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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Rain falls on my rooftop

I went to the Anime North Convention for the first time. There was a lot of people, and it was incredibly busy and festive, in the sense that 95% of the people there was dressed up as an anime character. I had every intention to dress up, to fulfill my desires of wearing a strange wig and being someone out of a fantasy tale. However, things don't always go as planned, been too busy to shop or make a costume so i opted for going as a cat, but i left the house that day forgetting the ears, so it's as though i didn't say anything at all. It was huge, the dealers room where they se all the artwork, plushies, dvds, mangas and other miscellaneous things were al in that room, it was packed! On the other side of the street was doubletree hotel, that's where the masquerade ball, contests, shows and anime showings were all. I wish i was able to enjoy it more than i thought i would, but i guess i sort of grew out of my said obsession with it. We pretty much just bought some Japanese candy at the dealers room, waked around, stalked some nicely dressed people and went over to the hotel to watch a few episodes of their back to back 10 hour dragonball showing. I saw a few people i know dressed up such as Victoria and her boyfriend. She was dressed up as a Lolita, chatted a bit and left the couple alone. I'm not quite sure if i want to go back again the following years to come, but i do want to go once to the Anime Expo held at the convention centre downtown.

Yesterday after work, Jacky took me to Main Street, they were having a Unionville festival. It was very Yeet-lau, it was a pity i got off work so late, we only waked around for about 40 minutes when most of the stands started to close. They had a to of food stands and others that sell random things. We had some takoyaki and bought some candy's from the chocolate factory (?). They have a very beautiful and huge park there, they set up those huge blowup platforms for children to jump on and some were having bbq's and picnics there.

Later on when they closed, we went to walk around at the Japanese grocery in J-Town and later went to the wallmart superstore out of sheer boredom. We then got some take out food and went back to my place where we watched some movies that i bought a while back that i still haven't opened yet.

I've been aching for a vacation, everyone is going somewhere except me...RL is going to china for 3 weeks again! GG is going to china for 3 weeks following him and CL is going to Dominican for a week to enjoy the sun and beaches. HH just came back from his month vacation from Hong Kong and DN is back next week from his 2 weeks cottage trip with his buddies. My male manager is away on his 3 week vacation to Peru and JZ has left for Miami with his sweetheart.

I want to go somewhere....


  1. haha.. then GO! make it happen.


  2. you make it sound so easy! planning and booking off at the same time when no one else is on vacation is a hassle. it seems people don't have time for 3 week vacation with me this summer