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Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's finally here!

My package has finally arrived after 3 weeks of impatience!

I ordered 3 items from I didn't know the box was going to be as big as it was. The only bad thing about this time ordering online is that i got taxed when it went through the border. Sad how they all of a sudden reaped $50 off my wallet even when this package cost me so much already. The lesson is: Do not order so much in one go! This does not stop me from ordering more online, in fact, i am still impatiently waiting for my big package from to arrive. I also have a shopping cart full of stuff i want to check out at This is a disease! Somebody save me! Cece from work has also convinced me to buy brush guards online after watching Michelle Phan's product review on Youtube. We are so bad! But i really need to start saving...I've already spent a lot of money in May, and i think it's time to rejuvenate my wallet; my bank account is not very happy with me at the moment...I'm sorry!

I bought a hair curler from hot tools. I figured I'd invest in one since the one i got at home takes hours to heat up and it eats my hair instead of curling it. I haven't tried this out yet but hopefully it does what it claims to do. This curling iron is made of titanium, it's 3/4" barrel size and heats up to 450 Fahrenheit. The only thing (from what i see) i don't like so far is the iron itself is too short, that means if you have long hair, you have to curl in sections. Which i might have to do since my hair is growing to be a little too long. Hope this will last me for a while.

I also (finally) invested in a epilator. I bought the Soft Caress purple epilator by Emjoi. I was inspired to get it after watching the review by on youtube. No longer do i have to worry about shaving or those painful visits to the salon for a wax. The epilator tweezes hairs out from the root, and it removes hair as short as 0.5mm, that's pretty amazing. It contains 36 patented tweezers discs made up of 24 karat gold to remove hair quickly and (hopefully) painlessly. From what I've heard, it's supposed to feel like needle pricks very quickly. It may be of some discomfort on first couple of tries but it gets better once you get used to the feeling. I'm nervous about trying but i will defiantly tells you if the pain is too much to handle. One thing i love about this so far is that it is cordless, and comes with a charger. I've seen so many from braun, but they weren't cordless, so this is very handy for vacations and other short getaways. This also comes with a cute travel pouch and a loofah for softening, and exfoliating the skin before the use of the epilator to prevent ingrown hairs.

Doesn't all those tweezers look scary?

Finally, i got the skin care system, the Clarisonic Plus. They didn't have it in pink on the site so i bought the white one. The Clarisonic Plus has 3 speeds, and comes with a spot therapy kit. The kit comes with the Clarisonic, a sensative brush head, an international charger for worldwide use, a spot therapy brush head for other parts of the body and a skin polish for the body. This was told to be one of the best sellers for facial cleaning products, It is said that the clarisonic removes up to 6 times more the makeup and dirt/oil from your face than doing it the manual way.

Clarisonic benefits (from the box):

- clears pores and reduces the appearance of pore size
- cleanse so effectively that skin care products absorb better
- reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- helps reduce oily areas, dry patches and blemishes
- Remarkably gentle for cleansing all skin types, even with sensitive conditions such as rosacea and acne.

My cousin was the one who recommended this product to me, stating that she's used it for a year and it has done exactly as it had claimed it'll do. I like the sound of that. It also comes with three trial size facial cleansers. I'm excited to try this out, maybe now no one will ever make fun of my face again! (you know who you are!)

The package also came with a body lotion. they actually shipped me the wrong item, they were supposed to give me a eye makeup remover but instead they gave me this lotion. It's such a hassle informing them about wrongly delivered online items, but this was free so I'll just leave it as it is.

So this is all that I've ordered, i will let you know how these products went for me. I hope they work for me as good as how well it did for the people who claimed they are "the bomb". My package from should be arriving soon, i will make a review on that as well, I've ordered a lot, i will let you know exactly what they are. Most of my online shopping are all splurges, i no longer need to go to a shopping mall as often as i did before, now i can shop in the comfort of my own home, they only downfall is i can't buy much clothes, those i need to try out, but other things such as these are a size that fits all! I'm very happy with my purchases even though i have not personally tried them out yet, but i know they will do it's job. I used to be a guilty buyer, i would want something so much until i finally get it but then after i get it i feel guilty, wither because it was so expensive or because i know deep down it's of no use to me, i only wanted it just because. Who else is like that?

I'm looking forward to a buffalo trip this summer, i can't believe i still haven't went there when it seems EVERYONE has. Why is it I'm the last for everything? It's a little sad actually. i need to start saving! I need to save save save! The $1000 i gave my mom for mother's day, she already spent it all in one the dentist for 3 damaged tooth.

I said "i can't believe you spent my hard earned money on teeth...of all things..."

She replied "Don't worry, i will think of you every time i eat."

She's so jokes.

Til next time!


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