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Monday, March 28, 2011

Warning: Venting ahead...

I'm feeling rather down. That feeling where you are pushed into a corner and you don't know which direction to go or what to do or where to go. It's suffocating. It's a big world out there and i'm at a stand still. It seems everyone is living their life to the fullest, and here i am not knowing what to do with my life, not enjoying it and feeling miserable about it.
What i really need is a vacation. Away from all this stress i feel. I mean, when's the last time i went on a vacation...2 years ago on a 8 day cruise to the Bahamas.
Eight days, i mean can you even call that a full vacation? Eight days in two years! FML!
I feel like all i'm doing is work work work work work! Family went on two trips without me last year all because i couldn't book off. This Summer? Nothing planned! Nothing! Am i the only one whose wasting all this lovely warm weather that is to come?
Why don't i go with friends? Hey, if i still had friends that i was really close with, why not! And even if i can gather a few now, they don't have the time.
Boyfriend? is busy.
Go myself? Well i guess that's the only option isn't it? What's a good place i can go that i can enjoy myself? Where do i even start?
I'm sorry for all that read my blog. I just feel really stressed to the point where i can just burst out in tears. 3 hours of sleep the night before didn't help much too.

What do YOU do when you're stressed?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Treatment Gel

A few of my friends have been raving about this particular product and since the infamous "Mario Badescu: Drying Lotion" wasn't working for me, i thought i'd give it a try also.
I never really liked using Clinique products before since they didn't work for me, but i was desprid and was willing to try just about anything. I usually get acne here and there when i'm stressed and especially when it's that time of the month. Hate them, ruins my week, destroys my plan of trying to go out with a naked face.
But this stuff works pretty nicely i have to say. I mean, it's not instant but it does have results. It's basically salicylic acid. It's a gel form that you just apply over your pimple and can touch up anytime of the day. I noticed it dries my acne up a lot faster and shrinks it, and it you detect a pimple coming and put some on at night, the next morning, it's not there anymore. But that only works for small ones, if you get a bigger one, it takes more than a one time application. But to me, it did make a difference, not the best thing, but at least it did something.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New glasses

I have finally bought a new pair of glasses since last year. Since i had some benefits left to use up, i decided to go for a pair of Gucci glasses. Usually i buy the giant fly eyes type, but these frame less ones sort of look better on me.

Love the gold box


pretty side
This is what it looks like on =p

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Thank you Aki! also known as 7% Solution for awarding me the "Stylish Blogger Award". Though i am in no way stylish at all =p

But it seems like the rules have changed. 

To accept the award, you must follow these rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

7 more things about myself:

  1. Currently having bad cramps
  2. Slight obsession with BB Creams
  3. Wants to try High Tea-ing
  4. Loves white chocolate
  5. Love horror movies
  6. Still in need of a vacation
  7. Likes grocery shopping

Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers:

  1. SparklyPlayground
  2. What's in my life and my makeup bag
  5. Kimchiworld!
  6. Simichiko
  7. cocobella ballerina
  8. crystal luvs
  9. Fannie D
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  11. lovefemme
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  13. Rainy days and lattes
  14. s.u.n.n.i.e
  15. nancakes

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BB Cream Review

So i have finally hopped onto the BB Cream bandwagon. I know, what the heck took so long right? Jeeez, why didn't i start using these before, i'm totally in love with them!
After reading numerous reviews and watching plenty of youtube videos, i finally decided on four BB creams that i wanted to try out. Originally i was really into the BB Cream thing when i heard about the whitening effects. I mean, i have a lot of acne scars that are taking way too long to disappear. I mean there is nothing good about foundation besides to enhance beauty and cover up your flaws, but the whitening effects in BB cream can help you slowly diminished the hyper pigmentation in your face and eventually lighten up your scars and enhance your skin with its nutrients. Don't forget it also has UV protection and anti-wrinkle properties. What kind of girl wouldn't like that?
Let's just say, after i have tried BB Cream, i will never go back to foundation again.

L'egere, Lioele, Missha, and Skin79

I've been using these for a while now and decided to give you a review for each one. But first off, i want to say i usually apply my foundation with a sponge, but with BB cream, i think the best way to apply it is to just use your fingers and apply it as you would a moisturizer. It evens out very nicely that way and you can get in between the contours of your face better.


I see a lot of people rave about this particular BB cream, but it's sad to say that it really doesn't do much for me. i never had to blot my face daily before, but when i have this BB cream on, later in the day, my face gets so oily and i turn into an oil bomb and i just have to blot my face. I don't really like the coverage on this either, to me it's light to medium coverage, but of course it's build-able. The texture is a little thick, but is still easy to apply. Only one color to this BB cream, and when you first squeeze it out, it looks a very dark color, but don't worry, once you apply it, it changes to your skin color, and after it oxidizes, it actually looks very natural.

