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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter Review

I was in buffalo last month doing some shopping, and i realized that no matter how many different stores i go to, all of the store there are cheaper than canadian stores, even with the most basic of products, like lipsticks, toothpaste... Which is such a bummer. But anyways, i took that opportunity to load up on nail polish and lipsticks.

I always wanted to try those Revlon lip butters since it's been so talked about on youtube and the blogging wold, but the selections in my area are so limited. I'm so happy i found most of the colours i wanted to try out in the states, although i had to go to about 4 different stores to get all the colours i wanted.

candy apple, peach parfait, creamsicle, sweet tart, tutti frutti
candy apple, peach parfait, creamsicle, sweet tart, tutti frutti
sorry for the blurry picture
Overall, i absolutely love them! The pigmentations are amazing, though they are not as moisturizing like i thought they were going to be, but if you put a lip balm on before applying, it does go on a lot smoother.

My favourite color of the six has to be peach parfait. It's such a pretty pink colour with tiny bits of shimmer. Tutti frutti is really pretty too, i've been so into the coral/orange colour. I've seen a lot of this colour in stores, it must be the new spring colour.

I really wanted to love the creamsicle colour but it looked streaky on my lips and i just look really bad in nude colours unfortunately. Haven't really worn the candy apple and the sweet tart too often, just because the colours are very pigmented and very bold, not too appropriate when i wear it for work, but on my off days i try to play around with them. Very nice colours. I want to try more!

Also bought some nail polish during my trip. Love buying nail polish when i go to buffalo, they have so many stores that have hugeeeee variety!!!

I got two magnetic nail polishes that i have yet to try, two essie polishes from the luxe effects collection, one light pink polish also from essie, a peachy pink colour from orly, two sally hanson polishes from the diamond collection as well as a gorgeous orange/coral colour and a clear polish that either they gave me for free or they put it in their bag by accident. But it works really well =)
So sorry i don't have the names ready. but if you ever want to know i will give it to you.


  1. I agree! I got these lip butters on a BOGO--so much cheaper! Love the nail polishes you picked out, especially the Essie luxe effects one!

  2. oooh i've been looking at peach parfait too! defs on the top of my lip butters list cos its such a pretty shade :)

  3. Hey sandy! I'm glad you finally found your lip butters! The peach parfait does look like a nice color. Everytime I go to the store all the colors are gone except for the ones that have been used or opened. -_- I hope you had a good weekend!

  4. I've been totally obsessed with the Lip Butters!! Every time I see them go on sale, like at $3.99/$4.99, I would get my hands on one or two! Love them so much!!! ^^

  5. I got 3 of the Revlon Lip Butter lippies yesterday. The lipsticks just launched over here and has been causing quite a buzz so I got sucked into the hype lool XD I've got the Sweet Tart one too, Can't wait to try them out :)

  6. I love your lip butter collection! I only have! XP

  7. Nice! I'm glad I didn't get creamsicle. When I saw it I immediately knew it wouldn't work for my pigmented lips. I agree, I like wearing lipbalm underneath them, then they're perfect =)
    That's strange that you couldn't find those colours here though. I see them everywhere!

  8. No jaw dropping Sandy because it's a knock-off!! XD I hope one day to buy the real one but for now I'm happy to just have this one =)
    Oh wall decos~ I put one on the glass of my beauty cabinet but I haven't had the courage to put any up on the walls. I'm so scared it'll peel off the paint come time to remove it or whatever!

  9. OHHHH WHAT IS MAGNETIC NAIL POLISH?!?! that sounds so interesting! what does it go?

    the revlon lippies are so pretty i agree with you peach parfait is probably my favorite color out of all the swatches!

    hahaha your comment on the foo lions is funny.. i think traditionally they had them to guard the buddhist temples.. so i guess it would not be a far cry to assume they are guarding my shoes now bahaha! :p

  10. I think it was for a limited time only. Will let you if I see this special again! ^^

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  12. Hey Sandy, I think the "PENNY" offer for Julep Maven box is still on. Check out this site:

    The promo code is still: PENNY

    Try it out and let me know if it works! ^^

  13. Hm to be honest I just take vitamins because I know they're good for me. I'm not too sure about the side effects because there's many factors of why I'm feeling much chipper these days- like the sun! I like the brands Jamieson and Nature's Bounty though.

  14. I've heard that Loreal's the Balm are similar to the lip butters, but more moisturizing! Tried those?

  15. I definitely don't need any whitening in the products for my body because my legs are so pasty white! It grosses me out sometimes haha. I need to apply on some of the Lancome tanner I have to get some colour on them!

  16. I go through shampoo and conditioner pretty quickly too. It sucks because I would love to use Asian hair products all the time!

  17. Omg people are still going crazy after these! I only purchased one in strawberry shortcake and I wished I bought another colour because I look terrible with cool-undertone pinks but I gravitate towards them because they're so pretty hahahaha!

    re: I don't have any suggestions for a good matte polish besides the Joe brand one I use =( But I do think it's better to get a matte top coat vs. an actual matte polish cause then you can make any colour matte! Omg I gorge on junk good like crazy, I'm trying to slow down now =) I realize my will power is pretty good hahahaha

  18. P.s That pink Essie colour looks divine! Which one is it? They have so many pinks too bad I'm not a fan of their formula =( Oh and we got the same Essie gold glitter polish from their luxe collection! Polish twins!