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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Busy July

Happy Belated Canada's day. A little sad that this year didn't go as planned but Jacky drove me all the way to Barrie that day since downtown Barrie was having a festival called Promenade Days. Everyone were so into it, they had their face painted, wearing flags and had flags sticking out of their head. Which i did they same to mine as well after they gave me a few flags. That part of town was really stunning, there was a really nice park with a really nice lake where i could see people boating and sailing and a lot of people at the sides fishing. There were performances and midway rides, it wasn't very big though. There was also a hooters there, we stayed there for dinner, it was fun. It was a pity we wouldn't stay there for the fireworks, we went back to Miliken park for fireworks with Jacky's older sister. Fireworks this year seemed smaller, not a lot of big booms if you know what i mean. Still pretty though. Haven't had any BBQ's yet this summer, i wonder if i would get to go to one this summer? I should get my dad to get our BBQ stove out and cook something up one day, haven't used it for so long.

Watched Cirque Du Soleil- Allegria yesterday at the Air Canada Centre. It was really good, even with all those clowns running around on the stage. I'd say it was probably a good thing our seats weren't that close to the stage or else i'd have to stare into their scary faces. But our seats were pretty good, it was close enough to see what they were doing and what their costumes look like, and their costumes were pretty brilliant! It was about 2 hours long, and i love the music they had throughout the entire thing.

Also went to the CHIN Radio picnic today at the exhibition centre, it was actually quite fun. On the inside, they had a few shops selling random things and on the outside was where the stage was, people performing and singing and talking. It was where all the food were as well, many midway rides as well as pony rides and animal petting (sheep, lambs, lama's, ducks, rabbit). There was also an exotic animal show outside where they show you endangered species such as the Siberian Tiger, lizards, wolves and other such creatures. They were very nice.

Inside, we watched the dog show, a semi magic/circus show and a lady performing her awesomeness on an air bound hoola hoop and ribbon. i wish my computer was fixed so i can show you pictures I've took but unfortunately i can't so that until i get a new power supply. We had hot dog and pizza and slushie for dinner, after that we went back to Scarborough town to watch Eclipse from the Twilight series. it was very good, much better than New Moon. I wish i read the book first like i always do, i'm so behind on details.

One more event for the week is watching the gay pride parade tomorrow. Haven't seen it in years.

My 5 days away from work is almost up, i wish i got to go on another vacation this week, but i guess i can't always be greedy all the time. i'll spend the rest of the days thinking i guess, i think i need some thinking days.


  1. i was at the parade today!!!! then went to guu. it was a good hot day. lol. happy i got beads!! whooooo - thx for the reminder, i have to watch eclipse. heard it was better than the first 2.


  2. ooo you went to Guu? how was it?

    aww i didn't get any beads, non threw any at me:( instead i almost got a heat stroke. too hot!

  3. i had to pick off the floor man.

    guu was ok-good. not spectacular. the service was good tho! there were about 3 standout dishes we liked.