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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn Sunrise

Waking up early for work has its perks i suppose. 
Looked out my window and saw the sunrise. My room was practically glowing red.



  1. That's a beautiful view you have from your room. All I see is my backyard which isn't nearly as fun as looking out from high above.

    And thank you Sandy for the support. It definitely cheered me up so it wasn't a pathetic attempt!

  2. omgosh you have such an amazing view!! that is sooo gorgeous sandy!

  3. How beautiful and romantic! Hey it can be romantic even if you're by yourself! LOL and I totally agree with waking up early, it's like you get to see the day unravel but by like 8pm I'm totally exhausted and just want to curl up and sleep lol

    Wah! Your kawaii megu is such a high level! I hate it when my megu evolves into an ugly one -.- then I get lazy and it never evolves into a cuter one hahahaha but I was surprised that they suddenly did that whole "room" giving away thing! Nice to know they give goodies for however long you played though kekekeke what other games do you enjoy?

    We're big kids at heart which will make us forever young mwahahaha

  4. that's a beauuuuuutiful shot, too bad I don't see that in the mornings lol :(