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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Misikko HANA Pro 1" Flat Iron Review

Misikko has recently contacted me and asked me to do a review on their HANA Pro 1" Flat iron.
Upon receiving the package, i was very surprised how thoughtfully put together it was. The company had so kindly sent me the iron to review but they had also added a lot of goodies for me, each one packaged so nicely!

And just when i thought this was all to the box, after lifting the bubble wrap, there were more goodies buried under there! They had even included a bottle of HANA shine shield heat protectant.

I was shocked! Thank you misikko for being so thoughtful! They have excellent customer service and the shipping was pretty fast!

So the actual flat iron came with a heat mat and a velvety string bag that you can bring along for travel.

The iron itself came in a tin box which i think is super cute and so easy to store away.
Inside the tin can, a rubber mat is also included, so you won't burn your counter or anything.

The iron was actually in this leather pouch. I was amazed at how much protection it had! So many places to store this iron!

The iron itself is super cute and slimmer than the ones I've used before. You can adjust the heat and it can go up to 450. Typically i would use 300-350 because my hair is already very dry and i'm always paranoid that it will roast my hair even more. But at a lower heat setting, it still does the same job.

There is a handy on/off switch, and a red light will turn on to let you know the iron is heating up. It heats up super fast, within 30 seconds i already put it to use.

Made in Korea.

Sorry for the weird face. This is me with hair just washed and blow dried, so it's big and frizzy!

Dry and frizzy ends. Can't save it.

I love how smooth it feels, it doesn't pull on my hair at all like my other one does. I did not do my entire head, i just went around my hair with the straightener, grabbing large strands of hair to make it not so puffy.

I wish my hair was healthier (sigh), but it definatly straightened my hair a lot and gave it a little bit of a shine.(though my ends remains frizzy due to un-taken care of split ends).

Overall, i really like this iron, it is the best one out of the others i have tried, considering it doesn't pull on my hair, heats up quickly, and makes my hair look shiny and healthy after use.

You can get this iron HERE
It retails for $204.99 but right now it's on sale for $119.98

Not only does Misikko sell Hair straighteners, they also sell curling irons and blow dryers as well. Please check them out!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. I have the same frizzy end problem that you do... I haven't found a way to take care of it yet!

  2. Merry Christmas Sandy! You're just too cute with your facial expressions.

    Glad the straightener worked out for you, it gave your hair a nice glossy shine and the packaging looks great.

  3. o0o0o0o Nice iron! Too bad I don't ever use these things since Im way too lazy LOL You're hair's condition isn't bad at all! If you think that's bad wait till you see mine, split ends galore! Sorry Im replying comments so late! Christmas season has really been a whirlwind of events! I hope you had a happy christmas!

    Hahaha my My bf went to Europe by him self! Can you believe the nerve of him?! Hahaha JK! We all know it's different when you travel with just your friends versus with your SO but both is fun!

    Im glad you're feeling better! hahaha I think it's a great idea you called in a sick day =P Sometimes you just gotta let work sit and slide off your back! Cheer up hun! The new year is just around the corner!

  4. you ARE SO ADORABLE!! i loved this iron too.. but i think your demo picks are so adorable hahah!!

  5. Very pretty packaging! Thanks for the review!

  6. Haha aw no way! You celebrated there too?? Wasn't it so crazy?! I kept shuffling nearer and nearer to the stage, but because I'm so short I could only get glimpses of the performers from time to time haha. In the end I got mud all over my boots, gloves, and a little on my coat because I jumped the gate -.-'

  7. It's me again! Just came to say a quick thanks for following my blog :) Cheers!

  8. the anti-static brush will do wonders, too. happy new year!

  9. Sandy dear!! I miss Tokyo too, one day one of us will be rich and will treat the other to a nice Tokyo trip hhahahahaha I hope I win the lottery soon! (this is from someone who doesn't even buy lottery tickets or know how they work, oh well I know the bf buys them LOL)

    Wow you went into the crowd on boxing day?! Crazy!...wait..I did too hahaha but I went in the afternoon around 4 to avoid the crazy rush but there was still a lot of people there! The sales were pretty good in my city! Guess was having a 30% everything in the entire store and an extra 40% off sales stuff! I got two shirts from them and just two bottles of nail polish from f21 =) Im happy since I wasn't planning on shopping that day, gotta save for my next trip!

    How are you doing lately girly? Well I hope!

  10. ooh I really love their packaging. & your hair is beautiful!!


  11. oohhh it looks nice!! :)

    from your new follower!

  12. You are so gorgeous. Love your style and blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥

  13. Ure so cute!! Hehe

    I bought the kqc for like $150 came with lots of free stuff n it's an awesome flat iron but I regret it cuz I can get great ones for less than 50 at winners also made out of tourmaline or ceramic material! Darn it lol!!


  14. cute blog you have there! Def.going to be a follower now. Hope you'll checkout my blog when you get a chance! and hopefully something on there will maybe spark your interest for you to become a follower too