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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cherry Blossoms

I went to the Good Food Festival And Market yesterday, it was a pity i wasn't able to take any pictures inside, mainly because we were too busy tasting anything and everything. I think we spent a good 3 hours there sampling and browsing. I've bought a few things myself, it was a start to a good Saturday. Lancome @ the bay is haveing a promotion. Spend a minimum of $34 and get 7 out of 14 samples + a make up bag free, a value of $240. And you get to pick the yourself. I couldn't resist temptation, so of course i was forced to buy something. I ended up buying Lancome's face and body sunscreen "Soleli". Only because the eye shadow primer was a bit under $34. That's okay though, people said this sunscreen is good so I'll give it a try. I ended up picking the makeup remover(this stuff is really good!), a facial cleanser, rejuvenating moisturizer, eye cream, lipstick, eyeliner, and the mascara, topped off with the pink make up bag instead of the orange one. I'm surprised that the samples were as big as they were because they used to be smaller. So that was a pleasant surprise. I'm not quite sure if i will use the facial cleanser though, I'm very picky about new face washes. I think a few of my biggest investments are on skin products. For a female, the most important feature are their skin, and having clear skin is every one's dream. I for one, do not have perfectly clear skin, and that saddens me, especially when people pick out my flaws as if i don't already know myself. I've tried so many different skin products but i still haven't found the one that i could call my own and always go back to. I've been using the Korean brand "IOPE" for about two years, and i enjoyed it very much, it worked well as expected from something so costly, however recently their products have made my skin extremely dry and blotchy with redness, and that's when i knew i had to abandon IOPE and find a better suitable product for my skin. I have recently bought from Sephora, Philosophy- Purity made simple one step cleanser. It is said to be the best and award winning of number 1 face cleanser in 2008 but so far i don't see it making any big changes, or impact. I've only used it for 2 weeks, but i will continue to use it until it's finished and give a proper review on this product. Also from Sephora, i bought a new moisturizer also from the philosophy collection. This one is called HOPE in a jar. I've heard good things about this product, but unfortunately, I'm not crazy in love with it. The texture is too thick to spread easily or evenly and that is a big turn off for me. But like the cleanser, i will continue using this until the end and give a review. I think the best product I've used so far is the H2O set that I've just finished using. If all doesn't go well, i will go back to it. I just wish one day i can have a naked face and go out proudly without the use of any makeup.

I totally went off topic...sorry...back to yesterday...

After The food show, went to High Park. It was the influence of so many pictures on facebook i saw of people going that made me want to join in with the crowd. we got lucky and found a parking spot in less than 10 minutes, we had to walk for quite some time though. Yesterday's weather was beautiful, so it made walking in the park even better. There were lots of people, as expected but i wish the cherry blossoms were more vibrant. There were still quite a lot left but i can tell that any time now they will all fall out, i wish i went a week or two earler, it would have looked so much fuller and pink-er.

We also got a chance to go to High park's mini zoo. we saw buffalo's, lots of lamb, emu's, elk's and peacocks. The peacocks were funny. One of them opened their pretty tail and the crowed went wild! Everyone was wow-ing and the peacock got a little cocky, this was until another one opened up their tail and in the end six of them opened it up and were all flaunting it like a fashion show. It was a amazing!

After that we left because it was getting cold. I spent the morning cutting up bagels into tiny tiny bits to feed ducks and birds, but was not able to locate many in the pond, so that went to waste. Maybe if i get off early one day this week, i will go to Milken park and feed the ducks there by the pond, before it expires.

We stopped at Greek town for dinner, we went to Pan on danforth. It's a nice little restaurant, a bit small but nice. Wanted to get the three course meal but we were still pretty full from the good food show. Yes, we ate THAT much! I ordered chicken and Jacky ordered his lamb shank. It was good, my chicken was a little hard though.

They also had Belly dancing during dinner. That girl was dancing in front of me, and made me kind of blushy haha. Not because I'm attracted to her lol, because that hip and shake! Whoa!

Not the best picture in the world, but you get the gist of it.

