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Monday, October 15, 2012

iPhone 5

After waiting forever, it's finally here! Not a lot of people is excited about the iphone 5 and i completely understand why. I mean c'mon, a bit longer, a bit thinner. What's the big deal right? BUT to me it's a big deal! This makes my FIRST non hand-me-down phone LOL.

The purpose of a big brother is that they are up to date with technologies and once they decide to upgrade, their junk become yours. So, safe to say i never had to worry about getting a phone in the past. Mind you, i was never one of the cool kids with the hot gadgets to begin with.

Also these are old pictures, but here in Toronto, i saw the world's longest dragon in the works and as they announced they made it to the Guinness books of records. YAY. I wish i took more pictures.

Also how was everyone's thanksgiving? But turkey idea didn't work out so the fam and i drove up to Niagara Falls to have thanksgiving dinner at the buffet and try our luck with the slots.

Bird was good, but luck wasn't on our side that night.


  1. Yay for your first new phone!! I might or might not get the iphone 5. I'm still ok with my 4. Also, happy Thanksgiving. We haven't celebrated it yet in the US. Can't wait~~ it will also be the hubby's bday.

  2. Congrats!!!!

    The iPhone 4s was my first smart phone, and one that I bought with my own money (bought w/o contact.) So it was a big deal for me as well and I know what you mean!! CONGRATS!! Hahah :D

    Nice pictures!!! That dragon thing is so cool, and you look cute. :D:D

  3. What phone were you using b4? I really love my 4s and I'm not a big techy person either. Before that I was using my white clam shell samsung phone. People would look at me wide eyed shouting 'what the hell is that?' lol.

  4. Congrats with your new phone! I wish I waited to at least get the 4s because the camera is considerably better and I was never a techy person too. My bf even said it looked so weird watching me "poke" at my new phone hahaha I dunno if you remember my ice cream lg phone that I made some deco cases for but when I had to put it away to make room for my iphone I almost cried! I get so attached to these things -.-

    Hope you're doing well dear!

  5. yay!!! i want one!! i don't have a smartphone right now and i've never owned an iphone i want a iphone 5 badly! so that i can stop living in the dinosaur ages lugging my camera w/ me everywhere hahaha

    can't wait for thanksgiving i loveee food hahah! is your bf holding your high heels haha :p

  6. I'm sure it feel so great to finally own a piece of something that's all yours. I saw the new ipod touch on commercials but I haven't seen them up close. Remember how mine went in the wash? I'm using my phone currently but it's not the same. I hope it isn't too slim because I don't like my tech things to feel like it'll break at any moment.

    And whatttt? A trip? Lucky duck again! Where to miss?

  7. Oh I'm so glad you made it back to Canada safely Sandy. I trust that you had a grand time in Asia? It makes me wonder how delicious the food must be like over there..!! Do share even a little bit of your vacation if you can :D:D I would love to see/read!