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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Summer's-a kicking

It's summer! I feel it, it's vacation time! I'm especially itching to go on vacation now, after my brother and Christy had come back from Punta Cana, the pictures look fantastic!
I feel like i have too much time on my hands on my days off, such as today. I know i should be catching up on my dramas, but instead, i find myself researching about random things online. And then when it comes to the end of the day i feel like i wasted the day, so i think "darn! i should have watched some dramas!". I'm also procrastinating on cleaning my turtle tank. My three not-so-little-anymore critters are getting bigger and bigger! I think I'll need to buy a new tank soon, it's getting too tight in there.
I think Victoria is back from China, welcome back! Everyone is either just coming back or starting to go. My co-worker just came back from Hong Kong. Thanks for the lovely souvenirs Amy! <3
Fion has left for Hong Kong, and i had some nice conversations with some of my customers. I was talking to this retired man that loves to talk to us younger girls at the branch. And i was genuinely curious so i asked him "What do you do when you retire? Golf?" He said nooo, takes too much energy to chase a ball around. Not so surprisingly, all they do is play stocks, play mah Jong, and go on vacation. He's going to Hawaii this summer, sounds nice. I want to retire too!
And another customer i know, who is a rich lady and lovessss to talk about her life, she's going to Egypt in May. It's a dessert there lady! You'll burn and dehydrate! But then again i always wanted to go to Egypt too back when i had a huge obsession with Egyptian artifacts and history.

I made my first very lame TAG video on youtube, hopefully soon i will get more random ideas to post more videos up. Please support me on Youtube!


  1. Wow!!! Nice Blog space!!! And nice banner!!! The banner is really nice! What souvenirs did you get?? OH I realized you have a wish list too AND a mp3 player hahaha! Can you add a TV for me too? haha

  2. hahaah i have to learn my HTML's again!