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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I've been really busy at work, and really been stressing myself out, so I'm sorry for not updating anything until now. I hope some of you still read this blog!
I've actually been engaged for quite a while now, May 3rd to be exact! It actually happened when we were on vacation, and I didn't even let anyone know until two weeks later, when I finally put it on facebook and started texting people. I was still trying to settle down all these emotions and I didn't know how to tell people, I didn't know how people will react, so after much senseless panicking, I thought what the hell. Out with the news.

The Story:

The boyfriend and I…ahem…I mean the fiancĂ© and I (Do you know how hard it is to suddenly say fiancĂ© all of a sudden?) was planning a New York City trip for a long time. I've been there several times but those times were when I was younger. I never really had the chance to travel and go everywhere myself, as in holding a map and asking for directions. This was a much needed vacation, for me at least because I've been so stressed and emotional over work and basically so unhappy to the point where I start to cry over nothing anywhere and anytime. So a week away from everything is just what I needed (for the sake of my sanity).
Anyways, we decided to take the Megabus from Toronto to New York City (Never again!), it was a 12 hour ride and I can never sleep during bus rides, so I was wide awake or half awake with my back aching, my bum sore and me grumbling throughout the ride. My other half? Oh he slept totally FINE!

We arrived in New York in the afternoon, after getting lost in the subway and walking around clueless while lugging around our luggage, we finally gave up and hopped on a taxi to check into our hotel. My plan for our first day was to take a LONGGGGG nap, because I didn't get any sleep. I passed out right away once I got on the bed, didn't even have a chance to change out of my clothes.
He wakes me up 10 minutes later saying "Let's go to Central Park!" I was super grumpy, I didn't want to go anywhere, all I wanted was my nap, but he was so persistent, and if I wasn't so tired I would have probably became super suspicious and would have figured it all out because he was dressed in a dress shirt and dress pants and he kept asking me to put on a dress because it was a "nice day out", so I just threw on the first thing I saw in my luggage. While we were looking for the subway station, there was some sort of festival going on, and I wanted to go (mainly to buy watermelon, I was craving SO bad), but he said no, and that we’ll come back later :(

Once we got to Central Park, me being me, I wanted to stop and take pictures of EVERYTHING! But he kept pulling me along (he kept looking at the time and at the park directions). So we reached the lake/pond area where there were a lot of people boating/canoeing, and I wanted to go on one too, but he kept pulling me away. He said let’s go on that bridge over there! (Bow Bridge). Unbeknownst to me, he had hired a sneaky photographer to meet us at the bridge and she had already started snapping pictures of us the moment we stepped into the park within range. That’s why he was so worried about being lost and being on time.
So he had brought me to the center of the bridge, and we were just watching people on the boats, and when I turned around to face him, he was already down on one knee…and asked me to marry him.

And I said yes.

That’s when I finally noticed the photographer, who was rapidly snapping shots of us, but at that moment I wasn’t even there anymore, I was still in a daze, I didn’t know where we were going, what was going on, we just followed the photographer around and did as she said. Like I said, if it wasn’t for me being so exhausted, I would have figured everything out! And if I had know there was a photographer involved, I would have touched up a bit more before I left the hotel. My hair was unwashed, my eye bags were huge, my makeup was blah, and I was wearing a huge frumpy sweater as not to expose my giant arms. And probably out of all the 200 she took, I was only okay with a handful haha. Mind you, she took beautiful pictures, I just wasn’t happy with the me in them lol

But it was a very special moment, and I felt very loved. Once the photographer left, I finally let everything sink in. I feel so blessed. And I’m glad it happened on the first day, it made our trip that much better.

I thought it was going to take forever for me to get married. I mean the majority of my friends are already engaged/married and some are even mommy’s now too. I was stressing myself all the time with “what if I never get married?” “What if I’m too old to have kids?” “what if my kids hate me because I’m not cool?”. You know stupid stuff like that.

But anyways, this post has gotten too long. Just wanted to share some pics the photographer sent us from that day.

Bow Bridge- where he proposed

Most memorable vacation ever