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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yesterday was me and my boyfriend's two year anniversary, seems like time is just flying by. Wow, has it been two years already? Where did all the time go?

After i got off work yesterday, he drove us downtown to Harbour Front. There is a nice skating rink at the Waterfront with a beautiful view of the lake and good music playing. We went to get rentals and he was determined to teach me how to skate. I know what you guys are thinking..."OMG you can't skate??"
It's trueeeeee, i never learned, and somehow i'm terrified! I was more terrified to try skating more than when i tried snowboarding the first time.

This is me refusing to let go of the pole and go on the ice

Okay, i'm on the what?
I pretty much got the hang of it after 2.5 hours of skating. I still suck so badly though, i think it's a sense of insecurity, i'm unable to let go of the bf's hand even though i'm pretty much doing it on my own. I think i am at least hahaha. It was good, will try again and not whine about it =P

After such exhausting activity (for me), we returned our rentals and walked around the harbor. it was beautiful, but unfortunately a bit too cold and windy, especially when it was getting later in the day. There were supposed to be some kind of light festival at the harbour yesterday where the ships light up and stuff but we only saw one, and it was getting too cold to stay outside (also we were starving), so we drove back uptown and had all-you-can-eat-sushi at Yang's kitchen. We ate A LOT, but it was so yums^^ Too bad i forgot to take pictures :( Was too hungry to care at that moment, lol.

Excuse the quality, camera died, had to use ipod touch

The boyfriend was very sweet to me this year. He got me a Tiffany & Co. ring for a present. Thank you! I'd show you all what I've got him...but it's still in transit. Boo.....

I just love their packaging!

Jeeez i have the ugliest hands!


  1. Don't feel bad, I can't skate either! Ahahaha! So sweet of your bf getting you the ring! It looks really nice.

  2. Happy Anniversary to both of you!! I love the ring that he got you from Tiffany! Just stunning!

  3. congrats on your 2 year anni :) you and your bf are so cute together!!! hehehe.. and what a good boyfriend the tiff & co. ring is so pretty!

  4. congrats! i like ice skating..quite romantic

  5. Happy Anniversary dear to you and your BF!

    Aww very nice ring he got you and so sweet he was determined to teach you to skate. I love your outfit as well, you look very warm and cozy!

  6. Thanks everyone! Anymore compliments to the bf, he's going to start blushing hahaha

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both!! Looks like you guys had a fun day :) I learned to skate when I was really young and unfortunately I've forgotten how to skate already... and apparently, I've forgotten how to swim either... fml, how is that even possible -_-

    That's a beautiful ring he got you!! Sooo pretty and unique looking :)

  8. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a great time. So sweet of him to get you the ring but even sweeter to teach you skating. =] Skating at harbour front is one of my past times but I haven't been at all this year. Glad you got the hang of it!

  9. You are so pretty! That ring is amazing!!my boyfriend should take a hint from yours! :] lol

  10. I want to try ice skating! Seems like fun! I love the ring!! and ur bf looked like you had a good time :)Congrats on your 2 yrs.

  11. ♥Love your ring♥

  12. awww! happy anni. This ring is so suiting.

  13. The ring is lovely! Your bf is really sweet to have thought of such a nice gift! Looks like you two had a great anniversary!

    P.s don't worry I can't skate either...welll... I can glide on the ice but I can only use one leg to imagine one of my legs stuck on the ice while the other pushes...yeah hahaha