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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wonderful May

This is a really later post, but i haven't had time to upload pictures and put them all together. So May had been a very eventful month...and it's also a month where a lot of couples get married!
One of my childhood friends of whom I've known since forever had gotten married in May. So crazy happy for him! He and his wife looked perfect and the wedding was awesome! (not to mention there was also an open bar LOL). Their wedding also had a photobooth, so we went crazy playing with  that!

Oh the perfection!
The bride and the groom
Our table
bf, me, daddy, mommy, bro's gf
cousin, me, daddy, mommy, bro's gf, bro
My outfit of the night
And it's obvious people are starting to have a bit too much to drink
I'm such a poser
Told the bf to make a "CHOK" face
Of course the removal of the garter belt
And some pics with the mirror
I had to scan it, bad quality...

So the wedding was also on the same day as my bf's Birthday, but i celebrated with him the day before. I took him out to a buffet dinner to fatten him up a little and got him a shiny gift.

The second armani watch I've given him. Running out of ideas!

One of my friends also had her baby shower in May. Her baby boy is the cutest little thing. This has been such a happy year. I love seeing how people's lives progress, watching people come together and watching them start a family is such a happy thing.

The happy couple

And what's a party without Jenga!!!!!!!!!!!!?
May had been really fun. I hope this summer will be filled with fun, i feel like i'm always stuck at work and my mind is always at work. I've finally booked some vacations for the remainder of this year and i can't wait! Will update you guys on where and when. It's time to SOAK UP THE SUN!!!!!

One more thing, i want to thank the beautiful ThisIsAlx for giving me a blog award. Thank you so much babes! Everyone should really check her out, she is the sweetest girl! She has awesome reviews and has awesome posts about random things too!  Everytime i ask her a question, she answers without hesitation and gives me long details! I LOVE IT! My blog is just a silly little thing, and i'm so thankful some of you even take your time to read it, it really means so much to me. And to get an award? I'm simply in Awe!


  1. sandy!!
    you look so pretty in your red maxi :) i love your outfit! you and your bf are so cute together!!

  2. Awww thank u for the sweet note hun!! U have an awesome blog.. wat are u talking about!!! Lol... Anyways u look great at the wedding party!!! And omg a photo booth?!?!??! That is soo cool.. Did u guys have to pay for the pics?? I'm guessing not?? A www it's sooo cool I love it!!!....a www u got ur bf a watch!!! I got mine a watch too fir our anniversary but he rarely wears it LOL cuz he's always at the gym n on the go so he says he does want to scratch it lol

  3. yay im never getting married!

  4. congrats on winning the blogger award! and you look really pretty at the wedding party :D

  5. Sandy you look gorgeous in your maxi dress and the photo booth pictures are so fun and cute such great idea for the wedding party, seems like you had such and awesome and eventful month. Great pictures :)

  6. You look gorgeous in your dress! Loving the photos, everyone looks super happy! Oh wow, a photobooth is so cool to have at a wedding, but of course at an adding cost >< Yeah I watch too many wedding shows haha, all I see is ka-ching ka-ching every time I see more beautiful things at a wedding. But it's all worth it.
    That's so nice to have known your friend since childhood~ so cool. A lot of people drift away so it's always special to still have contact with people long ago =)