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Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Round Up!

Hey everyone. I know I haven't been posting as much as before, I think it's because I haven't been taking a lot of pictures with my camera for a while and everything now is taken with my phone. And then I forget them and they just start accumulating and then I think "oh darn" too many pictures now, where do I start?!
Here are some from this month

Valentine's Day, the mister picked me up from work and we walked around before getting ready for dinner.
I'm happy to know that i still fit into a kid's wagon =D
After he dropped me home so i can change while he said he had to go "pick up something".
He came back surprising me with a huge bouquet of blue roses and a giant floating hello kitty balloon. Aww! I loved it! I was always saying all these years that i really wanted balloons for my birthdays, and i guess he remembered on valentine's day =D
I give him points for remembering i like balloons.

I felt really bad, because all i made him were cheesecake cupcakes from scratch. It was my first time making them so i didn't even know if they tasted good.

For Valentine's dinner, he took me to an Italian Restaurant called "Fraticelli's Italian Grill & Lounge", It was a very popular and busy place that apparently won an award. There were line ups at the door all night, and we stayed pretty late too.

I hate that we always forget to take a picture together.

After dinner he also gave me this House of Harlow necklace that i wanted really badly. I almost forgot about it. I love it! I know everyone owns this thing already, but i love it!

Last week, i finally got to go snowboarding at Blue mountain. We always go at least once a year. It was a really nice day though, the snow wasn't as icy and it wasn't unbearably cold.

After all that fun and exercise, we stopped by East side Mario's for a nice hot dinner. Servers in Collingwood are so much nicer and well mannered than those in Toronto. Housing is cheaper too! Hmmm

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Warm bodies

I saw warm bodies over the weekend and I LOVED it!!!
At first i thought all i was going to see were blood and gore and a hot zombie, but i thought the movie was very well done. It's funny, it's witty and it's romantic. I love the humour!
When can you ever find a comedy/romance/horror?

Now i'm starting to read the book. Books are always better than movies, i'm ecstatic!