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Monday, January 23, 2012

Wedding bells

I've been really into blogging on my phone recently, maybe it's because I have finally hopes onto the instagram bandwagon and living how it's so convenient to post pictures.

I went to my friends wedding yesterday. My boyfriend was one if the groomsmen so I was pretty much alone during the whole event. I knew a lot of face, mostly people from high-school, but we never talked, we only know if each other, so I was still pretty lonely.

It was my first time actually being in a ceremony and watching as part of the crowed. The one time that I was at a wedding ceremony, I was part of it as a maid of honor.

It was really touching to watch, at one point my eyes got a little teary. I really regret not taking pictures with my camera, unfortunately during the ceremony and the reception, I was located in a spot where I couldn't see much of anything.

At the end we managed to get the groom Very drunk which gave us all quite a laugh because he says the funniest things when he's drunk! But it was super cute because even when he's intoxicated, he still only thinks about his wife. Awww. Real love <3


  1. oh how sweet.
    I always cry at weddings. ;'-(



  2. Hey sweetie! Shame you were all alone during the wedding, I know about those "awkward" alone moments lol I almost always cry at weddings and I promised myself that I wouldn't have huge speeches at my own weddings because I don't want to cry and because I hate public speaking and don't want to do it on my wedding day LMAO!

    The snowflake and "cotton" snow decoration idea is so cute! Im glad the groom still only thought about his wife, imagine the awkwardness if he didn't and blurted something wrong out LOL

    Yeah I had to think about the weight of the shampoo too when I was buying them but bf and I managed to split it up between our suitcases luckily lol but we barely made it below the max weight! We got lucky!

  3. I've only attended one wedding so far (the only one I think that "counts"). Probably because I'm still too young haha. For some reason I would rather just attend a wedding than be a part of it (for family it's different, I would be all up in there haha). I guess it's because I could just enjoy it rather than worry about things.

    Blogging by phone seems hard for me for some reason. I need a keyboard and a screen!! Haha.

  4. Weddings only make me realize how much I want to get married :/

    The decorations are lovely, I always like looking at wedding decor, mainly for idea purposes for my own ;)

    Sad that you were alone though, I felt that way at Mr. K's brothers wedding but I hope you still a wonderful evening.

  5. P.S. I tagged you for the "11 Questions Tag"

  6. Ah, i love weddings :) I kind of miss the whole atmosphere of it! It's been a while since i've attended a wedding and one of the last ones i was at was my own!

  7. I always love seeing the decorations and people's weddings!


  8. Love that huge glass w/ the snowflakes! So sweet that the groom was only thinking of his wife when intoxicated. ;)

  9. Bahahaha!! Your comment!! You crack me up Sandy!! XD

  10. I LOVEEEE blogging on my phone too, it's just so easy and convenient :D

    The wedding looks gorgeous btw! :)

  11. the wedding looks very romantic and upscale...i love the decorations and the ambiance...

  12. Gah. I wish my phone took half decent pictures. This event looks amazing.

  13. i love the tiffany blue accents :)


  14. i heart weddings too!! they make me feel like i'm bursting with happiness when i see someone get married!

    ohh hehe just so you know sandy.. Budapest is actually in the country of Hungary and Vienna is actually in Austria! in a upcoming post i'm doing my Prague travels.. which is in the Czech Republic.. just in case you want to visit this countries in the future :)!