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Monday, May 3, 2010

Midway games and weddings

This is a little bit of a late update for some parts.

My beyond the rack package finally came in. I saw FedEx out the window and i ran out! I ordered a plain quilted white bag, just because my other ones were too small. This is just for when i have to carry a little more than i usually do, or when my arms are too tired for always carrying my purse in my hands instead of my shoulders. I think it's cute. In a really plain way. Useful, that's what it is.

The past week, work was extremely busy. Especially on Friday, since it was the last day for taxes, i don't think I've ever felt so exhausted, and I've never gotten home so late from work before. I've also finally got my income tax filed. My family are so last minute in doing so, my dad likes to call his accountant so late. I'm extremely dissapointed that i only get $55 back for my income tax, that is very disappointing. I was hoping i get at least $600-ish like last year to help me with my various online orders and to pay for my driving. Now I'll need to work harder.

The past Saturday after work, we went to Dave and busters. I haven't been there for the longest time. They have a new machine at the arcade side called "The gene machine". It takes a picture of you and your partner and it combines our faces and shows you a picture of what your future child might look like. You can choose either a girl or a boy. We did both, and these are the results:

Look at how deformed and un-cute my "daughter" is. On the other hand, my "son" looks good. He looks like a "ying jai ladies man". Yup, that's my baby.

We mostly played the ticket games such as pushing coins down or that rainbow spin game. Jacky won me 1000 tickets on the rainbow spin. Congratulations! I am finally a gold member! Haha that's how much i played i get discounted games haha. Got a fair amount of tickets in the end, i think i got a total of about 14,000ish, unfortunately there was nothing i wanted in the prize store. The telescope i was saving for isn't there anymore so I'm going to keep waiting for something good.

We also had dinner at the Dave and Buster restaurant, we waited more than half an hour for a table...and when we finally did get a table, we waited more than 15 minutes for someone to actually come greet us. Actually, we had to wave them down. When we finally did order, we waited i think 40 minutes for our food to come. Fortunately, we had an awesome waiter who could see our frustration and he was probably frustrated for us as well, because i saw him take one look at us and saw that our food still wasn't there and he went to the manager to get him to personally go hurry the kitchen staff. Shortly after that, our food had finally arrived for our grumbling tummies to devour.

The manager gave us a unconvincing apology and gave us two free tickets to their late night Saturday show. It's a Hypnotic show with Dave Curran. Prior to meeting Dave Curran and seeing his show, we got to meet the infamous James Biss the mentalist. He was pretty amazing, and we were sitting in the front row seats, so i was really afraid of being picked on. Fortunately, James Biss only picked on the Hot girls with the big boobs. I was safe!

The "XXX adult" word caught me off guard, i thought it was going to be some weird hypnosis porno show since they said they ID-ed people under 30. But it wasn't, it was just a precaution since people under hypnosis may go wild, like take off their clothes and start making love to blow up dolls...just like what they did at that show. It lasted for about 3 hours, my opinion is it was so funny. I'm not quite sure i believe everyone was under hypnosis during that show, i think some were just faking it and going with the flow, however it was quite obvious that a few were really under hypnosis since the way they acted seemed so off and so real. I believe in it to an extent, and if i volunteered to go up there, it might even work on me since i tend to day dream a lot and i can go off in my own world quite easily actually. It's a scary thought to have someone controlling me, so no thanks. After the show we all got free tickets to go back. They have this show every Saturday nights, so i will defiantly go back and watch it again.

Our original plan was to go watch "The back-up Plan" after work, but i guess that have to wait until the following week. Excited to watch that movie.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a busy day as well. I went to Highland Memorial Cemetery again, this time for my dearest grandfather. This is the first time in so long that it didn't rain when we went, so i was very happy about that. I burned myself twice, once from the red wax dripping on my hand and the second was when the ashes from my incense fell on my feet. Those things hurt! Those sets that we (ghetto Asians) burn for the deceased, i find so amusing. Someone got a set that contained a gold watch, a jade necklace, a gold necklace, a gold ring and a cell phone! Of all things, they make a cellphone! Seriously! Of course these are all look-a likes/toys, but seeing a cellphone was quite humorous. What are they going to come up with next, an ipod? It felt nice to be there though. It felt nice.

At night, our family had to go to a wedding dinner. My cousin Wilson (my eldest cousin, 35) was finally getting married. We don't talk much, because of the age difference and the cool factor. He and his brother were never as close to us like i am with my other cousins, they always kept to themselves. They are the epitome of pure CBC (can't speak proper Chinese regardless of dialect). At the wedding, almost everyone were brown, black, white, or if Asian, they were pure CBC. Not that there's anything wrong with that, actually i thought it was a nice change to the typical wedding dinners i usually go to. It was a nice mix up between people, however, it wasn't very Asian/elder friendly with all the loud screaming and the hooting. I would love to show you some pictures, but my darn camera didn't take any good pictures with good lighting and of course, can't really expect much shutter speed from a digital camera...Regardless....Congratulations Wilson!

I'll try to update more regularly, it's harder than it seems.



  1. i like the songs i get to hear from your page. lol

    omgoodness u hv no idea how much pain i am in... i can't chew properly, i take 35 mins to eat my lunch, when i would normally take 10 or 15 max. it's crazyness. i need to yank them out soon!

    ps. cute boy! i've always wanted to do one other those, but nobody to take it with! LOL

  2. When are you going to yank them out? All 4 at the same time? You should start booking off, think you need a bout a week for the swelling to go down.

    I saw two girls take it with each other, their kid turned out prety cute LOL