And finally, after dinner we went to Demetre's that was just down the street for desert. We ordered a banana split with mint chocolate chip ice cream, tiramisu ice cream and strawberry ice cream. I liked the mint chocolate chip ice cream the most, but the tiramisu tasted a lot more like cookie dough than anything else...we stayed there for quite some time, just chatting and eating. It was a good and eventful day, i wish i had more Saturday's off.
The DVP was closed for the day so we had to take local home. It was late and he spotted a metro on the way, we went to browse around since it opens 24hrs. My first time going into a Metro, it wasn't anything special, but i like the fact that they take air miles. I still need to go to loblaws one day and apply for a PC mastercard, i want to start collecting points!

Looking forward to more warm days!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giant grapes

Uncle gave me a bag of grapes today. They were ginormous!

Look at how big they are!

They were big, but unfortunately sour.

Random thought: I'm afraid of growing up alone, and full of regrets...


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Day

I had a nice day off yesterday, Jacky and i went dim sum upstairs in pacific mall. It was filling. Been eating out too much these past few days. The night before, i went all you can eat sushi with my co-workers after work. The place is called "Maison" it's actually really good, i think i might like it better than Yang's Kitchen. I "MIGHT". It was a really fun night, Candy and Amy were jokingly-arguing back and forth and it felt like i was watching a really good comedy show. It was good to see Sebastian and Daniel again after they moved on from the branch so long ago. Everyone was a sweetheart, nice to see the wild wides of people when they aren't at work.

So yesterday after dinner, i walked around pacific mall by myself while i was waiting for Jacky to finish his massage therapy. It was a really long day. We went to fairview after for the soul purpose of exchanging this thing that i had purchased previously, but the person that i knew wasn't there, he was working at Vaughn Mill that day instead, so Jacky drove me all the way to Vaughn Mills JUST to get that thing exchanged. It was a longggg day of traveling.

Since we were close we went to that ginormous famous players that's shaped like an alien spaceship to watch a movie. We picked "A date night". I didn't know what it was about since i completely forgot about the movie title and the trailer (if i have ever seen it), but the movie turned out to be really really good! It was really funny. I think everyone should rate this movie. I would give this movie a 3.8/5, just because I'm a hard marker and because i think there's always room for improvement.

We went to dinner at destiny. Jacky had a fried rice craving, had to go satisfy it. We both got Sesame milk tea, it was yummy. He got some sort of fried rice and i got satay beef udon noodles or something of the sort, both were good, but we couldn't finish it, it was too big.

Today i was woken up by my dad early in the morning, he said we have to go to the cemetery to "bai san", we go twice a year on a good Sunday. This this we went to say hello to "tai tai". I stabbed my finger with a burning incense while trying to stab it on the ground, and now it really stings and my wound turned white and bumpy from ashes. It's gross, i also burned a few strands of hair and a hole through my scarf. Kind of upset. It was a nice Sunday though, usually when we go it rains.

Prior to that, we went to burger king for breakfast. This is my first time eating at burger king, can you believe that? But yeah we had breakfast there, but in my case, i had brunch. The entire side of my dad's family went to the cemetery, afterward we all went dim sum at the place outside market village/ p-mall. I ate absolutely nothing, because i was still extremely full and no one told me there would be dim sum afterward. Actually i guessed it, but i didn't plan to go, but my cousin Helen made me. After dim sum, my brother an I, plus my cousin Andrew and cousin Helen all went to grab bubble tea at p-mall, and walked around. The opened up a place that sells NYX cosmetics beside JCY House. I bought a jumble white eye liner, been looking for that for ages! Happy to know where i can find NYX products now. After an hour of walking around, we all went to Andrew's new house. It was my first time going there after so long he moved in (i know...what kind of cousin am i?). I love the house, it's huge and gorgeous and modern! Right in front of the Golfing range. We sat there and talked for the longest time before my brother an i went home. Soooo nice to catch up with my cousins since i don't get to see them for so long. Cousin Wilson is getting married in May, Yayyy another wedding to attend! We are not close AT ALL, but yay!

