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Monday, March 28, 2011

Warning: Venting ahead...

I'm feeling rather down. That feeling where you are pushed into a corner and you don't know which direction to go or what to do or where to go. It's suffocating. It's a big world out there and i'm at a stand still. It seems everyone is living their life to the fullest, and here i am not knowing what to do with my life, not enjoying it and feeling miserable about it.
What i really need is a vacation. Away from all this stress i feel. I mean, when's the last time i went on a vacation...2 years ago on a 8 day cruise to the Bahamas.
Eight days, i mean can you even call that a full vacation? Eight days in two years! FML!
I feel like all i'm doing is work work work work work! Family went on two trips without me last year all because i couldn't book off. This Summer? Nothing planned! Nothing! Am i the only one whose wasting all this lovely warm weather that is to come?
Why don't i go with friends? Hey, if i still had friends that i was really close with, why not! And even if i can gather a few now, they don't have the time.
Boyfriend? is busy.
Go myself? Well i guess that's the only option isn't it? What's a good place i can go that i can enjoy myself? Where do i even start?
I'm sorry for all that read my blog. I just feel really stressed to the point where i can just burst out in tears. 3 hours of sleep the night before didn't help much too.

What do YOU do when you're stressed?


  1. I eat when I'm stressed LOL! But I know what you mean, trust me, I haven't had a vacation in years! The past two summers I took summer school and catch up and to get ahead. This summer I just want a full-time job so time can get by. Knowing me, I'll be complaining about having nothing to do only 2 weeks into my 4 months long summer lol.

    Maybe you can start a hobby? play a sport? scout for places in the city where other people have blogged about and you really wanted to visit when you read about them? =)

  2. When Im stressed I do a lot of things! Bitch to people, eat, cry, watch ,movies or worse, I go retail therapy crazy!!!

    Though I can't say that I know exactly how you feel because ppl are different I also found myself in a similar situation that you're in now too. All my friends were doing some great stuff in school ( sciences, criminology, politics etc.) and I had NO idea what to do and I was 2yrs into Uni already. Though I found what my passion is now, I look back at the time where I felt so lost and isolated because of that.

    I think taking time off for yourself is important! Maybe go back into a hobby you once left or try to find new and exciting things in your city to explore =) I also think vacationing buy yourself isn't that bad either! Think, no one to bother you and your don't have to comply to anyone! I might not recommend a cruise though LOL maybe somewhere totally exciting and exotic!

    P.s don't worry about the vent, that's what blogs are for right? =D

  3. I believe it's very very important to take time off and pamper yourself! And you should really try to get back with your old friends. It is extremely important to keep friends close, you just never know when you will need them for chit chat or anything at all. I once was like you... busy with my own life and have drifted away from my friends. It is only then that I realized how much I needed them...

    I think you should go for a nice spa and manicure day with a close friend or even bf for a day! Hope you will feel better soon and find yourself once again!!

  4. I feel your pain, girly! I'm finally going on a real vacation for the first time in like 3 years!! I feel like all I do is live to work. :( It can feel over whelming at times and pointless, but it gets better.

    My friends are always too busy for me, and my boyfriend seems to have to pull teeth just to get certain days off.

    What I used to do is I would take acouple days to myself. I would just blog, get my nails done, get a new hair do, then stuff my face with sushi. hahaha. After that then I would go out with some friends and hit the mall. When the weekend rolled around then my boyfriend and I would stay at a nice resort just for a couple days and swim they day away. After all that it would seem like a nice mini vacation and would hold me over until a real one would roll around. :)

  5. Thank you everyone, youa re all soooooooo sweet!

  6. Ahaa the 'stress reduction kit' made me lol a lot.
    When im stress I eat on junk, espesh ice cream or watch chick flicks

  7. omg i so know what you mean.. i just yelled at my husband for 30 min.. i'm SOOOO effin' pissed and annoyed.. and it wasn't even his fault it was mine technically hahaha.. when i saw the picture i seriously wanted to bang my head on my laptop in the circle..

    but to answer your question.. i yell.. and i eat.. bad isn't it?? hahah

  8. i feel your pain hun~~~i think now and days alot of people are stressed out about alot of thing, and hey, if you feel like u need a vacation to get away from it all, do it, booking off the closest date that u can get and just get away from it all...when u r back im sure u'll feel much better, and in the mean time, dont over stress yourself, and maybe go for a kickboxing session to vent your frustration there~~~

  9. I've yet to go somewhere by myself but if I did I've love to go somewhere where I can take my time and absorb everything, you might not be able to do that when you go with a group! I'd personally do on tour to Europe, a tour because everything is taken care of and Europe, well it's obvious why! lol Or I'd just do something fun like NYC, so I can enjoy all the museums there without feeling "rushed" and pressured to leave in case my friends aren't enjoying it!

    Hows life treating you so far though? Still want to bang your head? I hope not!

  10. My stress relief .. find Sandy and steal a hug :< and i really need a hug right now

  11. I'm sorry you feel so stressed... I know it's one thing to work and be good at what you do, but it gets really overwhelming if you don't take a break. When I am stressed, I usually like to vent and write down things in writing, or go stroll around artsy stores and try to see something different from what you see everything. Anything creative will work. Good luck and I hope you feel better. Maybe a night in town with the BF? Something to liven what you feel now.

  12. Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday Sweetie! I had and still having a great time! I still have a supper with my bf this sat =D My bf got me sooo many different pieces of cake yesterday. I had black forest, creme brulee, strawberry cheese cake and tiramisu! ^^ I'm soooo getting fat... lol pictures to come on my blog ^^

  13. : / I'm so sorry that your life is all f'cked lately. I know how you feel about friends and all, though. Sadly I pushed mine away myself - so can't really blame work. -sigh- I hope things get better for you soon <3

    Thanks for your comment btw! : D It's so sweet of you! I'm glad you like the layout and photos.. Haha, I try ; D <3

  14. Hey just catching up on posts! I know this might be super late but hey doesn't hurt to comment anyway right?

    I totally feel you when you say that it seems like everyone is living their life to the fullest. Kinda feels like your life is at a stand still right? When I get stressed I just always try to think positively. There are many things in everyone's lives that are going so great that they forget to appreciate that it's even there. And comparing yourself will always never fail to make you feel down.

    Wow seems like me and you have some things in common. I don't have too many close friends either. Everyone is busy these days. But what I've learned is not to dissect and analyze your friendships like that. Friends won't question how long since you've last seen each other. When you meet it should be like you or they never left ^^