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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Parajumpers- Gobi Review

Sorry i know this is a bad time posting this review up seeing as it's so warm outside, but i got this jacket about 2 weeks ago after wanting it for so long, i finally caved.

Remember when Canada Goose was the most popular jacket out there, i wanted one but didn't get one. Then i discovered Nobis and Moose knuckles, and i thought OMG i want a moose knuckle jacket! Those pom poms are too cute!

But then this year ( i know, i am a bit out of the loop), i discovered Parajumpers, and i thought you know what, forget about the rest! I want myself a Parajumpers jacket!!!!
But the funny thing is that it wasn't the design or the brand or how warm it is that got me, it was their signature yellow strap at the back of the jacket, and the hook on the front! It's designed to supposed to look like a parachute will come out. And you know, i always dreamed of sky diving, so for now i can dream a little.

Please excuse the non matchie loose fabric sticking out, it was not a photoshoot type of day.
I was debating over whether to get the red one or the black one, but since it was their last red i felt like it had to be mine.

The hood itself can split open, so you can wear it like you have a giant furry collar, but that look doesn't look good on me since i'm such a short person, it sort of looks like the jacket is trying to swallow me whole. So i keep it zipped up.

There's all sorts of pockets everywhere on this jacket

 There's my parachute hook! It hooks on to the other side for extra warmth around the neck area, and all you have to do is pull on the yellow strap to release. Easy as pie.

There's my parachute release strap haha. This was the part that caught my eye the most =D

There's also pockets on the arms and lookie a cute little elbow patch =)

The Parajumpers logo. The previous year jackets had this badge removable, i don't know why they would do that since people can easily steal it and sell it for $30 (yup, people actually buy them). This one is sewn on, so i won't have to worry about it falling off or being torn off by someone, they also gave me an extra patch because they were so nice =)

The fur is made with Rabit fur and fox fur (or was it racoon...) it's super soft and extra warm and cuddly. Don't worry, no animals were harmed during the making, they made sure to state that in the booklet provided. All the fur trimmings as well as the buckles are all removable for easy wash.

Overall i love this Gobi jacket. It keeps me super warm and toasty. And it's a classic bomber jacket type, so i can wear it over and over and over and it will never get old.

- 90% Down
- 10% Feather
- Split hood
- water repellent (you can snowboard in this!)
- Detachable real fur trim
- Rabbit and Fox fur

I bought this jacket at JCY house after my size was sold out everywhere. 
Original price for this jacket is $998 before taxes, they sold it to me for $925 after taxes. DEAL!
My jacket is size XXS, which i was really surprised about because i thought i need an XS or a small but the sizes run pretty big, and i'm so happy they had this last one at JCY house because i know for sure that if i go to Sporting Life, they wouldn't ever carry a size XXS let alone a red one!
I was planning on buying this next year since winter is ending and it was so expensive but the sales lady was so good at what she does i gave in. I don't regret it though, $925 is a good price compared to $1127 after taxes.