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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Job, New Faces

Hi everyone,

I feel like lately i've been neglecting the blogging world. And i hate that feeling, and it's not even as if i have nothing to blog about, it's just that i've been lacking motivation  to actually put stuff up. I do actually have a list f things i want to talk about, things to show you all. Oh but the editing...the if i don't do that enough at work already. I'll be back to normal soon, i just gotta get my shiz together first!

So i've finally gotten a new job, i know i've been complaining for years, but this year i finally decided to put my game face on and get into it.

I wonder how far up i'll move up in the corporate ladder until i can finally call it quits. Some people enjoy working, be it for money or to simply be kept busy. Me? I'm lazy, i prefer to not work, if i can. Hopefully when i get married, my husband wouldn't make me work. IF ONLY!

I mean i'd love to do something i throughly enjoy, but that's not always do-able. Life like to give you loopholes like that. I have an ebay store online, but that's not always going to put food on the table. And i'd LOVE to blog FULL TIME about anything and everything, but let's face it. I'm no Xiaxue. That girl is Queen.

Anyways, i've just started my new position and i'm already feeling the blues. I've been at my past position for a very long time, and it's very hard to say goodbye to friends whom you've grown so close with that you consider as a second family. I'm so used to seeing them everyday and it feels so strange to suddenly stop.

I had a farewell dinner with them and it's too bad i wasn't able to get pictures with everyone. I'll miss you guys SO MUCH!!!!


  1. Hi Sandy, Don't apologize for being a little MIA. Everyone is entitled to some down time. I love your blog especially of all the different things you do in the city. Through you I get to see what's in my own back yard that I haven't yet explored in the city of Toronto. Good luck with the new job love.

  2. Congrats on getting a new job! It does hurt to say goodbye but you know you'll always be in touch if you all make an effort =) Hope you adjust soon and I would like my hubby to support me too haha but I also think that's a bit unrealistic but one can always hope! =P I hope you can find some ways to make your job more enjoyable or at least more bearable =P

  3. "I'm lazy, i prefer to not work, if i can" <-- Hell-ez yeah. Haha. Oh to marry a rich husband *__* But then again, I personally might enjoy working. I say "might" because I haven't actually worked in the corporate world yet to know if it's for me. Still trying to figure it all out, although I do know that I don't like working in the servicing world. Change is good. Maybe it'll liven up something in you :D

  4. Congrats on the new job! Some days I would love to not have to go work, but I think I would get bored without a job. Most of the time I do like going to work and getting stuff done. It feels good.

  5. aww congrats on the new job babe!! that's exciting.. i know what you mean.. i miss miss my old co-workers.. i made some of my bestest friends at my jobs!!! but you'll keep in touch with them i'm sure and make lots of new ones at your new place :)!

  6. Hi Sandy, I didn't really get a long weekend because I worked labor day Monday, and my short work week has now turned into over time week. I had a boring non eventful summer. lol. I wish it could have been more interesting than that. Did you get Domos at the EX?

  7. Hey Sandy! I still got two years of Uni left if not more =( But I'm going to make sure I enjoy every minute of it before I fly off to work for the rest of my life haha

  8. That's awesome you found a new place. I hope you share what it is you do!

  9. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  10. Congrats on the new job!! Starting something new is always exciting.

  11. Hellloooooo~

    Haha I wish I stayed positive most of the time but honestly I was a really pessimistic person before and it took a long time for me to change and actually become a positive person and you know what's the funny part? I always thought I was optimistic until I met my bf and he actually pointed out that I wasn't!

    I agree that's is really hard to keep friends close or heck even just "friends" that's why I always make sure that the person I'm giving up time and energy for is worth it =) I'm tired of being the only person calling them up or contacting them. I'm sure you're a lovely person and there are probably loads of people who want to be friends with you!

  12. Loved the pictures! It's always good to have a change at work, I usually prefer to not get stuck too much in a position for too long.

    And I am the total opposite of you, I looove to work! :D I just get bored so easily and I don't know what to do in my spare time, lol

  13. I can relate to you! I used to think that way too, and saying that to my boyfriend. But now that I'm actually married, I don't want to stop working, not yet, since I love my job and am still enjoying it, hahaha!
    I love blogging too, but to make it full time, hmmmm.... that's too much pressure, I guess. Prefer to keep it as a hobby.
    Found your blog via Suki Pooki. Please do come and visit me sometime!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  14. Congrats on your job. I can really relate to this post..hopefully something good will come out for all of us :)

  15. Good luck with your new job! Leaving an old place and going somewhere new is always bittersweet but change always makes us stronger. I can relate to what you said about the need to work. Sometimes, I wonder if the path I'm going is correct..but hey, I guess that's part of's unpredictable but if we try our best, I think that's enough. Hope everything goes well, keep in touch ! <3

    Joyce @

  16. Here I am again hahaha

    Omg did you make an actual scrapbook? It must have been expensive and time consuming! I stopped after making four pages, I felt like it drained the creativity out of me too lol I'm sure toronto has some awesome macaron places!
    Hope you're doing well and having fun at your new job!

  17. How are you Sandy? How's your long weekend going? Mine is going pretty good. I like a good break =)

  18. I understand how you feel
    actually, work can be
    such a drag and waste of
    time sometimes.

    Hopefully you feel better
    now c: and hopefully you
    enjoy your new job!


  19. Congrats on your new job, I started a new job in September too, so I know exactly what you are going/went through. Changes and starting fresh is never easy!

    I miss my old coworkers but now that I've been at my new job for a month, I've finally adjusted. It gets better! I hope you've adjusted and fitting in too! I'd love to hear how things worked out for you!

    PS YAY a Blogger from TO :)

  20. new jobs are always interesting and can be difficult to adjust. xiaxue is def the blogging queen, i still have et to find another blogger that matches her level but yea, toronto blogging community will hardly match up for so many reasons! nonetheless, i feel you hun!!