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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad luck

I've been having a series of Bad luck recently...I hope this is not a sign that the year 2012 will be bad to me...


I dropped my external Hard drive.

That's right, you heard me.

I dropped my hard drive!!!!!!! OMFG!!!

My life is in there!!! And half a terabyte worth of movies, shows, and dramas!

I didn't even drop it that high too. I got up off my chair while I was transferring files into the hard drive and I tripped over the wire bringing the hard drive with it. Sigh... in hopes that my boyfriend could fix it, but it was unsuccessful... And I don't want to fork over $900 just for them to TRY to recover my files. So sad:( I had so much pictures in there that I had already deleted off my computer =*(


The heater in the house exploded...literally...there are heater guts everywhere and the insides are all burnt.
So the house had no heat on one of the coldest nights! I had to sleep with a jacket plus 3 thick blankets and I was still shivering.

The worst part is that we are moving next month, so it's such a bad time to replace that heater completely. Why can't it wait until we moved out before and then break?


  1. Oh God, i hope u are okay~~~get a mini heater in the meantime. its too cold to sleep in Toronto atm w/o heat...i hope u wont get sick...keep ur self warm as much as you can...and im sorry to hear about ur hardrive...smth similar happend to me 2 yrs old pc's motherboard went haywire and all my pictures from 2004 till then was sure the hard drive is okay, but we never got around to import the files out...i do hope u get ur hardrive fixed...i hate to lose that much part of my memory(ie pictures)

    and ways, all the best to you, AND I REALLY hope u have a great year ahead..i think its just a weird coincidence.


  2. Noooo! The hard drive broke?! That sucks. I can imagine how you feel right now. I would probably cry....all day....if that ever happened to me. Why don't you a mini heater for your room. That happened to us one year so we went out and got a lite $20 one. We closed the bedroom door and made sure the heater was right by the be stand to warm us throughout the night. You're moving? To where? A new house, city? Good luck with the move!

  3. Oh Sandy, I'm glad your safe from the heater issue but so sorry to hear the bit of bad luck!

    It can't possibly be that it's not a sign of bad luck for the new year, I think it's more so that everything just happened at once.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your files, I would be so sad if I lost that much. I lost pretty much all my high school and college pictures when my first laptop crapped out.

    I hope you feel better dear! I'm always here to listen even if it's just by reading your blog ;)

  4. I hope you are okay,take care Sandy.

  5. Oh my :(
    Sorry to hear...stay warm and stay strong Sandy!!!

  6. Ouch!!! That really, really sucks!! Hope you can somehow fix it.. I've been meaning to burn all my pictures in a CD just in case my laptop breaks down as well or something. >_< I should do that soon!! I would feel horrible if that happened to me... I have way too much life in my computer. >_< !!!

    Feel betterr beauty! Hope 2012 treats you better. :)

  7. Oh gosh Sandy =( I don't think it's bad luck though hun, it could have happened to anyone. I would be so upset if I had lost a lot of pictures too. But you know what? It's okay because you can always make new memories. Pictures are pictures, they are nice to look back on but they can't bring you any more joy than what you actually do right here in this moment. Live in the present, not in the past.

    And I'm glad you are okay Sandy! It's a blessing that no one was hurt! It could have been a lot worse. Look on the bright side hun. If things are this bad, then everything else can get better right? Stay warm my friend!

  8. Don't get your hopes up Sandy! >< I only literally have a couple of pictures I took because I went with my mom that day, plus she's not really into window shopping (esp at Ikea haha) which didn't help with the photo taking =P

    Moving sounds so exciting! I've moved 3x in my life, one I can't even remember, and the other two were when I was so small that I didn't have any say over anything... so it wasn't memorable or anything haha. Only terrible in that you get ripped from your friends and classmates T__T
    I wonder how many boxes I would need if I ever moved... hm.

  9. Aw I'm sorry to hear this, sweets. No it's not a sign. Stuff like this happens to all of us. Hope everything works out in the end for you. :)

  10. oh,, no your hard drive that bad =0=! i would cry if i broke mine as there too much things on there ><!.. oh btw your slippers super cute!
    CMPang x

  11. wahhhh i'm sorry about all the bad news lately but atleast your slippers are SO CUTE and your tooties are warm in them!! i'm sorry about your hardrive.. wahhh i don't know what i'd do if i lost my pictures :( :(

  12. Omggg ><... I hope u get back ur good luck soon!!.. Aiya poor hunnnn... I think loosing all the pictures is just the worst!! I hope u hAve posted then on fb or something? So u have another copy ><... Btw think positively from now on and it will help I'm seriously.. The more negativity the worst luck so instead of thinking u have no heat try thinking we are so lucky to have blankets n a roof over our head, no more photos? It's in our memoriy n heart :), if not then those memory might not have been important enough to rmb the details? Hope this helps :), attract positivity by thinking positive first :), love u hun keep a smile on k? :D


  13. I hope your luck changes soon. I'm always paranoid about breaking my external hard drive and sometimes wonder if I should back that up too. But that would be a waste of disk space. -_- I agree with the previous posters--stay strong and warm!!

  14. Hey Sandy! I hope everything gets better soon!!! That really sucks about the hard drive!!! OMG!!!!! I'd die if that happened to me literally, I'd just shrivel up away for a week and turn into a slug =( Will you be forking over 900$ still? Perhaps you can send it somewhere to get fixed? I know my mum sent her's over to HK to get it fixed cause it was cheaper than over here.

    Hahaha heater guts! That's funny but not funny if you had to clean it =S I hope your home is all nice and warm now!