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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Busy Busy June (extreme picture heavy!)

Hey guys, sorry i haven't been very active here lately, I've been quite busy this month. So many of the topics here are back logged, so i'm just going to combine everything together haha.

Have any of you seen Toronto at night time? As boring as it is here, i have to admit, the night view is pretty awesome. The boyfriend took me to a Toronto Harbor Cruise on the "Mariposa" line. That day they were having their romance night theme thingy. Awww it was sweet. They served us a buffet style dinner, desserts and coffee and tea. There were romance songs playing all throughout the 3 hour cruise and there was dancing on the upper floor. The only downside to that day was that is was quite chilly, so we didn't go outside to look at the views as often as we should have, and that leading to me missing out on a lot of nice pictures.

this part of downtown is actually quite nice

The staff also gave all the ladies a rose <3

This month we had also went Tree Top Trekking which was quite a long drive from where we live. About a 2.5 hour drive, close to blue mountain at Horseshoe Valley. Like Blue Mountain, they have a snowboarding/skiing in the winter including tubing. I've never came here for winter activities before it it looks really nice in the summer with the green green grass.
Tree trekking is a series of obstacles and activities above ground and all built on trees. There are many sets and the point is to get from point A to Point B.
There are single wires you can try to walk across, zip lines, suspended barrels you need to crawl through, ladders etc. It just gets harder and scarier. I came here all for the zip lines and i was so excited until... CATERPILLARS!!! They were everywhere, those small furry scary bugs were all of the place! On the ground, on the ladders, on the boards, trees....EVERYWHERE! I was getting quite displeased with all these insects, and i didn't have gloves so we didn't manage to finish all the obstacles, and we left early. This resort also has camping, rock climbing, pure zip lining, golfing and many other activities. I guess i'm not really an out door type gal.

I had trouble getting on this over sized chair!
the heavy gear

Oh i saw this cute little yellow car on the way back home. it's so tiny and short, i wonder how the driver can see whats in front of him

This past weekend the boyfriend and i had crossed the border to Buffalo, NY for some shopping and i just came back yesterday night. We were there for 2.5 days and we stayed at a hotel at Buffalo Downtown. We went to a few malls like Fashion outlet, and a few strips and department stores like Target. We even drove all the way to Rochester, NY to go to East view Mall, and Boulevard Mall. Our hotel was actually were close to Walden Galleria, but we didn't have enough time to stop by there since we only had 2 full days.

at the fashion outlet
Asking for directions lol
Trying to blend in...
The hotel gave us cookies when we checked in=) They were so yummy!
And the first thing he does is turn on the tv

This is the end of the first day of shopping
We bought matching polo's hehe
Dinner at the hotel restaurant 

Morning breakfast....we bought cup noodles from the nearby walgreens and ate it for breakfast
At Eastview mall
Pretty cool bench
Dinner at Champps

Super tired
The damage from the second day of shopping
Picked up some nice Essie nail polishes for $6 each!
mint candy apple, St Lucia Lilac, Marabou, Sand Tropez, and top coat from seche vite
My boyfriend got a modem and a external hard drive for a really good price! I love Target, and it was also the first time i ever been to a walgreens, Ulta and sally's beauty supply. I still haven't found a CVS though.

Last day, brunch at iHop

And my last damage for the day
Now that i'm back i am grumpy grumpy grumpy! That feeling that it's over and you have to get back to reality and get back to work really sucks. I can't wait to go on another vacation, i still have that vacation bug going on. I really want to go to Las Vegas next for at least a week! After seeing some pictures on facebook from friends who went there, i know I NEED TO GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Luxe Box By Loose Button and Mini Haul

Luxe Box is a company were they send you 3-5 samples each month. You can choose from either of the 3 memberships they have each with different prices. The monthly membership, they will send you one Luxe box, Quarterly membership they will send you a Luxe Box for 3 months, and the yearly membership, they will send you a Luxe Box for 12 months. I have chosen the Quarterly membership just to try it out.
They give samples ranging from various companies ie. OPI, China glaze, Laura Mercier, Elizabeth grant, benefit, Estee Lauder...etc.
The best thing about this service is that you get surprised every month. And i LOVE surprises! This is similar to birchbox i originally wanted to sign up for but unfortunately they only ship to the States.

Visit if interested.

I received my June Luxe Box this month which is my very first Luxe Box, and i wanted to review it earlier but i was a bit disappointed with my box that i sort of just left it aside.

So as you can see my box had already came damaged and smushed in the mail which i was very disappointed about because i love keeping cute boxes. But i know this isn't the company's doing, but probably the post man was having a bad day.

It came with a cute card.

A cute message and the card contained descriptions of the products that are inside.

Dermalogica's Daily Exfoliant, A full size of Laura Mercier's eye color, and a sample size of K-PAK color therapy oil for you hair. Oh and a dark chocolate.

Maybe i was expecting too much but i was thinking "uhh that's it?". And then i looked at other blogger's June Luxe Box's and searched for others on Youtube and everyone else got so much more, like 5-7 items. So i was pretty disappointed. I hope next month's box will be better.

A while back, ThisIsAlx wrote a post about some new skincare stuff she tried out and bought right here, and i asked her about it and was immiedianty fascinated. I am always on the look out for new skincare products to try out because like everyone, i want nice skin!!!
So i went on Paula's Choice and emailed a representative there to ask her for advice and she had recommended me some products to try out. She even mailed me some samples that i said i wanted to try. Amazing service!

I haven't tried all the samples yet, but what i did try, i'm really liking it. If all goes well, i think i'm going to go on another online shopping spree for the full sized products.

I was at the mall the other day and picked up a few things...

The bikini is from Garage, it was also on sale, so i thought "why not?" Even though i probably won't wear it this year because i'm very self conscience about my extra meat here and there and my spare tire. Ughh why won't it go away?! I'm also very out of shape, but absolutely no motivation to exercise due to the ultimate excuse "i'm lazy!" Does anyone have this problem???

I also bought some hand soap from Bath and Body. They were selling them for $1.38 each! I had to snatch a few! Two ladies beside me in the store had picked up 30-40 each and the shelves were almost emptied out! If i had come in any later, i probably wouldn't have been able to get any. Most of the good scents were gone already.

I also picked up the ultra sheer sunscreen from Neutrogena since everyone was talking about how good it is. I'm very iffy about neutrogena products because i think i'm allergic to it.The first face wash i used from them about 7 years back, made my skin SUPER dry and my face started peeling like crazy. After that, i stayed away from this brand. I haven't used it yet, but let's cross fingers i won't get a bad reaction from this one.