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Thursday, March 10, 2011

OPI- Black Shatter

Finally got my hands on this thing! Been waiting for so long and it was always sold out everywhere. There were only two left in this one store and i quickly snatched it!


  1. Did you change your background? Something looks different...

    I am so tempted to get this but I just don't think I will like the look. I've seen plenty of swatches and it looks the most interesting over glitter I think.

  2. i changed the background pink fannie dear! ooo i know what you mean...i tried it over a pink coral color and it look pretty bad. i think i'm going to try a white base next.

  3. Glad you got it, do you like it overall? I think I bought it for the hype, crackle polish is just not my thing I think.

  4. che- yeah i got it cuz everyone was talking about it, and so i wanted one too. Now that i've tried it a few times, i sdon't really like it, from afar it actually kinda looks messy or dirty