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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Year of the dragon (rawr)

Yikes, another late post. I meant to post this on the day of, but it has been such a busy week!

Happy belated Lunar new years everyone!

Wish everyone happy, healthy, and wealthy!!!

I had a lot of family dinners this week to celebrate with different people, oh boy I need to go on a diet! I had a big family dinner with my relatives at a restaurant on the day of, buffet dinner with my moms side, a feast at work as well as 2 more big meals my mom made!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wedding bells

I've been really into blogging on my phone recently, maybe it's because I have finally hopes onto the instagram bandwagon and living how it's so convenient to post pictures.

I went to my friends wedding yesterday. My boyfriend was one if the groomsmen so I was pretty much alone during the whole event. I knew a lot of face, mostly people from high-school, but we never talked, we only know if each other, so I was still pretty lonely.

It was my first time actually being in a ceremony and watching as part of the crowed. The one time that I was at a wedding ceremony, I was part of it as a maid of honor.

It was really touching to watch, at one point my eyes got a little teary. I really regret not taking pictures with my camera, unfortunately during the ceremony and the reception, I was located in a spot where I couldn't see much of anything.

At the end we managed to get the groom Very drunk which gave us all quite a laugh because he says the funniest things when he's drunk! But it was super cute because even when he's intoxicated, he still only thinks about his wife. Awww. Real love <3

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad luck

I've been having a series of Bad luck recently...I hope this is not a sign that the year 2012 will be bad to me...


I dropped my external Hard drive.

That's right, you heard me.

I dropped my hard drive!!!!!!! OMFG!!!

My life is in there!!! And half a terabyte worth of movies, shows, and dramas!

I didn't even drop it that high too. I got up off my chair while I was transferring files into the hard drive and I tripped over the wire bringing the hard drive with it. Sigh... in hopes that my boyfriend could fix it, but it was unsuccessful... And I don't want to fork over $900 just for them to TRY to recover my files. So sad:( I had so much pictures in there that I had already deleted off my computer =*(


The heater in the house exploded...literally...there are heater guts everywhere and the insides are all burnt.
So the house had no heat on one of the coldest nights! I had to sleep with a jacket plus 3 thick blankets and I was still shivering.

The worst part is that we are moving next month, so it's such a bad time to replace that heater completely. Why can't it wait until we moved out before and then break?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Birthday

Another late post! Sorry i've been on a roll with late posts lately.

Wanted to share a recap of my Quarter of a Century birthday with you all that was on December 29th. I had two celebrations, both with two different group of friends. I feel that as you get older, doing crazy things is not really on the list anymore, i much rather be spending time with my family and friends. I wasn't ever big on the clubbing scene or the nightlife, but for my birthday i really wanted to try drinking a lot! (which didn't really happen the way i planned).

On December 28th, i had dinner with some friends at a restaurant. Afterwards, we went to a bar for some chatting and we ended up playing some truth or dare pool and darts. It was a really fun night.

On my actual birthday, the bf and i went out to buy some lotto's and scratch cards to test my luck. Out of all that i bought i only won $4....meh...gambling never really worked out for me anyways.
Had dinner at night with some friends, there was a snowstorm that night so a lot of people couldn't make it.
After dinner, we went karaokeing for the night time happy hour. A lot of people left early though, leaving the bf and i there ourselves singing until 3am. It was a good night overall, i just wish it could have been better.

How do i feel being 25? Now let me tell you i started feeling 25 after i turned 24! It's stressful (only because i let stress get to me). I don't want to grow up.

Here are some nifty things i got over the holidays

My co-worker gave me these drying drops by OPI, and wow, they do dry really fast! and a BUTTER nail polish. Heard so many nice things but never tried. I really like the texture, very smooth!

 wearing it on my nails

My bf gave me this beautiful MK watch for my birthday. I've been eyeing it fr a while. I love MK watches, i want them all!

A friend gave me this Clinque  eye shadow kit. Lots of lovely colors, haven't tried it yet though.

My girlfriend gave me this Kat Von D makeup book called "venusta impetus" (anyone translate please?). Shape like a book, it looks amazing!

so many pretty colors!

and a hidden lipgloss underneath

 Also my sister in law gave me this beautiful Michael Kors scarf. It's really big and meant to just be put over your head and have that chunky neck scarf look. Haven't used it yet, afraid of it getting dirty!

Lastly, i got my first Lush purchase! I was so excited going into the Lush store. I wanted to get my hands on the holiday bath bombs but they were all sold out.

Instead i got two (buy one get one free) so white bathbombs and they gave me a free angel's delight sample. Can't wait to try out these babies! i wish i had a jacuzzi!