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Monday, April 30, 2012

Review- Princess Mimi aka Bambi Lens in Sesame Grey

Hey everyone,

I've recently received a pair of Circle lens from LensVillage, they carry many different brands for circle lens as well as a wide variety to choose from.

The pair that i got are the Princess Mimi lens in Sesame. From looking at the pictures, it seemed to be very pretty and doll like. It is a a dark greyish colour with a subtle brownish ring for around the pupil area.

You can find these circle lens here

LensVillage also have a Facebook page. Please visit them here
They update all the time and often have contests and promotions going on.

The box was a bit destroyed and suffered a bit of abuse during it's journey of delivery.

Luckily, the contents inside were all safe and sound, thanks to bubble wrap! =)

Comes with the contacts and a case

I love the piggy case, it's SO cute!

I really like how it looks. The grey isn't that intense so it's good for everyday use without feeling the colour might be over whelming.

I am standing in front of the window facing outside to get some sunlight to hit my eyes.

With flash.

I'm really loving how good the colour show up on flash photography.

In a more shaded area, it looks like your eyes are twinkling =)

Alright, no more picture spam. I promise.


I think they are pretty comfortable, i wore them for 6 hours and my eyes were fine. My right eye did get a little dry after 5 hours and it was my fault for not bringing eye drops, but after you produce some tears moist your eyes again, they are good to go again, couldn't feel a thing. No pain and no redness as well.
I've had good experiences with The bambi series, the bambi green apple one that i had gotten some time ago was also very comfortable to wear.

The size is pretty big at 15mm diameter, and i always have a hard time putting them on because i have uneven eyes and they are pretty small to begin with. Because of the large size and the outer black ring you do get this dolly effect which i enjoy.

The colour is great in flash photography, you can clearly see the design and the colour in picture. Indoor or at night, you can still tell the colour is grey, though it may look like a dark dark grey in indoor light but it has this kind of twinkling affect which i think is pretty cool. Hard to explain. Makes me think of "fresh eyes", if that makes any sense at all.

I do recommend these circle lens mainly because of them being so comfortable and usually the colour is true to what you see in pictures.

Comfort: 9/10
Color/Vibrancy: 8/10
Enlargements: 10/10
Diameter: 15mm
Life Span: One Year
Manufacturer: GEO Medical


  1. Wow...super dolly and cute! *^_^*

  2. Wow I actually really like these lens!! Looks great on you, and you are such a natural beauty. :)

  3. They look really really cute on you. :D

  4. Wow these really leave your eyes looking super dolly! I just disposed my circle lenses today as they have reached their life span, on the lookout for a new pair now :) Thanks for the review!

  5. they look cute on you, you look like a doll :)


  6. Love love love the last two photos of you! Drop dead gorgeous! You make me believe that if I get a canon it'll make me pretty like you too hahahaha (no joke!)

    re: I'm not sure when I'll go back to HK next, there's a few places I've got lined up before I want to head back to asia again but I really do miss the shopping there!

    Are you planning on travelling anytime soon?

  7. Wow really dolly eyes!

    Hey so that means you went shopping finally! This year was pretty much the first year I bought coloured bottoms too- but they're not bright and too colourful though haha.

  8. I agree, coral is such a lovely color for summer. I'm even into coral make up! :)

  9. omgosh first of all i would just like to comment on how FREAKIN' ADORABLE the piggy case is!!!!!

    those lens are so pretty on you i love the color!!

  10. No I won't be going to Lisa Cosmetics sale this year. I'm not looking to buy any perfumes and I'm not interested in purchasing anything from that sale. I also won't be going to the Shiseido sale this weekend I think. Are you? =)

  11. Sandy, I don't think any amount of praying will ever stop you from shopping once you're on a roll (at least that's the way it is for me hahaha!)

    Hope you find some good deals! You better blog about them too!

  12. Just so you don't waste gas and time, the Athletic Warehouse Sale isn't worth going to unless you want to buy equipment or running shoes from brands like Reebok and other less known brands. There are a ton of Wilson sports equipment. My sister made the family go back to get a volleyball and some tennis balls. I looked this time around and there wasn't that many workout clothes worth buying. Just letting you know!

  13. Oh and no I haven't heard about Internation Cents. It sounds interesting though! I won't be able to go to that either. I'll be busy tomorrow painting the kitchen's window trims and doing other household chores LOL.

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  15. Ahh what a cute box!
    Even it's all crushed
    and such, good thing
    the bubble plastic
    saved it!

    The lenses looks
    pretty on you ^__^
    it creates nice
    dark contrast around
    your eyes I think!


  16. Very pretty lenses! :) I like how you look in them :D Your eyes look big and dolly!

  17. woah, your eyes look stunning with these lenses !!