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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Phoenix Concert Theater: Faber Drive

Shopping downtown alone was quite an adventure, i had an awesome time, except when the shopping bags got a bit too heavy and walking got a little bit difficult. I went downtown Eaton center-younge & bloor-Queen west area for shopping Thursday afternoon. Eaton center does not get me excited, i don't think it ever did. I browsed at Urban Outfitters for a while, got some pretty cool stuff. They are also selling uber-old.but.kinda.pretty.darn.awesome cameras; such as weird looking Polaroids and funny faces cameras, whereas you look through the lens and there is already a picture there, so when you print the pictures out, they will have some sort of pic on the background, like a heart, or a mustache. It's pretty neat-o. Not something that can be used on an everyday basis, but i think many of them will be fun to have around.
I loved their book section, i can spend hours reading them because they are of the most random topics with fun pictures to look at. Yup, i like picture books =) Their random accessories section used to be bigger, it's turned into a tiny little corner now, which was a little disappointing. Goes to say how long i haven't actually shopped at downtown. I wish i lived there.

Went to forever21, i really despise the forever21 downtown, maybe it's because i love the one at Vaughn Mills....the downtown one is just too crowded and too messy. Change rooms always have a huge line up and it feels like they never have the sizes that I'm looking for. I still like shopping online more, it's become a new trend of mine. Currently waiting for 6 packages to arrive and land into my awaiting arms.
Also went to American Apparel, i love that store! I finally bought that infamous dress that I've been wanting to buy ever since i saw it on youtube. It's a dress that can be worn in 15 different ways, I'm taking my time, trying to figure it all out.

Starbucks has a Frappachino happy hour for a limited time. Get your half price frappes now. I tried the Soy strawberry and creme frappachino. I don't hate it, but I'm not crazy for it either. My favorite is still my beloved green tea frappachino.

Jacky surprised me with Faber Drive Concert tickets that same day. They were performing at the phoenix concert theater that same night. Awesome! I didn't expect to go to a concert that night, rather, i didn't even know they were in Toronto. Splendid surprise but alas, my ears have recovered from the damage of Thursday night. We were so close to them i can almost touch them, the only complaint i have about that night was that the screaming girls in front of me were jumping to the music and stepped on my poor bare toes...TWICE! Oh the agony!

Prior to Faber Drive, A surprise performance by Jesse Labelle. He performed for about 30 minutes, very surprising. We were also so close we can touch him. I wish i was a bit taller though, some heads were in the way. I like his songs, makes me want to go on a downloading spree. After Jesse Labelle, Faber Drive still did not come out and show themselves yet, i guess their limo were late, either that or they were being held back at MuchMusic.

The New Cities then performed for half an hour, this was unexpected as well, here i thought all i'm going to see is Faber Drive but then out pops some more bands. Pretty awesome i have to say. They are a rock band, i actually quite like their music. Except the lead singer is a little scary, his eyes are really big and sometimes makes these expressions that makes him seem a little insane. All in all they were good though. My guess is they are pretty new since they only have one album out.

After that, FINALLY Faber Drive decides to show themselves. Geez took them long enough, but it was an amazing performance! I like the fact that i was able to sing along with them. It's unfortunate that i was unable to catch anything that they threw at us, but what was funny was that some girl threw her bra up the stage and it was just hanging on the guitarist's guitar.
Good show, it felt like the night ended too early though.

I slept over at Jacky's place since it was too late at night to go home, exhausted from all the shopping at walking. I woke up late the next day, Jacky had already left for the office. He left me his keys so i wandered out the door, and walked for about 35 minutes. I was looking for Queens but somehow i passed Spadina and ended up in Dundas Sq. What's worst was that it started raining really hard, and i had no umbrella, so i got soaked to the bone. Dissapointed and upset, i settled at Eaton Centre and had food court food for lunch.

On a side note, it was snowing after work today, who saw that? It was frightening! snowing in May? Who would have guessed? Tomorrow is Mother's Day, What are you going to do for the most important woman in your life?


  1. The New Cities actually performed for exactly one hour, I looked at the clocked after their performance. You should put a picture of the singer.... he likes to put his hand between his legs and do erotic moves in front of the 16 year old girls while they are all touching his leg err..... kinda.... "bean tie"~~

    I think you missed a couple interesting things like the cool restaurant we found for dinner near the concert hall, the adventure we took to find the new open Siren, and we watch "The Backup Plan".

    You need a part two of this blog to add more details! haha!!!

  2. LOL i do i do stil have that mountain. i should take a pic when it's actually neat.
    omg ur so fast im not even done my entry yet. haha

    what a lovely surprise jacky sprung at you! good job jacky! lol