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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Birthday

Another late post! Sorry i've been on a roll with late posts lately.

Wanted to share a recap of my Quarter of a Century birthday with you all that was on December 29th. I had two celebrations, both with two different group of friends. I feel that as you get older, doing crazy things is not really on the list anymore, i much rather be spending time with my family and friends. I wasn't ever big on the clubbing scene or the nightlife, but for my birthday i really wanted to try drinking a lot! (which didn't really happen the way i planned).

On December 28th, i had dinner with some friends at a restaurant. Afterwards, we went to a bar for some chatting and we ended up playing some truth or dare pool and darts. It was a really fun night.

On my actual birthday, the bf and i went out to buy some lotto's and scratch cards to test my luck. Out of all that i bought i only won $4....meh...gambling never really worked out for me anyways.
Had dinner at night with some friends, there was a snowstorm that night so a lot of people couldn't make it.
After dinner, we went karaokeing for the night time happy hour. A lot of people left early though, leaving the bf and i there ourselves singing until 3am. It was a good night overall, i just wish it could have been better.

How do i feel being 25? Now let me tell you i started feeling 25 after i turned 24! It's stressful (only because i let stress get to me). I don't want to grow up.

Here are some nifty things i got over the holidays

My co-worker gave me these drying drops by OPI, and wow, they do dry really fast! and a BUTTER nail polish. Heard so many nice things but never tried. I really like the texture, very smooth!

 wearing it on my nails

My bf gave me this beautiful MK watch for my birthday. I've been eyeing it fr a while. I love MK watches, i want them all!

A friend gave me this Clinque  eye shadow kit. Lots of lovely colors, haven't tried it yet though.

My girlfriend gave me this Kat Von D makeup book called "venusta impetus" (anyone translate please?). Shape like a book, it looks amazing!

so many pretty colors!

and a hidden lipgloss underneath

 Also my sister in law gave me this beautiful Michael Kors scarf. It's really big and meant to just be put over your head and have that chunky neck scarf look. Haven't used it yet, afraid of it getting dirty!

Lastly, i got my first Lush purchase! I was so excited going into the Lush store. I wanted to get my hands on the holiday bath bombs but they were all sold out.

Instead i got two (buy one get one free) so white bathbombs and they gave me a free angel's delight sample. Can't wait to try out these babies! i wish i had a jacuzzi!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I love your outfits and gifts! =D

  2. Happy birthday Sandy dear!! You look lovely on your birthday and it looks like you had a great time with your favorite people. I love being with family as well and as I get older I enjoy the time with them more.

    And I love the presents also! Welcome to the mk watch club, super sweet of your bf to get you that watch :)
    Ps welcome to the 25 club, you're only as old as you feel ;)

  3. Happy belated birthday, Sandy!! Loving your outfit, especially the leggings/stockings. Looks like you had great time. I got my best friend that same watch for Christmas. She loves it. I loved it too and was half tempted to keep it for myself. haha.

  4. Happy Birthday!! Love your outfits!!! And what great gifts you got!! Looks like you had lots of fun!!!

  5. Happy blated bithday hun!!!!!! I know how u feel about turning 25 but trust me u are STILLLL very young!!! u look young tooo!!! soo it's not that bad =] smile and be happy dont let ur stress win over u all the time... u got some AWESOMEEEE gifts and i really like ur mk watch!!! i think the pearly colour is soooooo pretty!! its like the new rose gold!! I rather have urs thatn any rose gold (even thought i am crazy about rose golds =P)

    Im turning 23 in mid feb soo im not that much younger than u... i conside being the same boat as u ;) hehe.. I'm actuallly very excited to turn older hahah i dont kno why. P.S can u believe i've never been to a club before? im not a good drinker either (i got tipsy after a glass of martini and i didnt even finish the glass LOL) and i LOVEEEEE poool!! havent played in years!! I think my last time was back in highschool mmmmmmm....

  6. Omg Sandy your birthday seemed amazing and all those great presents! <3 lovesss!!! I know you said it wasn't great but I hope next year will be better! That's sweet your bf stayed with you to sing K until 3 am haha Oh as for the drying drops, how fast do they dry your nails?! I'm always on the look out for things to quick dry my nails, Im currently using Seche Vite top coat which takes about 10mins to dry then I can even have a shower!

    That watch is beautiful and all those beauty goodies! But I think my favorite overall is that scarf you got! (oh and you imac from your bf for christmas! haha)

  7. you look so beautiful! Happy belated bday!!


  8. Happy Belated Birthday Sandy! You look so stunning, like a bombshell, seriously! Ah you got so many nice things during Christmas. I know what you mean about not wanting to use something nice to avoid ruining it haha. Kind of takes the fun out of wearing it. I've wanted to buy some Lush bath bombs for a long time too. But because we only have one bathtub (my other is just a shower), it's not feasible to take a relaxing bath while knowing that my family members are waiting to use the bathroom outside. Plus they always tease asking "what's taking so long in there?" Hahaha!

    Ooh, you're moving into a new place? With you bf? Omg that's amazing! I can't wait to have my own place one day :D

  9. glad you had amazing night!
    your outfit is super pretty and your hair too :)

    and i looove mk watches! i want one for myself too n_n

  10. AWWW happy birthday hon!!

    you look SOOO glamourous and gorgeous in your two birthday outfits!!

    LOVE your new MK watch what an awesome bf.. i saw that he also gifted you with a IMAC! omgosh SO LUCKY! hahaha :) what a good bf :)

  11. happy belated birthday...i think ur Bday outfit looks amazing on you~~`i luv lace for any occasion..ah getting there later this year...scary when im thinking about it..but not as scary,cuz my age is the last thing on my mind...well for now...

    and look at all ther present you are getting~~~id love to see swatches if you got time~~~

    Luv Jessy

  12. I love angel's delight! I hope you do too!

  13. Happy belated birthday! I turned 25 last year too and it doesn't feel much different, to be honest! Looks like you had a great time... I love your birthday outfits and all your lovely presents!

    xo, alison*elle

  14. Happy belated birthday!! :) It looks like you had so much fun :D

  15. I LOVE your white/black lace outfit!!

  16. Love love love Lush products!! The make THE best bathbombs!

  17. You look gorgeous! :) Such lovely gifts too

  18. woah,the MK watch is GROGEOUS :D So sweet of your bf, I wish mine would have gotten me something nice like that too XD haha.