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Monday, July 12, 2010

food and movie

Night It Up! this year was so crowded this year, and it seemed to me a little smaller? We didn't have too much, the lineups were too long. we has smelly tofu (i still don't like it), we had "gai been cherng fun"-that was really good. We had "siu mai"- it was TERRIBLE, it tasted cold and uncooked! We also had "gai been" shark fin soup. It wasn't really shark fin soup of course, but it wasn't that good either. we also had this cold noodle salad thingie that wasn't that good either. We did enjoy a nice drink called "herbal jelly papa". i like that place, we drank from that place last year as well. All the stuff that i wanted to try had huge lineups so i didn't get to try them this year. i guess i'll wait until Hong Kong where i can try the real "gai been" stuff. Will probably give me a tummy ache though.

Watched "The last Air bender" with Fion and Orlando over the weekend, it didn't completely suck as others say it does, but my biggest complaint is that it dragged on for too long. Orlando even fell asleep during the movie...
There will obviously be a part 2 or even a part 3, and i will watch them since I've already started it.

Next i need to see Despicable me and toy story 3. After those, then i'll watch knight and day.

We had dinner at spring rolls at Fairview mall. They had the couples deal, which was pretty awesome. We ordered that, it was more than enough for 3 people.

i'm feeling lonely. I think my hormones are making sad.

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