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Saturday, February 23, 2013

February Round Up!

Hey everyone. I know I haven't been posting as much as before, I think it's because I haven't been taking a lot of pictures with my camera for a while and everything now is taken with my phone. And then I forget them and they just start accumulating and then I think "oh darn" too many pictures now, where do I start?!
Here are some from this month

Valentine's Day, the mister picked me up from work and we walked around before getting ready for dinner.
I'm happy to know that i still fit into a kid's wagon =D
After he dropped me home so i can change while he said he had to go "pick up something".
He came back surprising me with a huge bouquet of blue roses and a giant floating hello kitty balloon. Aww! I loved it! I was always saying all these years that i really wanted balloons for my birthdays, and i guess he remembered on valentine's day =D
I give him points for remembering i like balloons.

I felt really bad, because all i made him were cheesecake cupcakes from scratch. It was my first time making them so i didn't even know if they tasted good.

For Valentine's dinner, he took me to an Italian Restaurant called "Fraticelli's Italian Grill & Lounge", It was a very popular and busy place that apparently won an award. There were line ups at the door all night, and we stayed pretty late too.

I hate that we always forget to take a picture together.

After dinner he also gave me this House of Harlow necklace that i wanted really badly. I almost forgot about it. I love it! I know everyone owns this thing already, but i love it!

Last week, i finally got to go snowboarding at Blue mountain. We always go at least once a year. It was a really nice day though, the snow wasn't as icy and it wasn't unbearably cold.

After all that fun and exercise, we stopped by East side Mario's for a nice hot dinner. Servers in Collingwood are so much nicer and well mannered than those in Toronto. Housing is cheaper too! Hmmm


  1. I love those blue roses!! Your guy is very sweet. I want a House of Harlow necklace. I don't have one yet.

  2. so cute and sweet!! really enjoyed all your pictures. it looks like you guys had lots of fun! ^_^

  3. Your Valentine's day looks amazing. It seems like you guys really pulled all the stops for each other!

  4. When photos start accumulating... I know that feeling.
    Wowzers that is a BIG balloon! And the flowers are so unique! I think your Valentines gift was very sweet (haha get it?) because it was handmade- nothing beats handmade, c'mon now!
    And you look so nice in your snowboarding get-up! Love it!

    p.s. The necklace is a gorgeous statement piece. It'll pair very nicely.

  5. Your beau is so sweet to get you blue roses and your favourite balloon and a large one too. You should feel proud of yourself for making cheesecakes from scratch coz those are made with love and effort and hand-made gifts are one of the best.

    I've also stopping carrying my camera s95 around. Everything is all on iPhone 4s now. And then they get so messy.

  6. awww loveeee! this is such a sweet post :) i'm so happy to see you had such a lovely valentines!

    omgosh i've never seen blue roses before but they are AMAZING! so pretty!!!

    you look gorgeous hon i love your valentines outfit your pleated pink skirt is soooo cute!!!

    omgosh that ravioli w/ pine nuts?? i'm assuming looks sooooooooooooo good!

  7. Sooo sweet gift! The
    blue roses looks so
    unique! I have a fake
    replica of the House
    of Harlow necklace :P


  8. What a sweet Valentines day! Omg how ironic because I was telling my bf that I like balloons and want some next time hahahaha Lets see if he remembers! Blue roses, how creative!!! I think that's great you baked him cheesecake cupcakes, I didn't get my bf anything LOL Besides a card =P Wow nice necklace! Eh, who cares if everyone has it, what's important is that you have it now! That's what I think when I want something everyone else wants hahaha

  9. I had to look up the brand jacket you bought because I live under a rock. It looks fancy! And I can see why it would have costed a lot, but at least you're warm! :D

  10. I bought the Clear shampoo and conditioner too! I couldn't resist and tried it already even though I still have my Herbal Essence to finish. I really like it!

  11. visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  12. you have a lovely blog:)

    i have a new post on how to clean your makeup brushes
    what do you think?

    i would also appreciate it if you follow my blog too!

  13. Thank you Sandy! It's been so long since I've been in the game that it feels a little unreal. Just pinch me and tell me I'm not in some sort of dream haha. How are you? It's March already and I haven't seen a post from you!