On a side note I've been having really bad sleep lately, and i think i know why now. It's because my license is expiring soon, and i have to take my G soon. I'm really scared and i really don't want to go through with it. My heart feels like it's under so much stress because i keep worrying and thinking about it. I know i should call my driving instructor but somehow I'm unable to pick up the phone and dial. I'm so worried lately that i even dream about it and i can't seem to concentrate. I don't like driving and i don't see myself driving a lot. i completely forgotten how to back in park or parallel park or any of the other mumble jumbles. I really just don't want to go through with it at all, and i think I'm really really scared. And this bothers me a lot.

I just remembered i have to help my grandmother update her passport and fill out her application sheet. Until next time, Bye!


I just want to close my eyes

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday= Shopping Eve

Late update! Sorry!
This week has been extremely busy, my hours are blowing up and it feels like i have no life :( At least i get this Saturday off...finally! I'm at work right now on my too-long-to-be-good lunch break. It's snowing outside right now, can you believe it?

Hmm, last Saturday after work, my boyfriend took me shopping! The best way to release stress! Not exactly healthy but it works! We went to the International Center at Mississauga, they were having a designer shoes event.
Thanks Jacky for buying me two pairs of Franco Sarto shoes! Love them so much. Great for summer <3

Afterward, we went to Vaughn Mills. It seems like every time we go to Vaughn Mills, it rains! Just like it did this time...
I bought myself some nail polish. I got two colors (spring colors!) by China Glaze and three other ones by Art Deco. They are the type with really thin and long brushes so you can put designs on your nails. I've been playing with them recently. Can't seem to control my left hand from shaking though.

We also had Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Love LOVEEE Ben and Jerry's. What did we order...we got a scoop of strawberry cheesecake and crazy monkey! Crazy monkey is banana ice cream with big chocolate chip chunks. Sounds kinda of gross but it was actually quite yummy. I love their names, need to try them all! Why are all the good things so far away?

Doing too much online shopping again, i have recently been shopping at It's all Asian stuff, from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Mostly cosmetics and accessories. Yes, it's a dream come true on that site. I wish i was in the US though, shipping is only $6.00 whereas for Canada it's $19.00! Where's the fairness in that?? There is none! So yes, I'm just about to check out of my shopping cart, just waiting for one more item to be in stock again. They ran out of stock on that same say i wanted to check out, i was a step too late. If anyone ever shopped there before, let me know! i bought a lot of funky cool stuff, will definitely show you all once my package has arrived.

What else is new...The Canadian Dollar is doing very well lately. I've been constantly buying US dollars, transferring from accounts. I wish i had more spare cash to spend for investment purposes, but that will have to wait until next year probably.

Thinking of making another YouTube video, what should i do this time. I don't have any creative ideas, so I'm thinking of perhaps doing a "My History-TAG" yeah another tag. It's easy to just plainly answer questions, rather than talk about something specific, I'm too nervous in front of the camera.

That's all for now, See you tomorrow!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

Today is April Fool's day. I don't think I've gotten fooled, or fooled anyone in a long time. Probably since high school, i remember teachers always had the same pranks, and so obvious that it's not even worth doing. For example, SURPRISE POP QUIZ! However, the quiz always consist of a paragraph that starts with "Make sure you read all the questions all the way to the last one before attempting to start the questions". The impatient people (like me) usually falls for it, the ones that actually listens don't get fooled because the last question is always "Do not answer any questions, and bring this paper back up to my desk. PS- April fools!"

Lame, but a fun way to waste 15 minutes of class time =)

Well i had a long day of work today, i didn't manage to think of any pranks. My mom made me a hard boiled egg this morning and put it on the table for me to eat when i wake up. I didn't have the stomach to eat it so this is what i did to it:

Yup...i drew a face on it and put it in the fridge, hoping to scare someone when they opened it....Don't think it worked very well.

Did anyone do anything interesting?

Work was so busy today, non stop literally. It was so busy that i had to split my break into two, and all 9 wickets were completely full. very very tired. By the time it got to 6:30, i was so tired, i though i was going to pass out. My back was aching, my head was pounding, my crampies were...cramping(?) and i just felt like hiding in the washroom and collapse. Thank God i was scheduled to 8 on the dot. When 8pm came, i just closed my wicket and ran out. I didn't even help with the closing, i was too drained. I collapsed in the car and didn't want to move. Oh dreadful day, all because tomorrow is a holiday. I fear Saturday and Monday will just be as bad.

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I wonder what's open?