-Sun protection (but doesn't state how much SPF it has)
- up to 24 hours of coverage
- Whitening properties
- Moisturizing

- Makes me oily :(
- Comes in a squeeze bottle (i personally just like pumps)
- One shade only


This was the first BB cream i ever tried and it is my favorite so far, my heart always have a soft spot for it no matter how many different kinds i'll try. Also, the packaging is so lovely!
The texture of this BB cream is pretty thick, but you only need a little to cover your whole face. Just half a pump will do for me. It apply very smoothly but it's a little on the pale side for me, although after it oxidizes, it does look very natural. My face looks more radiant and healthy when i have it on. The coverage is medium to full, so i love it! It also has a matte finnish, however it does give you a dewy effect after hours of wearing it, but nothing like an oily face. It's very moisturizing and have SPF in it. It will give you a white cast in photos though.

- pump
- good coverage
-SPF 30
-Whitening properties
- anti wrinkle

- a little pale
- makes you look very white in flash photography
-One shade only


Before i started using BB cream, when i see the name "Missha", i will automatically think of BB cream.
The good thing about Missha is that they come in several shades. I got mine in a shade No. 23 because people say that is natural beige, and when i buy foundation, i usually buy them in natural beige. The texture is very smooth, it's not thick but not very runny either. The coverage is from medium to full coverage which is very good, i only use a little over half a pump for my whole face. A little goes a long way. It has a bit of a grey cast but nothing too severe. After it oxidizes, it looks very natural. I like this one a lot too but i think i also want to try shade NO. 21

- Pump
- SPF 42 PA+++
- Anti wrinkle
- Whitening properties
-Comes in more than one shade

-Grey cast


Look at how cute the packaging is! I like this one a lot too. It's very smooth but like most BB cream, it only comes in one shade. But i'm happy with this shade, it matches my skin tone quite nicely actually. The texture is very smooth making it very easy to spread on your face and the coverage is also medium to full. One pump gives a lot so half a pump is enough to cover my entire face. This also have a slight grey cast but nothing too outrageous. It gives off a dewy finish and your face will have a healthy glow. If you are an oily person, you may need to blot during the day but i found no problem with that so far.

- Pump
- SPF 25 PA++
- Whitening properties
- Anti wrinkles
- Moisturizing

- Only one shade
- Slight grey cast

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cleaning up the closet

Decided to clean out the closet and throw away some old clothes. Well actually donate them to the salvation army. Even after 46 pieces of clothing that i had gotten rid of, the closet still seems very tight. I have so much clothes that i know i don't wear anymore, and yet some piece i really can't say goodbye to. Even with the ones i had gotten rid of were hard to say goodbye, mainly because some is either i have only worn them once or twice, or some not even once and still has the tag on them. I know i'm terrible, especially when it comes to clothes. I splurge like crazy...can you imagine how much money i wasted?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

OPI- Black Shatter

Finally got my hands on this thing! Been waiting for so long and it was always sold out everywhere. There were only two left in this one store and i quickly snatched it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yesterday was me and my boyfriend's two year anniversary, seems like time is just flying by. Wow, has it been two years already? Where did all the time go?

After i got off work yesterday, he drove us downtown to Harbour Front. There is a nice skating rink at the Waterfront with a beautiful view of the lake and good music playing. We went to get rentals and he was determined to teach me how to skate. I know what you guys are thinking..."OMG you can't skate??"
It's trueeeeee, i never learned, and somehow i'm terrified! I was more terrified to try skating more than when i tried snowboarding the first time.

This is me refusing to let go of the pole and go on the ice

Okay, i'm on the what?
I pretty much got the hang of it after 2.5 hours of skating. I still suck so badly though, i think it's a sense of insecurity, i'm unable to let go of the bf's hand even though i'm pretty much doing it on my own. I think i am at least hahaha. It was good, will try again and not whine about it =P

After such exhausting activity (for me), we returned our rentals and walked around the harbor. it was beautiful, but unfortunately a bit too cold and windy, especially when it was getting later in the day. There were supposed to be some kind of light festival at the harbour yesterday where the ships light up and stuff but we only saw one, and it was getting too cold to stay outside (also we were starving), so we drove back uptown and had all-you-can-eat-sushi at Yang's kitchen. We ate A LOT, but it was so yums^^ Too bad i forgot to take pictures :( Was too hungry to care at that moment, lol.

Excuse the quality, camera died, had to use ipod touch

The boyfriend was very sweet to me this year. He got me a Tiffany & Co. ring for a present. Thank you! I'd show you all what I've got him...but it's still in transit. Boo.....

I just love their packaging!

Jeeez i have the ugliest hands!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kleenex comes in handy

I just finished watching a TVB drama called 巾幗梟雄之義海豪情 (No Regrets), it was so sad! Almost every episode made me cry. But i love the story and i can really feel the emotions and sadness that world war 2 had caused. You see i don't usually like to watch sad dramas especially when it talks about war but this drama got so many good ratings i just had to.

The bf had sent me a box of tissues and it arrived just in time for me to use them all up for this show LOL.

Cute tiny pack of tissues!