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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heat Wave

The air conditioner is going on and off in my household from this crazy weather. It's been on 3 weeks in a row and we turned it off last week because it was freezing at night and then we turned it back on two days ago from extreme waves o humidity and now, tonight it's off again because my dad said it will be cold tonight...i don't feel cold. In fact, my room is really hot.

Need more BBQ's before the summer ends. I've only been to one.


It was with Jacky and his funny engineering geniuses. I think they made it a traditional thing, which is always a plus. We went to Sunnybrook Park again this year, this time we got a spot VERY close to the parking and restrooms which is always good. It was so HOT! Nearly everyone was eaten alive my hungry mosquitoes. It was a really fun day. We played a board game while waiting for everyone else to arrive and i set up my handy dandy picnic blankets and took pictures as the boys played frisbee.

At the end of the day, we wasted A LOT of food. We had to throw away more than half of the food, them being mostly meat and was spoiled from the scorching hot hot heat. Our fault for not brining a cooler and for everyone for having a stomach the size of an ant! We wasted perfectly marinated chicken wings, 2 boxes of beef burgers and buns, red sausage, an unopened party size garden salad, shishkabobs we made but did not finish and a bunch of other things. We should be ashamed of ourselves. This is when i say "Think about
the kids in Africa!"

You see anything wrong with this picture? Look, it's engineer, engineer, engineer, engineer...and then BAM!! fashion student!...WTF? Where did that come from? I don't know about you but this picture threw me into an uncontrollable laughing fit.

Went to the ribfest at night, but being still full from BBQ, we regretfully did not buy any ribs to devour. However, we tried the "onion blossom". It was basically onion rings, but instead of rings, it's a whole onion sliced into fries size with a dip. It was good, but if our head was thinking instead of our stomach, we probably wouldn't have eaten it. It's basically a heart attack on a plate.

Also went to Taste of Danforth the past week. It was PACKED, more so then what i'm usually used to. We regretfully did not try much food there. We got a pulled pork poutine, which was yummy but i still think original poutine rocks my boat more. We lined up 30 minutes for a pita! For a damn pita. But it was worth it, not because of the pita....i mean sure the pita was good, but it wasn't THATTT good, it was worth it because i met my hero! This man in the line cussing off people who butt in the line and telling this lady off who came out of nowhere in front of the line and was ready to pay for a pita. He rudely, yet very calmly and politely told her off and set her to the pack of the line. It was EPIC! And the crowed went wild!
I did not get to try nachos! I want nachos! I've been craving strange food lately, such as vegetable platters. Thanks hun for getting me a vegetable platter before i went crazy.

Finally got around to watching inception. Loved it, such a smart movie. It's one of those movies where i can sit with a friend and talk about it for hours and hours about what the moral of the story is.

Been meaning to clean out my room and re-arrange it since i unfortunately won't be moving out anytime soon due to too much online shopping and therefore money going low low low in the bank account. :( Went shopping in Ikea last week, saw a table i fell madly in love with. Now i just need to measure the width of my room and the table. My own vanity table...*happy sigh*

Had lunch with Raymond today. He took me to his cousin's viet restaurant, which was pretty and treated me for lunch. Thanks Ray. I had pad thai, it was mega spicy but i liked it, it was yummy. HAd so much left over, i had it for dinner too with my brother. The lady there treated me an avocado milkshake, it was certainly refreshing after the HOT HOT lunch. Later on, he drove me back to the land of the Asians, in other words Pacific Mall where i went on a search for a new shampoo. I'm almost done with my Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner. A lot of people like it, but i'm not one of them. I think that was a waste of $45 for me.

I bought Matrix's sleek look shampoo. It was recommended from a co-worker of mine. I hope it does a better job than my previous one. It was on sale for $38 for both a 1 liter bottle of shampoo and conditioner. The only con for it so far is that this one doesn't come with a pump :( I like things with pumps.

One more day until Saturday. At last! Another 2 day weekend for me! <3


  1. "stomach the size of an ant!"

    " It was good, but if our head was thinking instead of our stomach, we probably wouldn't have eaten it."

    "the land of the Asians, in other words Pacific Mall"

    so many good lines! laughed + smiled to all of them =)


  2. hahaha!
    i head you went on vacation cindy. when are you going? where are you going? or are you back? or are you there? i'm so confused! all i know is that you weren't at lorinda's dinner!

  3. yeah i missed it, wish i could've been there. i missed another birthday too. boo. but i had a fun time in nyc. we stayed in a nice clean quiet hotel in queens not far from manhattan. their subway is a little confusing but you'll get the hang of it after awhile. check out my pics on FB!!

  4. LOl, we're more than just engineers :) if you get to know us better.

    Cathy Nguyen