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Monday, April 30, 2012

Review- Princess Mimi aka Bambi Lens in Sesame Grey

Hey everyone,

I've recently received a pair of Circle lens from LensVillage, they carry many different brands for circle lens as well as a wide variety to choose from.

The pair that i got are the Princess Mimi lens in Sesame. From looking at the pictures, it seemed to be very pretty and doll like. It is a a dark greyish colour with a subtle brownish ring for around the pupil area.

You can find these circle lens here

LensVillage also have a Facebook page. Please visit them here
They update all the time and often have contests and promotions going on.

The box was a bit destroyed and suffered a bit of abuse during it's journey of delivery.

Luckily, the contents inside were all safe and sound, thanks to bubble wrap! =)

Comes with the contacts and a case

I love the piggy case, it's SO cute!

I really like how it looks. The grey isn't that intense so it's good for everyday use without feeling the colour might be over whelming.

I am standing in front of the window facing outside to get some sunlight to hit my eyes.

With flash.

I'm really loving how good the colour show up on flash photography.

In a more shaded area, it looks like your eyes are twinkling =)

Alright, no more picture spam. I promise.


I think they are pretty comfortable, i wore them for 6 hours and my eyes were fine. My right eye did get a little dry after 5 hours and it was my fault for not bringing eye drops, but after you produce some tears moist your eyes again, they are good to go again, couldn't feel a thing. No pain and no redness as well.
I've had good experiences with The bambi series, the bambi green apple one that i had gotten some time ago was also very comfortable to wear.

The size is pretty big at 15mm diameter, and i always have a hard time putting them on because i have uneven eyes and they are pretty small to begin with. Because of the large size and the outer black ring you do get this dolly effect which i enjoy.

The colour is great in flash photography, you can clearly see the design and the colour in picture. Indoor or at night, you can still tell the colour is grey, though it may look like a dark dark grey in indoor light but it has this kind of twinkling affect which i think is pretty cool. Hard to explain. Makes me think of "fresh eyes", if that makes any sense at all.

I do recommend these circle lens mainly because of them being so comfortable and usually the colour is true to what you see in pictures.

Comfort: 9/10
Color/Vibrancy: 8/10
Enlargements: 10/10
Diameter: 15mm
Life Span: One Year
Manufacturer: GEO Medical

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

Last weekend the boyfriend and i went to High Park to look at Cherry Blossoms that were in bloom. There were so many people! Most of the were all in full bloom but it was a really windy and chilly day so most of them had already fallen.

Brought some bread to feed the goose and ducks

Did anyone else get to see some cherry blossoms this year? I would really love to see the ones in Washington, Vancouver and of course Japan!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Review

I was in buffalo last month doing some shopping, and i realized that no matter how many different stores i go to, all of the store there are cheaper than canadian stores, even with the most basic of products, like lipsticks, toothpaste... Which is such a bummer. But anyways, i took that opportunity to load up on nail polish and lipsticks.

I always wanted to try those Revlon lip butters since it's been so talked about on youtube and the blogging wold, but the selections in my area are so limited. I'm so happy i found most of the colours i wanted to try out in the states, although i had to go to about 4 different stores to get all the colours i wanted.

candy apple, peach parfait, creamsicle, sweet tart, tutti frutti
candy apple, peach parfait, creamsicle, sweet tart, tutti frutti
sorry for the blurry picture
Overall, i absolutely love them! The pigmentations are amazing, though they are not as moisturizing like i thought they were going to be, but if you put a lip balm on before applying, it does go on a lot smoother.

My favourite color of the six has to be peach parfait. It's such a pretty pink colour with tiny bits of shimmer. Tutti frutti is really pretty too, i've been so into the coral/orange colour. I've seen a lot of this colour in stores, it must be the new spring colour.

I really wanted to love the creamsicle colour but it looked streaky on my lips and i just look really bad in nude colours unfortunately. Haven't really worn the candy apple and the sweet tart too often, just because the colours are very pigmented and very bold, not too appropriate when i wear it for work, but on my off days i try to play around with them. Very nice colours. I want to try more!

Also bought some nail polish during my trip. Love buying nail polish when i go to buffalo, they have so many stores that have hugeeeee variety!!!

I got two magnetic nail polishes that i have yet to try, two essie polishes from the luxe effects collection, one light pink polish also from essie, a peachy pink colour from orly, two sally hanson polishes from the diamond collection as well as a gorgeous orange/coral colour and a clear polish that either they gave me for free or they put it in their bag by accident. But it works really well =)
So sorry i don't have the names ready. but if you ever want to know i will give it to you.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm Still Alive!!!

Hey everyone, so sorry I've disappeared for so long. Moving and getting settled in took longer than I thought!
It had been so frustrating trying to find a new Internet company for this new place, since the company I've been using before does not support this area. After I did find one there were so many problem and for 2 weeks it had just been me calling them every single day to resolve the issue and my Internet has JUST finally started to work YESTERDAY night!
Missed you guys so much, I have so many blogs to catch up on too!

Last month was me and my boyfriend 3 year anniversary! He gifted me the new iPad in which I am using right now <3 and it couldn't have come at a better time, because I am struggling to learn how to use my new Mac computer and blogging is just so much more convenient on the iPad!

So many posts to catch up on. Did some shopping in the states weeks ago. Got tons of nail polish and lipsticks to show you all!