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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New glasses

I have finally bought a new pair of glasses since last year. Since i had some benefits left to use up, i decided to go for a pair of Gucci glasses. Usually i buy the giant fly eyes type, but these frame less ones sort of look better on me.

Love the gold box


pretty side
This is what it looks like on =p


  1. Hello! :0 I really like your blog it's very lovely. The glasses are gorgeous and to be honest I acutally have a Stitch doll from the Winter edition just like Pooh Bear:)

  2. Love those sunglasses! I was actually hoping to see them on you and not on Pooh... lol =p

  3. Oh lala fancy new sunnies :) I always forget to bring mines with me most of the time.

  4. ohh girl the glasses are gorgeous.. i love the light tortouise shell sides!!!

  5. Awesome glasses! Okay confession, I don't own a single pair of sunglasses! Not any from the drugstore and none from any brands, nada! hahaha yeah I know T_T I think it's because I always have a hard time shopping for glasses, either normal ones or shades, my face is too tiny and I not saying that to "show off" but anything ig like shades look ridiculous on my face, I've yet to fin a pair that looks good, not to mention.....they are pricey! lol when Im really desperate I just grab my bf's pair since they're unisex =P hurray for bf!

  6. I put my sunglasses on my bears too!

    I've always been wary of the ones that fade out. I like the bug eye ones. But the sides on these are lovely!

  7. Nicee glasses!! So pretty. :) Haha cute teddy bear too <33