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Sunday, June 22, 2014

New York City Trip

Finally got around to getting my New York vacation pictures up from last month. I am the queen of procrastination! Shame on me!

I love NYC, i would love to go back every year, i don't think i would ever get sick of this city.

Arrived at Times Square

There's always interesting people everywhere :)

The infamous red staircase

love this place! it's called wasabi, they sell a la cart sushi and tons of different bentos

In the giant toys R us hanging with minion

Giant gummy bear

Grand Central station



museum kinda day

street guros:)

Apple store

Nintendo store

The Rockefeller centre

Found the love statue

On the ferry looking at NYC
The statue of Liberty

5th avenue looking up

New York stock exchange

The golden bull

First meal upon arrival to chain town. C'mon, this is a must

They sell fresh cut mangos on the street! omg

At the 911 memorial site

on brooklyn bridge

Looking at manhattan bridge

Night view of the city is so pretty

On the high Line

Lady M. The millie crepes are amazing!

At the Sony Wonder technology lab creating music

last day of our trip, back to central park before going home

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I went to the Taste of Little Italy festival this weekend, i was a bit disappointed though because there weren't a lot of food that i liked. Maybe i went to early, or maybe be venders were too busy watching the soccer game to open their booths but it wasn't that exciting this year.

However, i still got my beloved CHURROS! omg i love churros like you would not believe! Unfortunately i only see them around during festivals. Caramel and churros with cinnamon is so omnomnomnomnom