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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Luxe Box By Loose Button and Mini Haul

Luxe Box is a company were they send you 3-5 samples each month. You can choose from either of the 3 memberships they have each with different prices. The monthly membership, they will send you one Luxe box, Quarterly membership they will send you a Luxe Box for 3 months, and the yearly membership, they will send you a Luxe Box for 12 months. I have chosen the Quarterly membership just to try it out.
They give samples ranging from various companies ie. OPI, China glaze, Laura Mercier, Elizabeth grant, benefit, Estee Lauder...etc.
The best thing about this service is that you get surprised every month. And i LOVE surprises! This is similar to birchbox i originally wanted to sign up for but unfortunately they only ship to the States.

Visit if interested.

I received my June Luxe Box this month which is my very first Luxe Box, and i wanted to review it earlier but i was a bit disappointed with my box that i sort of just left it aside.

So as you can see my box had already came damaged and smushed in the mail which i was very disappointed about because i love keeping cute boxes. But i know this isn't the company's doing, but probably the post man was having a bad day.

It came with a cute card.

A cute message and the card contained descriptions of the products that are inside.

Dermalogica's Daily Exfoliant, A full size of Laura Mercier's eye color, and a sample size of K-PAK color therapy oil for you hair. Oh and a dark chocolate.

Maybe i was expecting too much but i was thinking "uhh that's it?". And then i looked at other blogger's June Luxe Box's and searched for others on Youtube and everyone else got so much more, like 5-7 items. So i was pretty disappointed. I hope next month's box will be better.

A while back, ThisIsAlx wrote a post about some new skincare stuff she tried out and bought right here, and i asked her about it and was immiedianty fascinated. I am always on the look out for new skincare products to try out because like everyone, i want nice skin!!!
So i went on Paula's Choice and emailed a representative there to ask her for advice and she had recommended me some products to try out. She even mailed me some samples that i said i wanted to try. Amazing service!

I haven't tried all the samples yet, but what i did try, i'm really liking it. If all goes well, i think i'm going to go on another online shopping spree for the full sized products.

I was at the mall the other day and picked up a few things...

The bikini is from Garage, it was also on sale, so i thought "why not?" Even though i probably won't wear it this year because i'm very self conscience about my extra meat here and there and my spare tire. Ughh why won't it go away?! I'm also very out of shape, but absolutely no motivation to exercise due to the ultimate excuse "i'm lazy!" Does anyone have this problem???

I also bought some hand soap from Bath and Body. They were selling them for $1.38 each! I had to snatch a few! Two ladies beside me in the store had picked up 30-40 each and the shelves were almost emptied out! If i had come in any later, i probably wouldn't have been able to get any. Most of the good scents were gone already.

I also picked up the ultra sheer sunscreen from Neutrogena since everyone was talking about how good it is. I'm very iffy about neutrogena products because i think i'm allergic to it.The first face wash i used from them about 7 years back, made my skin SUPER dry and my face started peeling like crazy. After that, i stayed away from this brand. I haven't used it yet, but let's cross fingers i won't get a bad reaction from this one.


  1. I actually love that chocolate! We bought a whole bag from Costco some time ago and it's delicious :) I'm not into this whole surprise thing with skin care and makeup samples so I don't usually go for these monthly things but it's fun to see what other people :) I hope you find some use for what you got this month :)

  2. omg my box got stuck in the mail box too and became a bit dented >< AND my chocolate melted yukk... i just placed it in the refrigerator lol adn when u were saying that some people got 6-7 items were u referring to mine? if yes then its because they made a mistake in my last luxe box soo they are just making it up for me =] and i think it's ur first box that's why they gave u less cuz i see a pattern with new buyers getting only 3 items>< and founding members get a bit more... but we all got a full sized laura mercier eyeshadow s2 =]

    omg im soo glad u got samples from Paula's choice i really hope it works for u like it did for me ^^ use them sparingly and it can probably last u up to almost a week (not the cleanser tho, or maybe its cuz i use too much at a time lol)...and omgg that is my favourite sunscreen!! i think it helped me alot with my healing process and my acne scars gotten lighter.. jsut make sure to use sunscreen everyday (rain or shine)..maybe test it on ur jaw line before applying it to ur entire face just in case u react to it again><..oh btwww thanks soo much for mentioning me on ur post!! u're soo sweet s2

