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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dedicated to my dear Mother

Happy mother's Day!

My mom is the greatest

She supports me in everything i do in life and although we aren't motherly-daughterly close in the sense that we hug or show affection for each other, but it shows in other aspects, and it's something that can just be felt. I miss having my hand in her hands, i use to feel so safe, just like when i was little. We barley hold hands at all now. She makes sure i never go hungry, always have food in the fridge for me ready to heat up even when i say i don't want any. She never leaves me cold; she will come in, in the middle of the night to my room to put a blanket on me when she feels mine isn't warm enough. She'll call me on my days off at home just to check up on me, and sometimes i wish i didn't get so annoyed with her. my mom is the hardest worker i know, she's been working ever since she was little, and never stopped, not even now. I want to someday see that she doesn't have to work anymore and relax, while i take care of her. She insist on packing my luggage for me when i go on vacation, worried that i might have forgotten something important. Whenever I'm driving, she'll call me non stop afterwards just to see that I'm okay. She'll wake up super early just to make me breakfast or take me to work despite the fact that she never gets enough sleep. She sacrifices a lot for this family, every single day. She is simply the best mom in the world. I know I'm not the best daughter in the world, but i will work hard in being one. She most definatly is the most naggiest person i know, and despite how annoyed i get from it, i love her entirley for being that way.

My mom doesn't like gifts as much as normal females would, instead she likes things more useful and tangible. Like money.
For her present today, i wrote her a cheque for $1000, folded it in half, put it in the bottom of a nice watch box and filled it with candy. Her expression when she opened it was priceless. She asked for a hug and i was more than happy to give her one.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. I love you!


  1. It's definitely good to have a good mom that always cares for you, isn't it? :)

  2. awwwww :) so sweet.

    my mom will never 'ask' for a hug. i think about last week she put her hands on my shoulder, and that's the closest thing to a 'hug'

    i told sis that we should hug her (it was mama's day) and i knowwwww her heart melted when we did. HAHA. who need gifts? next time, she'll probably be wanting one tho, LOL!


  3. ps. can u send me that pic with the 4 girlies? thanks!!

  4. Yeah they secreatly want affection

    What pic with four girlies?