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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

Today is April Fool's day. I don't think I've gotten fooled, or fooled anyone in a long time. Probably since high school, i remember teachers always had the same pranks, and so obvious that it's not even worth doing. For example, SURPRISE POP QUIZ! However, the quiz always consist of a paragraph that starts with "Make sure you read all the questions all the way to the last one before attempting to start the questions". The impatient people (like me) usually falls for it, the ones that actually listens don't get fooled because the last question is always "Do not answer any questions, and bring this paper back up to my desk. PS- April fools!"

Lame, but a fun way to waste 15 minutes of class time =)

Well i had a long day of work today, i didn't manage to think of any pranks. My mom made me a hard boiled egg this morning and put it on the table for me to eat when i wake up. I didn't have the stomach to eat it so this is what i did to it:

Yup...i drew a face on it and put it in the fridge, hoping to scare someone when they opened it....Don't think it worked very well.

Did anyone do anything interesting?

Work was so busy today, non stop literally. It was so busy that i had to split my break into two, and all 9 wickets were completely full. very very tired. By the time it got to 6:30, i was so tired, i though i was going to pass out. My back was aching, my head was pounding, my crampies were...cramping(?) and i just felt like hiding in the washroom and collapse. Thank God i was scheduled to 8 on the dot. When 8pm came, i just closed my wicket and ran out. I didn't even help with the closing, i was too drained. I collapsed in the car and didn't want to move. Oh dreadful day, all because tomorrow is a holiday. I fear Saturday and Monday will just be as bad.

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow. I wonder what's open?

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