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Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Ex!

It's becoming a yearly thing now that we go to the CNE once every summer. A lot has changed since i went as a child of course. More rides, more attractions, and everything else that reminds me i'm getting older.
We decided not to get a fun pass (which let's you go on rides), in which we regretted soon after. Some of the rides looked really fun, even for us "big kids", and i really don't mind going on the marry go round again. For sure next year we'll get a fun pass, my bf was just worried that he won't fit in most of the rides with his slightly long legs.

Carnival food. Didn't try much of it since they are mostly heart attacks waiting to happen, but i was very curious about some of them. Like the krispy creme burger, buffalo wing waffles or even deep fried mars bar, brownie, koolaid. I did however tried a pizza cone, and it was awesome!

Sand Scultures:

love my domo's

Poutine and a pizza cone
tiny tom's!
New this year is the sky ride that takes you to the front entrance to the casino. Has a nice view of CNE


  1. You and your boyfriend are so cute!! Yeah you should def get a fun pass next time. :) The lift in the sky looks really fun and scary O_o !! I'm jealous of your domo!! You got a pink one too wtf!!

  2. Thanks for posting the pictures of the sand sculptures! I forgot to check out that area with my family =( Oh lucky you got to go on the skyride. The line was too long and we didn't want to wait. And that pizza cone LOOKS SO GOOD..!!

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  4. Hey Sandy! My weekend was GREAT. Very relaxing and I got to shop 2 of the days hehe (I bought $200 pair of shoes- ah!). Plus I went to my little niece and nephew's birthday so the family gathering was nice. I hadn't seen a few of my cousins in ages so it was nice to catch up. Did you do anything exciting? =)

  5. Breathe Sandy, breathe. I've also been promoted at work too. I now work in the office half the time so at least I'm out of the cold :D Oh a condo. I want to live in one of those one day. It's just one of my dreams haha. I think missmicchan got the set at Winners. I've also seen sets like that at Trade Secret, have you tried there? Best of luck!

  6. Wow looks like a lot of fun!! Those sand sculptures are amazing. Wonder what would happen if I sneeze. Haha. Also, so jelly of your domo prizes!

  7. aww love you and you and your bf are adorbs!!!!

    omgosh i had those tiny tom's or tim's?? whatever they're called those tiny doughnuts when i was in vancouver a few years ago.. and they were SOOOOOOOOOOOO SO GOOD! some of the best doughnuts i've ever had..

    you should try the krispy kreme burger next time i've had them before and it's like the perfect mix of savory and sweet.. it makes your mouth sing hahahah!!!