    btw, im soo glad elf didn't charge me custom or tax this time i wonder if it was jsut a mistake or not? try purchasing elf or other brands from ebates to get cash back when u shop online!! (kinda like hautelook/beyond the rack where i get goodies if people signup under me... if u liek u can sign up thru this link it's free and if u purchase a minimum of $25 by end of aug, u get $5 back!! and u can buy at any stores as long as u go to them thru ebates =]

  3. the packaging looks so lovely! and you have to let us know how the products worked out for you :D

  4. Nice haul! I like the cute bikini. =D Aw, sorry you didn't like your Luxe Box. Hope you get a better one next month!

  5. aww i'm sorry you didn't love your luxe box.. but OHHHH! laura mercier!! i would love to open it and see laura mercier eye shadow staring back at me hahah.. you'll have to let us know about that Dermalogica's Daily Exfoliant i've been wondering if it's good or not :)

  6. Omgosh I know that chocolate! My grandma bought it once, it's so good. I hope you get better boxes in the future. But hey~ at least you got an eyeshadow! I think that's pretty cool. Such a good deal on those hand soaps! Wish I could've grabbed some myself!

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  8. Oooohh, I just might look into signing up fr free samples too! That's a big laura mercier shadow you got though. Let us know how those products turn out. I use the same sunscreen, but always alternate with Olay dna superstructure uv cream spf 25. I like the smell and how it works as a good base primer for my laura mercier oil absorbing powder compact. :)

  9. i luv luv luv the soaps from bath and body works~~~when i used to work for the same corporation i bought sooo much from them especially the lip glosses~~~i luv the bikini~~~so cute~~~i think it'll be great by the pool or to wear under a cute sundress or smth~~~


  10. you guys are so lucky! I have to pay for the samples from Paula's Choice Malaysia. I have yet to purchase anything. But it is so tempting!!!

  11. Cute bikini!

  12. oh cool!! This is probably the third luxe box I've seen this week >.<! I think I'm really missing out on this!!

    Nice blog btw! I absolutely LOVE your design with all the photos of you and everything you like :) I recognize some of the images from DeviantArt :O

    I'm your newest follower ^^

  13. I LOVE the bikini! Super cute colour and pattern!

  14. omg, i really like this.
    i want such box, hihi.
    Lovely blog.
    Xx Liefs

  15. Wow, what a great haul. I just signed up for birchbox and waiting for my box to get here. But luxe box looks great too! And paula choice?! I'm currently using some of their products and wrote a review on it. I love it. =) Great blog. New follower. Hope you follow back.


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  16. lovely laura mercier by the way...following you drop by mine too...cheryl :)

  17. OWWW this is like Birchbox, yes? : D I love that concept! AND LAURA MERCIER! D: woahhh! Looks like a lovely package! and you got yourself some nice items there : D

    Yeah, the burn is healing up well by now : D Only got the ugly wound left -__-"
    Sadly it seems that the biore stuff aint working for me either : ( booo

  18. i wanted to buy neutrogena sunscreen too! sure hope it will suit my skin!

  19. Wow your luxe box seems so much better than mines! hahaha I didn't know that they gave out different types of chocolate! The one you received in your box is one of my bf's favorites! He goes to costco and buys a huge bag of them and then just slowly munches on them one by one =P

    As for bathing suit body "problems" Im on the same boat as you! In fact Im on the hunt for a nice one-piece this summer hhaha Im way too self conscious of my body to wear a bikini! ><

    Aww that sucks that your trip got cancelled due to the radiation! but that's alright because there's a million of other places to go! Have you switched locations for the trip? haha I'd totally go with you if I could to Tokyo, Im not afraid of no radiation!!! Nothing keeps me from Tokyo Disney!!! Nothing I tell you!!!.....except my parents and bf right now hahaha