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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The clothing show

We went to The Clothing Show at the exhibition place (Better living center) the past weekend. I believe the last day was Sunday. They have another one coming up on September as well. It was quite awesome, saw a lot of goodies. A lot of it were very vintage stuff and a lot of them is very noticeable that they had designed themselves and sewed themselves. Very interesting stuff. They had shoes, bags, jewelry, clothes and they even had a mini section of sample sales from mexx, the Canada goose...etc other than that, they were most brands from what I've never heard of, a bunch of talented designers who were lucky enough to have their own store opened. Reminds me of Seneca College actually, all those days of designing and sewing and then studying about merchandising and entrepreneurship.

They gave us an Eco bag designed by one of those stores, filled with some random things. It looks pretty awesome and the size is very good too. The place isn't very big, but there were more little shops than i thought. We went 3 hours before closing so it wasn't that crowded, and bonus was we made it just in time for the fashion show. Because there wasn't a lot of people left, we got to choose bubble seats in the front row. The show wasn't very long, just introducing a few stores and a few of their top outfits. Some were cute but some were a good way though. There were a lot of photographers there, and we took a few picture for ourselves as well. Before the show started, we saw a lot of photographers taking millions of pictures of this one girl with a big pink dress. I managed to catch a few myself too, i wish i took more pictures of the show, and i would have, had my camera not died...

And as for what i bought? I scored two pairs of boots.


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