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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beaches and flip flops

My parents are back from their vacation; my time alone in Toronto has passed by rather quickly. My Brother's girlfriend is also here for the week, they have also gone on a short vacation of their own.

My time will come.

Being able to drive to work and have the car at my own leisure makes me feel giddy, even though i seldom use it. Though I don't have a lot of places to go, nor have many people to see, it hasn't been an entirely wasted week. Had dinner with Shirley and Victoria, because they said they were worried about me. They ended up coming over and somehow the two of them ended up staying the night. It turned into a sleep over; we painted our nails, watched TV, and ate junk food at the wee hours of the morning. We got Victoria to stay up past 2am before she really passed out and we all slept together in the master bedroom. It felt nice. I was having terrible thoughts and I loathe myself for feeing things i shouldn't be feeling, so much that I didn't even go to work the next day. Any person would want the whole house to themselves, but this time for me, I wanted none of that. It made me scared and alone. And I hated it. Especially when I’m not trashing the house with parties like I know I could. It really sucks to feel like you're not wanted, especially with a certain person's family, among other people.

Jacky and I went to Asbridge Bay's Woodbine beach the past week. It was forecasted to rain, but we still went regardless of weather conditions. It was a hot day and the weather was behaving when we got there. I brought a picnic blanket and we sat in front of the waters. We went in the water but it was too cold to completely submerge ourselves into it. So we just lied there soaking up vitamin D, and snacking on animal crackers. I've brought a bucket and shovel to make sand castles, but the texture of the sand was not even due to heavy rainfall the night before. There were still a lot of people there though, a lot of them playing volleyball. We stayed there for about 3 hours before it started to rain cats and dogs, and that was perfect time for us to leave.

Went back to my place to shower away all that sand and then i proceeded to cook dinner. We watched Couples Retreat in HD while eating; it turned out to be a relaxing night.

I also went to another summerlicious called Quince, they served French cuisine. We went with Jacky's engineering friends to celebrate 3 people's birthdays. The restaurant itself was very pretty but the food wasn't too good in my standards. It was "ma ma day laaa". I ended up having to switch entries with Jacky again because my knife refused to cut into the meat. Oh well, I’m happy I got to dress up.

I've been doing so much online shopping once again, spending so much money once again...and its USD money too! Firstly, I finally got myself an external hard drive from Dell, it will probably last me my entire life since it’s 1.5TB. That's more than enough for me. I like it though; it's small, sleek and shiny. But it's heavy :( I can't do heavy...I’m too weak-sauce for heavy...

It goes perfectly with the O!Play HD Media player that Jacky got me. It's a match made in heaven. What's Minnie without Mickey? What's Spongebob without Patrick? I say what's an external hard drive without O!Play????! Yeah that was lame, but you catch my drift. The point is, they belong together. Now I can watch AWESOMENESS HD-goodness on TV, whatever I want, however I want. No longer do I have to burn anything on DVD's or CD's. Just plug and go.

Just yesterday i nearly spent 200 USD on online shopping for clothes at :( I need to stop itttt. I hope they come looking as good as the picture. I don't want disappointment.

Finally got a chance to watch Despicable me. It is the cutest movie ever next to Toy Story 3, now I really really need to see Inception, everyone's talking about it, I gotta see it!

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