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Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday= Shopping Eve

Late update! Sorry!
This week has been extremely busy, my hours are blowing up and it feels like i have no life :( At least i get this Saturday off...finally! I'm at work right now on my too-long-to-be-good lunch break. It's snowing outside right now, can you believe it?

Hmm, last Saturday after work, my boyfriend took me shopping! The best way to release stress! Not exactly healthy but it works! We went to the International Center at Mississauga, they were having a designer shoes event.
Thanks Jacky for buying me two pairs of Franco Sarto shoes! Love them so much. Great for summer <3

Afterward, we went to Vaughn Mills. It seems like every time we go to Vaughn Mills, it rains! Just like it did this time...
I bought myself some nail polish. I got two colors (spring colors!) by China Glaze and three other ones by Art Deco. They are the type with really thin and long brushes so you can put designs on your nails. I've been playing with them recently. Can't seem to control my left hand from shaking though.

We also had Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Love LOVEEE Ben and Jerry's. What did we order...we got a scoop of strawberry cheesecake and crazy monkey! Crazy monkey is banana ice cream with big chocolate chip chunks. Sounds kinda of gross but it was actually quite yummy. I love their names, need to try them all! Why are all the good things so far away?

Doing too much online shopping again, i have recently been shopping at It's all Asian stuff, from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Mostly cosmetics and accessories. Yes, it's a dream come true on that site. I wish i was in the US though, shipping is only $6.00 whereas for Canada it's $19.00! Where's the fairness in that?? There is none! So yes, I'm just about to check out of my shopping cart, just waiting for one more item to be in stock again. They ran out of stock on that same say i wanted to check out, i was a step too late. If anyone ever shopped there before, let me know! i bought a lot of funky cool stuff, will definitely show you all once my package has arrived.

What else is new...The Canadian Dollar is doing very well lately. I've been constantly buying US dollars, transferring from accounts. I wish i had more spare cash to spend for investment purposes, but that will have to wait until next year probably.

Thinking of making another YouTube video, what should i do this time. I don't have any creative ideas, so I'm thinking of perhaps doing a "My History-TAG" yeah another tag. It's easy to just plainly answer questions, rather than talk about something specific, I'm too nervous in front of the camera.

That's all for now, See you tomorrow!


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