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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

12 hours at Wonderland

Finally went to summerlicious, yay. We went to Coppi Ristorante, it's an Italian restaurant. The restaurant itself was not very appealing on the outside, it looked like just a big giant blue Lego piece, but inside was really nice and fancy. We both ordered Grilled calamari for appetizer; it was a good dish, except I didn't like the red peppers. I ordered their sirloin steak for the main and Jacky ordered the lamb shank. We ended up swapping our dishes because my steak was bleeding a little too much for my liking...*shivers*. Both were very good though. As for desert, he got tiramisu and I got panna cotta. Mmm I love panna cotta.

After dinner we went to Fairview to watch Toy Story 3 finally. I loved it! So good! Buzz has a Spanish mode that was pleasingly funny. I always thought Jessie will end up with Woodie, but she ended up with buzz, which is so cute. The ending was bitter sweet, but I still liked it. I want to watch 1 and 2 all over again; unfortunately I only have them in VHS. Jeez imagine how old Toy Story is.

I went to wonderland with the co workers on Sunday, a lot of them brought their other half too, mine didn't come but that’s okay, I’ll go with him another time in the summer since I got two tickets. We were a hugeeeeee group of 22 people, it was awesomeeee! CC Wong came too and brought her 3 sons. Farion was so "bat yeem" but such a cutie pie. He kept running off and we did a lot of babysitting =)

I got to go on the behemoth twice! So happy, and we would have gone a third me at night but we were so tired and walking all the way back did not seem too appealing at that moment.

Bumper cars was one of the highlights of the day, since we had such a big group, we pretty much had the place all to ourselves, and bumper cars was violent with us ahaha; people going backwards and chasing each other and bumping each other, it was fun but of course, it was too short.

We all went to White Water Canyon, and all of us took up four boats. It was fun because we could still sort of see each other and hear Derek's loud voice. Marian and I got the hit on the waterfalls, but the poor girl got the worst of it. That was fine though, we dried up in no time. Afterwards we all grabbed lunch and half of them went to drink beer. It was funny because they were all gathered around the table to "chai woy" and play other drinking games, and the gwai lo's around us were staring at them, not knowing what they were doing, but that was fun, everyone got worked up and went on more rides. All I had was a 9 dollar poutine all day, and by the end of the night we were supposed to go all star wings, but we left so late and everyone was so tired we didn't have energy to eat anymore so we went home to sleep.

We even went to the kid’s area, into snoopy land to play boo blasters; it was fun, in a childish way. You ride an extremely slow car and you shoot monsters in the "not so" haunted house. Robin kicked my butt at Boo Blasters because my gun wasn’t working properly, but I’m glad Henry got his butt kicked by cece Haahaaa. My brother and some went to the splash works, I didn't get to go but I’ll defiantly go next time around, didn't go on timber wolf falls either because it started to rain a little bit and it was a bit windy. The games are really hard, they have a giant Domo, I really wanted it but Derek was unable to win me one.

Funnel cake was yummy too. What is wonderland without funnel cake? Honestly? A lot of people got the foot long hot dog, I will get that next time, since it looks so WHOA!

It was a really fun day, I was surprised all of us managed to stay together for the most part, and then there's karaoke the next week! No customer days are awesome <3

Can’t wait to go Wonderland again!

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  1. I think we switched the dessert too cus my has too much chocolate which you know....