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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Job, New Faces

Hi everyone,

I feel like lately i've been neglecting the blogging world. And i hate that feeling, and it's not even as if i have nothing to blog about, it's just that i've been lacking motivation  to actually put stuff up. I do actually have a list f things i want to talk about, things to show you all. Oh but the editing...the if i don't do that enough at work already. I'll be back to normal soon, i just gotta get my shiz together first!

So i've finally gotten a new job, i know i've been complaining for years, but this year i finally decided to put my game face on and get into it.

I wonder how far up i'll move up in the corporate ladder until i can finally call it quits. Some people enjoy working, be it for money or to simply be kept busy. Me? I'm lazy, i prefer to not work, if i can. Hopefully when i get married, my husband wouldn't make me work. IF ONLY!

I mean i'd love to do something i throughly enjoy, but that's not always do-able. Life like to give you loopholes like that. I have an ebay store online, but that's not always going to put food on the table. And i'd LOVE to blog FULL TIME about anything and everything, but let's face it. I'm no Xiaxue. That girl is Queen.

Anyways, i've just started my new position and i'm already feeling the blues. I've been at my past position for a very long time, and it's very hard to say goodbye to friends whom you've grown so close with that you consider as a second family. I'm so used to seeing them everyday and it feels so strange to suddenly stop.

I had a farewell dinner with them and it's too bad i wasn't able to get pictures with everyone. I'll miss you guys SO MUCH!!!!