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Friday, May 11, 2012

Review- Dr. Jart+ - Rejuvenating Silver Label BB Cream

Hey everyone

I should have done this review a lot sooner but i completely forgot about it.
I bought this BB cream when i was in Hong Kong last year at a Sasa.

I'm LOVING it!!!!

This has been the only BB Cream i've been using for the past 6 months, and it's currently my all time favourite. Remember when i said my favourite was the Lioele- Triple the solutions BB cream? well, I haven't touched that for ages!!! It's sadly being neglected.

This BB Cream matches my skin tone perfectly, and it looks very natural. The texture is very smooth and does not look at all cakey. It does dry to a bit of a dewy finish but doesn't look oily at all. I like to put Cargo's HD powder after applying the BB cream.
In my opinion, this BB cream lasts a long time, i've worn it for more than 8 hours before and it stayed put quite well. The coverage is medium to full, perfect for hiding unwanted spots.


- SPF 35/ PA++
- Has whitening properties
- medium to full coverage
- Natural finish
- Easy to blend


- Only comes in one shade
- A little bit of white cast
- Pricy


  1. GAHHH!!! wish i had seen this before my taiwan trip otherwise i woulda picked it up. there were soooo so many bb creams i was seriously at a lose!!! hahaha there were so many i ended up giving up and not getting any BB creams.. grr hahaha

  2. Sounds like a great bbcream! I love how most of them are so affordable so you can try them with minimal loss! (though I still think money unused is money wasted LOL)

    re: It was really easy doing the chocolate nails, quite a few people asked me so I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on them soon though I relied heavily on a tutorial by Violet LeBeaux =)

  3. I need to get on the bb cream bandwagon again haha.

    My sibs and I brought my mom out to eat and we also got her a hanging flower basket since we figured she'd like that more than fresh cut flowers. I blogged about it!

  4. Oh forgot to ask, what did you do with/for your mom? =)

  5. There are so many BB creams out there now. Its so hard to find "the one"... I"ve tried this before and ended up not digging the pale ashy look. =T

  6. Oh gosh, I WISH I was watching fireworks! I haven't watched real fireworks since I was young =( Oh wait, actually I did see some when I went to Quebec when they were celebrating St. Jean Baptiste day. Yesterday I had to work a daytime shift so I'm just taking it easy today. If you go, remember to take at least one pic to share! =)

  7. About how much do you need for your face here?

  8. hey girl!! I know i have been away for ever!! LOL im so busy right now with work and school... I miss blogging but its so time consuming! lol!

    P.S. do you have twitter? it's so much easier to chat there!