticky mess. After that we had some lamb shiskabobs and unfortunately got full off lemonade. But hey, that was good lemonade. We walked around, and watched a really good street magic show with a very entertaining and funny in awkward ways Asian boy. He was good and random. Later on in the day, we got some yam fries and an award winning gyros pita. That was really good pita, the name did not lie. That was basically our day.

Our cherry tree has millions of cherries ready to eat, already picked dozens and dozens of bag full, they are nice and sweet, too bad i don't like cherries.

Two more days of work and then my short vacation time. Can't wait to finally get away if only for a little bit. I wonder what everyone is doing for Canada's Day. My "annual picnic" only lasted for 3 years, i guess this year will be a very quiet one. No idea what this summer has in store for me, but at the moment, i don't feel excited for anything. Nothing really to look forward to.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seven guys ganging up on one girl, forming a letter and signing it like a petition.

That's bullying.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rain falls on my rooftop

I went to the Anime North Convention for the first time. There was a lot of people, and it was incredibly busy and festive, in the sense that 95% of the people there was dressed up as an anime character. I had every intention to dress up, to fulfill my desires of wearing a strange wig and being someone out of a fantasy tale. However, things don't always go as planned, been too busy to shop or make a costume so i opted for going as a cat, but i left the house that day forgetting the ears, so it's as though i didn't say anything at all. It was huge, the dealers room where they se all the artwork, plushies, dvds, mangas and other miscellaneous things were al in that room, it was packed! On the other side of the street was doubletree hotel, that's where the masquerade ball, contests, shows and anime showings were all. I wish i was able to enjoy it more than i thought i would, but i guess i sort of grew out of my said obsession with it. We pretty much just bought some Japanese candy at the dealers room, waked around, stalked some nicely dressed people and went over to the hotel to watch a few episodes of their back to back 10 hour dragonball showing. I saw a few people i know dressed up such as Victoria and her boyfriend. She was dressed up as a Lolita, chatted a bit and left the couple alone. I'm not quite sure if i want to go back again the following years to come, but i do want to go once to the Anime Expo held at the convention centre downtown.

Yesterday after work, Jacky took me to Main Street, they were having a Unionville festival. It was very Yeet-lau, it was a pity i got off work so late, we only waked around for about 40 minutes when most of the stands started to close. They had a to of food stands and others that sell random things. We had some takoyaki and bought some candy's from the chocolate factory (?). They have a very beautiful and huge park there, they set up those huge blowup platforms for children to jump on and some were having bbq's and picnics there.

Later on when they closed, we went to walk around at the Japanese grocery in J-Town and later went to the wallmart superstore out of sheer boredom. We then got some take out food and went back to my place where we watched some movies that i bought a while back that i still haven't opened yet.

I've been aching for a vacation, everyone is going somewhere except me...RL is going to china for 3 weeks again! GG is going to china for 3 weeks following him and CL is going to Dominican for a week to enjoy the sun and beaches. HH just came back from his month vacation from Hong Kong and DN is back next week from his 2 weeks cottage trip with his buddies. My male manager is away on his 3 week vacation to Peru and JZ has left for Miami with his sweetheart.

I want to go somewhere....