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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Season

Happy Belated New Years Everyone!!!!

Late post! This is going to be a long one haha. December has always been the busiest month for me!
There's Christmas parties, secret Santa events, Christmas day, boxing day, my birthday, new years eve and BOOM New Years Day. Where has all the time gone!?

This December, we had a family reunion (well partly, so hard to get everyone together). At the same time, we celebrated my dearest grandmother's birthday at Mandarin buffet. She loves food, and she can out eat anyone! Love her to death, she is SO cute!

 The bf and i had also went to this Christmas market at the Distillery District. There was a lot of beer! A lot of  Christmas decorations, a giant tree, booths, and sales indoors. It was overall really festive. Unfortunately it was really cold that night so every few minutes we had to hide inside to keep warm. We didn't stay very long.

My long time friend and her sweetheart recently got engaged and they bought a house together. We had her house warming Christmas party there and we played secret santa as well. I love doing secret santa with them, because we play the Santa steal version, makes it so much exciting!

Come Christmas Day, the bf came over early in the morning to get me out of bed to open presents from under the Christmas Tree. I felt like a kid again, always so happy on that day!
I didn't take pictures of all the gifts i received, but i got some from managers, co-workers, friends and everyone was so thoughtful. I'm really thankful to have known these wonderful people.

The bf got me an iMac! omg i died!
This was very unexpected, and such a wonderful Christmas it is! Best present i can ever receive! Thanks hunnie! He had always been complaining about the PC I've been using, saying how it's slow, noisy and a piece of junk. And me being the non techno nerd, knows nothing about computers...i would never think about buying a new computer myself because well...where do i even start? What am i supposed to look for?

I always wanted an iMac! It's a whole new world to learn but i love playing with photoshop and this will be PERFECT!

We spent Christmas Day together at my place just enjoying each other's company. We made rice crispy squares together, made home made lasagna and watched movies. I wish holidays lasted longer :(

Boxing day was a huge dissapointment for me. I went to a big mall with my friend and we shopped for nearly the entire day but there wasn't a lot of good deals going on, just lots and lots of people. All i got were a pair of wedges and a bag full of anti bacterial hand soap from bath and body (50% OFF). Dissapointed!

I'll update you guys on my Birthday next =)

Happy belated New Years once again. Chinese New Years is coming up soon, how many of you celebrate? I know for my family Chinese New Years is much bigger for them than Jan 1st New Years.

I'm not going to bother making much New Years resolutions this year since i never follow through. But from the top of my head i will list 10

1. Take my vitamin D and vitamin C pill everyday!!!
2. Drink more water!!!
3. Less online shopping (less shopping in general, and only buy pieces that will last me a long time)
4. Eat healthier
5. Eat less candy
6. Apply for new jobs
7. Spend more time on blogging
7. Take more pictures
8. Speak my mind
9. Do not compare your life to other people's (this one is hard)
10. Follow your heart


  1. Wow, at first I thought that is a hugeass present wrapped in red. I'm so jealous! I want an iMac.T-T It's the same for me I don't really know anything about computers. I tend to break alot of them.. But the iMac looks pretty cool LOL. Just anything to do with Apple should be amazing. :3 All the things you listed are things I need to do! Especially "follow your heart" :') That is something I need to remind myself, but sometimes I crave for what seems best at the moment. Oh and happy new year to you too honey, hope 2012 is a great year for you! xx

  2. Wow, your boyfriend is so sweet, what an amazing present! And I like your resolutions, I need to start eating healthier as well!

    I've actually read your blog a few times before but haven't commented. I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award.. I hope you accept! If so, the rules are in my blog.

    I hope you have a great new year :)

  3. awww looks like so much fun! super sweet bf to get u the IMAC =) Wishing you the best of 2012!

    When you get a chance, come check out my Giveaway for gift cards to Sneakpeeq.

  4. Aren't you such a lucky girl!!!! :) Hehe looks like you had a great holiday. I hope 2012 will be amazing to you. :) I like this post it was interesting!!

  5. lovely pics sandy!! happy new year and whoa an imac! jealous!! ps i love the cream/white dress!!

  6. Happy belated New Year's!!

    You have a great list of resolutions! And I celebrate CNY too. :) Your December looked like a lot of fun! I am so jealous of your iMac...omg!! So sweet of you to take your grandmother out for her b-day. :)

  7. aw~~~how thoughtful of not very tech-ist as well as long as my pc works and its not slow im okay with it...i wish the holidays lasted longer too...then i get the spent more time with the hubby..well i wish all the best in the new year~~~


  8. I had no idea what IMacs were. Please tell us all about it. Can't wait to see what you do for Chinese New Year. I have no idea what I'm going to be doing yet.

  9. Gosh I love buffets! :)
    And OMG YAY for your new MAC!!!!!!!!!!!! You're going to be a computer expert by the end of the year ;)

  10. Wow that's an amazing x-mas present!!! I love ur blog and ur sooo pretty!!!! I'm following u and if u have any time i'd love it if u could check mine out and c what u think?!?!?! Keep up the hard work, amazing blog :D xxx

  11. Beautiful photos :) Looks like you had a wonderful christmas, look at that gorgeous iMac! You lucky girl ;) Have fun with it, Apple's products are awesome.

  12. Ure so lucky!!! I need a new laptop but then again I dont wanna spend 1k on one lol I'm trying to save 10k by the end on yr n it's so hard when I don't have a job LOL grrrrr ><

  13. Wow! A Mac? That's insane! And generous too I may add lol. You'll probably have lots of fun on that. I remember I had to learn the ways of Apple back in the day when I took tech class in high school. For some reason I still prefer windows though.. but maybe it's because I didn't get enough time on it. I do like Apple's simplicity though!

  14. LOL I forgot to reply back to your comment on my blog. Aw, well you know what? Next year when you go to NYC, it'll totally make up for this years New Years =)

  15. I love the holidays. I'm a bit sad they're over.

  16. An imac?! OMFG i wished my bf loved me that much LOL jkjk:) wow Canada looks really beautiful in the winter time and you look amazing as always<33

  17. aww what a cute post! your bf is so sweet to you! happy Chinese New Year to you too! Only like 2 weeks away! :)

  18. Wow!! How nice is your boyfriend! What a present. You're such a good cook too. Yum! I'm sad the holidays are over though. It seems like it went by all too fast.

  19. Hey Sandy! Glad to hear your holiday was good and I love your present!!! I want a new laptop/desktop but since mines is still working perfectly fine I don't want to waste the money yet =( OH Do you and your bf buy presents for each other in secret? As in, you don't get to choose it? I think that's so cute and traditional!!! To be dead honest, Im always very weary of what my bf buys me for presents hahaha Sometimes I think he doesn't know me at all! But it's the thought that counts right? =D Your bf is so sweet!

    (If I ever buy an imac I will come to you for help hahaha)

    Oh and I wanted to say that I loved your outfit for your birthday, how it was laced themed! Gorgeous and sexy but still classy!

  20. WOW your bf got you an iMac! Such a lucky girl!! I love your Pool poses, haha.

    vonnie <3