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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Face Routine

Morning routine

I've been using a lot of Asian brands lately since i wanted to change up what i normally use. I bought a bunch of stuff from, but i'm still forever on a lookout for good face products.

I've been using the Sewame: Perfect firming and Whitening Cleanser

I really like the Sewame paper masks that I've tried so i wanted to try their cleanser too. Of course i didn't believe for one second that the "face firming" feature will actually work, but i mainly bought it for the whitening properties. I haven't seen a huge difference but i guess my face does seem brighter after i rinse off the cleanser.

I also use the Shiseido perfect liquid and Shiseido perfect whip

I use the perfect liquid first, which is basically a cleansing oil. I massage my face with it on dry skin and then when i add water, it turns into a milky lather. And just to be a clean freak, i always use the perfect whip right after the oil. It's a thick cream cleanser, i just put some onto my hands, and slowly foam it up by adding water and massage my face with it. I like it so far, but originally i had wanted to try Shiseido's perfect oil and perfect milk (which is basically the same thing, but newer) but they had run out so i opted for these two instead.

So after i'm done washing my face, i apply the tea tree toner from the body shop (sorry forgot to take a picture of my toners).

After doing so, i moisturize my face with SANA nameraka Honpo Essence 

This stuff is really runny, but moisturizes my face pretty well. It does not absorb fast enough for my liking, so i have to wait before apply makeup and if i apply too much, i may become oily. I blame it on this...But i do get dry patches sometimes and this really helped with those.

Night routine

So when it comes time to take off the war paint at the end of the day, as i have already mentioned before, i use my all time favorite makeup remover: MANDOM: cleansing express moist/sebum

Sorry for reusing this picture, didn't take a new one
After that, i wash my face with Ole Henriksen Aloe vera deep cleanser

I'm running out
This stuff is gooey and oozy and very very runny but it does clean well and is soothing. I use this cleanser with my clarisonic. I use my clarisonic once everyday. It helps it foam up and create lather.

On the days where i don't wear makeup, i use the LANEIGE multi cleanser with the clarisonic.

A lady gave me a small sample of this at the store and when i tried it i really liked it, so i bought a full size one from It's a creamy cleanser where you just lather it on your hands and apply all of your face with your hands. I kind of strips the moisture off my face though, my skin feels a little tight afterwards. Which means it's a good idea to apply moisturizer right after using this cleanser.

After cleansing my face, i apply the seaweed toner from the body shop (sorry, forgot to take a picture). And after that, i apply the H2O Sea results overnight perfecting peel

theres a scratch down the center :(
This stuff is supposed to help with acne and perfecting skin tone and everything over night. I like it so far but i just really hate the smell. It has a strong smell of alcohol, but you can't smell it after its been applied.

After that, i use Skinfood's tea tree essence

I've heard so many good things about skinfood and once i saw that they had a tea tree line, i just had to try it. I love tea tree especially because it's good for troubled skin. I can't really tell if it had helped my skin, but i know it's very moisturizing. it's in pump form and two pumps covers my face and neck.


Once or twice a week i will pamper my skin by giving it a mask. I use a lot of paper masks too and i have so many different kinds, but i'm sorry i have also forgot to take a picture of those as well. Some non paper masks that i use are:

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Everyone raves about how amazing this stuff is, an i just had to try for myself as well. I was so frustrated because i couldn't find it anywhere in Toronto (if anyone knows please tell me!), so i had to as a friend in New York to help me get one. I really do like it actually, it dries in around 30 minutes and it's a mint green color, making you look like the wicked witch from Dorothy and the yellow brick road movie. It helps dries up pimples just like it says, but only the small ones though. Because there's mint, it makes your face feeling sll tingly and refreshed, love that.

Mary Kay: Revitalizing mask 

Had this for a while now, but i like it. It's also a green mud mask that dries. It has small micro beads that helps massage your skin when applying and it can also be used as a scrub when mixed with water. I've never used it that way before though, I've always used it like a mud mask.

Boscia: Luminizing black mask

I got this because it was so raved about and had really good reviews on sephora so i just had to get my hands on one. This stuff is really black and i find it really messy. It's supposed to dry completely and you can just peel the whole thing off. It's like a giant nose pore strip for your face. It didn't work that way for me though, it took me nearly 30 minutes just to try peeling everything off and it got into my finger nails and all for the small patches that didn't dry completely yet. The trick is to apply a really thick layer so it will be easier to peel off. I like how when you peel it off you can actually see your black heads/white heads and dirt that was on your face but the whole thing is just too time consuming and messy. I've only used this twice and not very willing to use it a third time.

O'slee- Soybean milk whitening BB mask

This is a fun product. It comes out like shaving cream, very whippy and you just have to leave it on your face for 3 minutes before washing it off. Very quick and easy. It has a slight sting when i put it on but i guess that means it's working. The first time i tried it, my skin was stinging for the entire 3 minutes and after i washed it off my face was red. I was so scared i was allergic to it. But then i tried it a few more times and the stinging got less and my face is a nice healthy pink afterwards.


  1. oh oh oh oh oh sandy!! thanks for this great detailed review of all your skin care products.. i'm always on the hunt for new and better skin care products to use.. but i'm always at a loss when i get to the department stores or drugstores.. i feel so overwhelmed.. i'll start with the things on your list hehehe.

  2. Thanks for sharing your routine! Oh yes, Sewame! I haven't tried their cleanser but theirs were the first sheet masks I ever used. Cheap and effective. :)

    (Thanks for following!)

  3. Thanks for sharing your routine with us! Im also currently using the Shiseido foam cleanser but it's just to hold me out until I find something I really like and want, Im currently eyeing the dior snow line or just the dior line for combination skin =D have you tried it before? Wow an entire peel for your face? It sounds painful LOL I tried doing the one for my nose and it hurt so much I refused to do it again, not that much came out anythings =(

    Im really interested in the h20 peel! How does it work? Do you just apply it and then go to sleep? (newb with this LOL)

    Hope that you get to go afternoon tea soon!

  4. this is such a wonderful post. im addicted to beauty products and have wanted to try some asian brands but there aren't as many reviews on them. thanks for sharing! have you tried asian face sheet masks? any faves? xx

  5. Thanks! And ooh, those wall stickers sound fab! So they don't leave any marks or anything when you peel 'em off your wall?

  6. Hey sandy! Sadly I haven't been able to locate the dior face wash I want yet lol so I might have to go repurchase my Shiseido one to always keep as back up =D

    I've used the Shiseido pureness line for as long as I remember and I really like it, mainly because I have oil/combination skin. The moisturizer I use is gel consistency but it can get a bit drying in the winter since my cheeks are on the dryer side. But it's a nice line and for me, something on the "Safer" side lol

    awww hope you get your afternoon tea fix soon!

  7. Wow, this is a great detailed review. I never really see these products out in stores, I would totally buy the first one if it firmed and made my face more tan. hehehe

    Nice post
    Following you now.

  8. wow... love ur reviews :) i love asian skincare too, it seems to suit my skin more than western skincare products. i love queen helene mint julep mask :D there's so many skincare products out there, i always don't know which one to try first XD haha love ur blog


  9. I was looking up container store toronto (thinking we have them) and ended up on your site somehow. As a beauty product hoarder, it was nice to see your beauty pics. Wanted to let you know you can get queen julep mask at tutti frutti in kensington market.I get mine from NYC and then saw it there the other day.