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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Long weekend birthdays

It was the Mister's birthday recently. May 21st to be exact, this special guy not only got to celebrate once, but twice!I met up with him after work downtown to have dinner with him and his engineering friends. These brainiacs are super cool because they are super smart. The stuff that comes out of their mouths are incomprehensible to me. It's like people are talking and my head is under water, can't understand a word they say. It's cool.
We went to downtown's Asian Legend for dinner. Ordered an insane amount of food in my opinion; ideal for feeding an army. Or in this case, an army of engineering master's students.
It was also closed to Gerry's birthday, so it was partly a celebration for him as well. I guess we can say it could also be a celebration for Wallas. The boy got into Med school at UofT.
Congratulations! Also...umm for Annie's return from her business trip to Shanghai i suppose. She got to see the world Expo. That's pretty cool.

I liked the little corner they gave us in the restaurant. We sat in the basement, where it's more private. We were loud, so it was perfect. Hu gave Jacky a set of what seems to be really nice pens. I got him an Emporio Armani watch to remind him that time is running out and he should start taking me on vacation soon. I also got him a Wii so he can do some exercises at home. We all know how lazy men can be. Yes, everything is to my advantage, I'm an evil evil person.

The day after, was another birthday celebration for him. Dinner was at A Taste of Japan, teppanyaki style. The chefs were quiet and cool at first, but once you start eating and things starts to heat up, they start making you do embarrassing things. It was fun though. So many people were celebrating their birthdays there that day, it was nice. Lot's of pyro freaks playing with fire that night, it was great. After dinner we went to Destiny's for bubble tea. I didn't like my drink, it was too sweet, made me not feel like drinking anymore. Jaymie is going to Egypt with Phoebe and Lorinda is going away too, at least they are making the most out of this summer. I hope i will be able to do something this summer. It was a fun night overall, despite the fact that i figured out that people indeed have two faces. But i do feel better about everything now, i realized that there's no use crying over things like the lost of friendship or things like betrayal, because it doesn't matter how bad i feel, they will never know, I'll only be hurting myself by dwelling on everything. I will move on from where i am.

Long weekend, didn't do anything quite exciting since i still had to work on the Saturday. However, Jacky and i went to Ontario Place on Sunday. We went too early, the water slides (which we were prepared and packed for) wasn't even opened yet even though the weather was scorching hot that day. The customer service at Ontario Place was terrible, a threw a big fit with the people at guest services. Jacky bought tickets online and he printed our e-tickets, but the fast lane girl said the scanner couldn't read the barcode and made us walk all the way back to the parking lot where guest services were just to ask them about it. It was a huge lineup because everyone were lining up to get their pictures taken for their season pass. We lined up an hour just to get bar code numbers, and when we went back to fast lane, the girl just looked at it and stamped our hands. I was infuriated! I think i went easy on them already.

Wasn't much to do at Ontario place that day, we walked around, went on that water log ride twice and went to the weather museum, and the dinosaur motion theater again. I feel like we're getting old, we got tired so easily, we had to go back to the car and rest for a bit. Jeez, that means i won't be able to keep up with my energetic kids when the time comes. It's so sad, i should start working out (I've been saying that for so long).

We had dinner at the restaurant at Ontario Place called Marina's Grille. it was yummy. We also watched fireworks there, which was at a perfect view from where we sat in the restaurant. It was a good night, i like looking at the night scenery when driving home at night. So beautiful.

On a down note, AUDITORS ARE HERE! The long awaited dreadful week is finally here! They came yesterday, right after Victoria's day. Everyone's feeling the stress, the tension. I'm glad i got off early today, they didn't get a chance to pull me into the office and start asking me questions. They already pulled 3 in today within 3 hours, it's so terrifying! I can't wait until the end of Friday when they finally LEAVE! Hope they don't come back for another 3 years.



  1. have u gotten audited once yet? is it random? or does every employee have to be audited sooner or later? eeks!


  2. oh! and the 4 girl pic is the one in ur banner (top of ur blog, beside your face) can u send it to me?


  3. it's random they pick people, or they stand behind you and watch you, or they randomly look through your work, trying to catch you when yoiu do something wrong. it's over now, they left, we passed. i'm glad

    yeah remind me on msn. i'll send it to you